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  2. Fish!!!!

    I love these cutie pie fish!!! FF58F92F-AB35-4FD5-9CD4-7EAD33E1FF4B.mp4
  3. Last week
  4. Hayden Elizabeth!

    Sweet baby with no more nasal cannula!!! AND she gets to be taken HOME on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
  5. Closed Forum - too closed??

    P.S. the movie "A Quiet Place" looks to be a really good horror premise? Just looking at my opened tabs on the screenshot.... Only reason I found out about that movie was Google told me that Emily Blunt shared my DOB. Well, the same day, unfortunately a different year..... (thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday!) Ian the 50 year old "F**t
  6. Closed Forum - too closed??

    Just had a look at the back end, and there seem to be a lot of guests - a LOT. Either they are not finding what they want and move on, or something else.. Some of these guests may be search engine crawlers, which still could be good ish, as we might be being found. But if they are not robots, why do so few of them register, and what should we to to encourage them to do that? Carrot or Stick? Encourage them, maybe with an Amazon gift token (even though they may just register for the chance to win), or force them by gradually reducing guests' permissions? I have no idea what should be done, but, if these stats are half correct..... That thin green line at the bottom is members.... But what to do - I have no idea! That was the longest date range the back end would let me make, but it seemed confused by my DD/MM/YYYY settings, compared to your MM/DD/yyyy It kept throwing an error if I selected a start date before 08/28/2017, which I wasn't doing - I tried 29/08/2017, but that also threw an error. What to do? Seems we have lots of viewers, and few guest posters anyway - maybe there is nothing we can do about that? Except for the Amazon gift voucher option? Which may be a waste of time??
  7. Hayden Elizabeth!

    Weight at Birth: 4 lbs 3 oz Weight TODAY: 6 pounds 6 oz height at birth 21 inches Height now 25 inches **slow growth, but she is like her brother in that respect) LIKES: being swaddled, holding mommy's hand, being held, being patted on her butt (calms her down) DOES NOT LIKE: loud noises, bright lights, getting pricked for blood draws, being put back down after being cuddled!
  8. Proof read anyone?

    looks good to me!!!!!!! i'd need to spend like 3 hours straight reading it to be sure, but reading through it once i didn't sed any issues!
  9. life the past MANY months

    Thanks @Ian :-) It's so strange having 2 kids but we wouldn't change a thing!!!!!!!
  10. life the past MANY months

    Congratulation to you and Gabe.

    Picture #1....we played outside on a nice September day which was warm enough where i didn't need to get Noah all bundled in a coat Picture #2...playing with his toys!! (i was just about 13 weeks pregnant in this picture and still felt OK laying on my stomach...which is kind of strange to me) Picture 3...this was when we told Noah he was gonna be a big brother...ha ha....i'm sure he had NO idea what we were saying.... OH, and enjoy the movie! this was when we were teaching Noah how to talk!!!!!!!!!!! **THE PICTURES AND VIDEO WERE ALL TAKEN THE SAME DAY.... Besides becoming a big brother, Noah has been doing well! He had tubes put in his ears in August 2017 to help with drainage issues. ever since then he's been a different kid and doesn't scratch or pull at his ears much anymore! He started at a NEW daycare back in June of last year since my i knew for a fact that he wasn't being cared for by my sister in law as well as i would have liked and my brother in law confirmed it A LOT...that Noah was usually by himself and no one was watching him, so my brother in law basically would take Noah on fun trips to be sure someone looked after him.. he is now at a MUCH better daycare and it's closer to our house (literally like half a mile away) and the staff is AWESOME! they treat Noah as if he were their own child...plus, they go on lots of fun field trips and noah LOVES being outside playing! if he could, he would stay out all day! however, he isn't a huge fan of snow.... At his 2 year check up he was 26 pounds and 34 inches tall...so a little smaller then average, but that's OK with me, i love my big little boy!!!!!!!!!!! He also LOVES his mommy and daddy ENJOY the pictures and video!!!!!!! IMG_0378.MOV
  12. Hey, what's up with each of you?

    I still have 3 in a 75 gal,. aquarium! they are all doing well and swimming around like mad! it's fun to watch Noah "play" with them, he likes to knock on the glass and scare them and then do the same thing again, he gets great entertainment out of that! but that doesn't last to long cuz then he moves on to his next activity, he literally spends maybe 2 minutes "playing" with the fish and then goes to play with his toys!
  13. life the past MANY months

    Thanks! I love the name Elizabeth, our other name choice was RYLEIGH ELIZABETH, but in the end we liked HAYDEN ELIZABETH better :-) i will say this, when my Dr. told me i failed my glucose testing, i wept...cuz i passed with Noah...i was wondering what was going to happen, but all i had to do was swap my diet a little bit and it helped a ton!! OH, and Hayden has a car seat test today...that's where they stick her in her car seat for an hour to see if her heart rate drops or something like that, it's a test all NICU babies take to be able to go home! We are going to try bottle feeding today as well!!!!!!!!!! i also think i'm so upbeat about this all is because i know Hayden is in good hands with the NICU team and we have Noah as well to keep us sane and happy! AND BTW...Elizabeth IS a beautiful name!!!!!!!!
  14. life the past MANY months

    Congratulations! I love the name. IRL I'm Elizabeth so I may be partial. I'm amazed you sound so positive despite everything you're dealing with - great attitude! Good for you!
  15. Hey, what's up with each of you?

    Being runty might be an inadvertent plus to some people - not everyone wants a huge goldfish. If I had any counter space left at all I'd take a couple of your babies - I love them!!!
  16. Fishy Pictures

    I'm really hoping your goldie shows up - they're awfully good at hiding when they want to!
  17. supporter

    I'm not in charge, wouldn't want to be - I just made that change for you. I originally said that it could be done with Anna's agreement, but later I thought that I would do it on her absence, and Anna could change it back if she disagreed. I'm fairly sure I messaged her both times, to say I could, and also to say that I did. I'm not 100% certain about that right now... I only did what i thought folks seemed to agree to. I am not an admin here, though my "title" does allow me to do things "back there". I thought that everyone (@Walt included) wanted that. But it could be undone with a couple of mouse clicks.... If it should be undone, please let me know, and I will. Where is the group headed... Your guess is as good as ours. We are trying to be the best, friendliest goldfish forum in the world, and I am trying stuff to try to help get there, well to get traffic. The best and friendliest is not my part - I don't know so much about fish, so I often cannot post sense on a topic. But efforts are being made to get members, on the more the merrier assumption. ? I don't know where we will be in a year, the main reason I wanted to PM @Walt.My crystal ball works no better than anyone else;s - otherwise I would have bought bitcoin in the past.... and already sold it, and be posting from my private Caribbean Island. Nope still here.
  18. Fishy Pictures

    I just got home about 30 minutes ago and drained about 1 and 1/2 inches off the pond due to even more rain today while I was at work but still not sign of my daughter's fish. The net I ordered today should get here on Friday so I hope none of the others go missing between now and then. I've never seen an owl or even a large bird (hawk, etc.) flying around the area that I live in but it seems like something (bird or cat, etc.) figured out that I have fish. I really hope it was a one time occurrence but just in case thought it would be best to get a net to keep it (whatever it is) at bay and as a bonus it should help keep the leaves out.
  19. supporter

    I can't say why I haven't seen @Anna much, but I know she has logged in recently and I'm sure she has a good reason for being less active. There have been no changes that I know of in the group dynamics and @Ian is simply performing duties as the technical resource as he always has (maybe a little more recently than previously in an effort to grow the group) and is not in charge of the group as an admin. As I've seen it, any changes he has made have been based on what group members have requested or suggested (like the supporter tag) or are technical changes or improvements that he has made in an effort to bring in new visitors and site traffic. I haven't seen @myrasosweet since the 7th when things went sour, but I hope she returns and is part of the group whether is gets bigger or not.
  20. life the past MANY months

    Thanks!!!!!!! Yea, her Dr says we COULD potentially come home at the end of next week if she is a champion bottle feeder :-) but for SURE the week after if she still needs more time to learn breathing, and eating at the same time Her OFFICIAL due date is Feb. 28 so the Dr, said don't be shocked if we are still in the NIC unit up until then! or even a bit after but with how well she is doing, we are HOPING she comes home soon....they also said they may move her to the PICU (step down unit) next week if all continues to go well!
  21. life the past MANY months

    Good to hear from you @Kmeier2017, I hope that little bundle of joy gets to come home with you all soon and I'm glad to hear that things are going pretty well for you.
  22. You mentioned you could not PM me? any idea as to why, do I need to clean out something?

    1. Ian


      Hi Walt, i think your mail box is full? I did try to get you by increasing the limits, but that did not work.

      Would you try by deleting some oldest old messages - try to delete the oldest ones, and see what happens?

      I don't pm too much, so my mailbox never filled up. Is there a warning or something about that? I don't know....

      But I have seen issues like this before, always related to a too full inbox?

      I wanted to mention to you some stuff, privately....

      Hope all you are well.

  23. supporter

    Whats happened to Anna? And where is this group headed.No one emailed me of any changes, and why is Ian in charge? was there a vote?
  24. life the past MANY months

    KEEPING UP WITH A TWO YEAR OLD IS HECTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially when you throw in a new born baby! oh, that's right....we welcomed Hayden Elizabeth to our family on January 10, 2018 she weighed 4 pounds 3 oz and was 12.5 inches long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The funny thing is, we weren't even TRYING to have baby #2....i literally had to take like 5 pee tests before i would believe i was pregnant again!!!!! Pregnancy number two was WAY more complicated,... i had gestational diabetes, went into pre-term labor at 27 weeks, 30 weeks and again at 32 weeks.......finally after 3 attempts to stop labor and having all 3 be successful my Dr and I decided if i went into pre-term again, they would just deliver and send her to NICU...and that's what happened...at 33 weeks 5 days Hayden entered the world! this time around i did do VBAC and let me tell ya,,,,it was STRANGE!!!!!!! In fish news....Chunky, JJ and Nemo are THRIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! water tests have been GREAT the past few months! it really helps when you have a hubby who is willing to help out with water changes!! every week, and a 2 year old who is VERY helpful around the house now! Noah hasn't met his baby sister in person yet cuz since it's FLU season he isn't allowed in the NICU, but we have been showing him pictures and videos we take on our phones and he joyfully says BABY every time he sees her....it's pretty cute and special!!!!!!!!!! other then dealing with GD while pregnant, lots of IV fluids to stop labor, and a NICU journey, everything is grand in our area of the world!!!!!!!! our neonatal Dr. says that Hayden is doing well for being just under 7 weeks early! her lungs are great, she is on a nasal cannula thing to give her extra oxygen. She is still fed through a tube, but we will try bottle feeding in a couple weeks..... well, that's the update from the past few weeks and months not much to report at all since the fish haven't been sick in FOREVER...at least it feels like forever!!! i'll have to get some picture updates soon!!! I hope you all are doing well!!!!!!!!!! From, Kate, Gabe, Noah and Hayden EDIT: I know people are gonna ask why we chose Hayden for her first name....well, i am a fan of Hayden Panettiere and i LOVE the name Hayden and Elizabeth as her middle name just sounded lovely :-) EDIT #2: I labored for just about 18 hours with Hayden.....i didn't labor with Noah since it was a scheduled c-section with him and let me tell ya,..labor sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was like i got punched in the stomach over and over again with NO breaks at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Fishy Pictures

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone, but I might have sad news! I went out this morning to drain some water off the pond since we've been having SO much rain lately and I couldn't find my daughter's goldfish. He's the first one in the pictures and is the last of the "original" goldfish that we've had since the beginning and a potential father to some of the goldfish we have raised since being fry. We have been trying not to let the water get too high in the pond and to my knowledge it hasn't overfilled yet so I doubt he was able to get out on his own, but I am not entirely sure what happened? If he had gotten out I would have expected to find his body on the ground somewhere near the pond, but he wasn't there either. I can only think that if he did jump out (again not very likely) maybe a bird saw him flopping around and picked him up? OR the more likely scenario is that a bird scooped him out of the pond and carried him off somewhere. I really hope I just missed him and he's REALLY good at hiding but I moved everything around and searched for him with a flashlight and there was no sign of him. When I went out there on Monday evening they were all present and accounted for but since then we've had almost non-stop rain so we haven't gone out in the back much except to drain some water off the pond so it doesn't overfill. My daughter is going to be so sad if he doesn't turn up soon. I've been thinking about adding a net to keep the leaves out of the pond, but now I might need to add one to keep the predators out!! I'm going to check again when I get home later this afternoon and maybe he'll have come out of hiding but I'm almost certain he's gone. I'll update the post with what I find either way, but in the mean time keep your fingers crossed for me that he turns up! Thanks all.
  26. Aquarank

    That is now twice I spent an hour or more adding a message, and I lost it. All 2 hours or more of typing - I am slow. Reached over for the coffee cup, and lost it all. Going to start my 2 hr posts in word and paste them here.... Short version, please write something about Goldfish. Post it her or in articles to review. We need visitors, or everyone will get bored.. The 2 hour one was better, but reaching for my coffee erased all of it. Short messages are best...... Maybe if you are up to writing something, write it locally, word, apple equivalent, even in Windows notepad? I have lost two very long articles in 2 days by accidentally brushing the keyboard. I don't know how. Both happened here.... Please write me something, but I would suggest write it offline, upload later? Please write something.? My last 2 hours was a better post, but it is gone.... Bummer.
  27. Aquarank

    No way to add a new tag, which was my hope, but we are now #9 on Aquarank.com, for the .com site. Sooooo, A couple of more decent articles, and a couple of any inputs..... There was a post in the past where Princess Kate was so proud that TGT was number 2. Well it still is, but "we" have risen a good few ranks in a day. Point is that with a few good, simple articles, and a few more contributors, we could be #1 #1 on Aquarank is not necessarily the best we could do, but as far as fish go, I do think it is a start??
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