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  2. Thanks Tanki...she has fully recovered so it must have been Lymphocystitis. Also bought her a 20 gallon tank also which is double from the 10 she was in.
  3. History: I didn't change the water for 3 weeks waiting for a new gravel cleaner. The water looked fine so I wasn't worried. Then the goldfish got cloudy eye. I treated her with Fungus Cure and she got better. I changed the water with the new cleaner but it was more of a water remover than a gravel cleaner. I live in the middle of nowhere and have plans to buy her a 20 gallon aquarium on Dec 5th, she's in a 10 gallon atm. All I have are test strips. Today was the day to change her water and I noticed the growth, which seems to be affecting her eye too. So I did a 80% water change. I use a 20gallon Marineland Filter, I feed her Repashy to keep the water clean, and use Seachem Prime. After the water change Ammonia is okay...the test strip really didn't change much from its original color. I have soft water so I added a ph tablet. I thought at first she had Lymphocystis...but hers looks worse than what I saw in google images. So I wanted to get another opinion. You can't see it sticking out from the angle I took it cause she freaks out when I have the ipad in front of her. But it's raised above the tumor looking part and her eyes is funny looking too. Thanks, Cheryl
  4. ShawnInfirmity

    Operation De*nitrate

    Any updates on “operation de*nitrate” @Kassousminou?? I’m curious to hear if you’ve noticed a difference since it’s been several months since you’ve started it!
  5. myrasosweet

    This years experiment

    The Oranda showed signs of parasites. After no improvement with prazi or flubendazole, and kept worsening... I put him down. I'm not willing to spend anymore to buy meds to try on import fish that idk what they have. I gave Southwest two proper tries. Got two batches of sick fish. Done with imports for good now. They're a waste of money. I won't risk my other fish again. No way. One of the little Shubies had a broken jaw. I didn't notice it at first but you can even see it in the first video. He could not open his mouth to eat and he was getting weaker and weaker. After this failed attempt to feebly help him, he unfortunately died. WARNING: ANESTHETIZED FISH AND POSSIBLY DISTURBING FOOTAGE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi3u1YrICUQ These were added to the collection to make 5 fish for the experiment. Weather took a turn for the worse and I had to move some heaters for tropicals so I decided to chuck these into the mud early. We had several nights in the 30 degree area. Terrible winds and rains as well. I haven't seen any life in the mud for several days. Today it warmed past 60 and so I went out to try and see if there were any babies left. Lo and behold... All 5 little fish were spotted and were very hungry. The water looks different now. Much more clarity. The net blew off in the storms and I haven't had the fortitude to go out in the weather and find it and put it back on. I wasn't worried about predators initially but the improving clarity now kinda makes it a threat. There are several inches of visibility now. They're all just fine. Needs a bit of cleaning now due to the leaves and whatnot falling in. It is quite large even unfinished. At least 400-420 gallons. In the spring I am planning to finish it. I am going to get some plants for it as well as a waterfall thingy for the middle of it. This helps prevent excess stagnation. For now, there are just a few tiny fish whom I almost never see and so all is well. I am going to be monitoring the entire thing. The water is actually nearly clear when placed in a cup, so I can do some tests... Which I am going to do tomorrow.
  6. CarpCharacin

    This place is expensive

    I don't like bbpress or buddypress. Use real forum software, like XenForo or WoltLab. I own a domain, it's goldfish.zone, but right now it's just redirected to my site, utahfishkeepers.us.
  7. myrasosweet

    More than I can Chew!

    One of the little calicos I got for experiment had a broken jaw. She must have broken it when she was removed from the Walmart tank because I didn't notice it at first. She could not eat. After a failed attempt to sedate her and adjust the bones, she sadly died. I went to get 2 more so I could have 4 for the experiment. I PROMISED that I would not get anymore regular goldfish because I don't like them and still have 2 from last year that I am sorta stuck with. I wanted only fantails or Shubunkins ideally. A regular goldfish to me is a plain orange Common or Comet. A "feeder" usually. I did like the cute Sarassa. She was very active and said hi and I have never ever seen one at the local Walmart. And I LOVE the blue base fantail. Reminds me of Shembje. Picked them instantly. But I ended up with an ugly regular goldfish anyway. He was actually ALL by himself with the Koi... And again I felt for him and I took him. Now if he survives, I will once again have a regular goldfish that I don't really want. I saw a really cute Oranda with a nice little wen for his size, but Orandas are weak and not suitable for this experiment and a tiny Oranda with a big wen will just grow up to have issues if it survives anyway. Moral is, I end up with too many fish because I end up feeling sorry for fish that I do not want and then I end up stuck with some of them. It's HARD to get rid of fish here. VERY hard. And the one time I gave away two fish, the guy quickly sickened them and I regretted it. I feel your pain here. I don't have individual bonds with any of my goldfish anymore either. My strongest bond that I have is with my Blood Parrot Mary.
  8. Very slowly over the course of half a year or so, I've begun to realize that I have taken in more goldfish than I am readily able to keep up with caring for. I delay water changes, skip meals, and spend more time feeling stressed when I think about my fish than feeling connected and happy to see them. I just have too many tanks to care for with my current mental health issues (Depression, anxiety, complex ptsd). It's been extremely difficult to admit this to myself as I love all of my fish. They're so cute and the idea of giving any of them up makes me sad. I already took my first step in rehoming some of my fish! Misty, my gorgeous long-finned fantail, is now living with an old roommate. He is beautiful in his new home. When we put him in the water he'd only had 10 minutes of floating and acclimating time because my friend was in a hurry. But as soon as he was in the water, he immediately set about exploring and looking for food. There were no signs of distress at all. It was probably the smoothest transition I'd ever seen, and it warmed my heart toward the whole experience because It was so clear that Misty was not distressed or afraid. After ensuring the cycle is established (I provided him seeded media to kick-start it and this particular person can be trusted to be meticulous in his water testing and water changes), he will also be taking Lilith, one of my runts from Spooks' clutch last year. She is looking beautiful, with a lovely lemony tinge to her wen and tail that I am jealous of, but alas, I already committed to giving her to my friend! (I say her, but Lilith is actually quite obviously a boy!) It's very hard to pick who to give away and who to keep. I would like to have only 2 aquariums by the time I'm through rehoming, but it's not as simple as just reducing the numbers. Quite a few of my fish have special needs. I have Mumbo, who has a completely non-functional swim bladder. He sits on the floor of his tank all day. I didn't expect him to live this long, so I am going to see if there's some kind of surgical option with a vet to repair or create an artificial swim bladder--at least something to get him off the ground of the tank so he doesn't keep developing that nasty welt on his side. If there is a way to help him, he may have to be in a tank alone or with very slow, docile fish for the rest of his life. If there is no solution, I may have to consider euthanasia. Then there's Rupert, who gets depressed if he's housed with fish that are faster and more competitive for food than he is. He's Mumbo's currant tank mate, which works out for the most part although I do sometimes see Rupert nudge and sorta "pounce" on Mumbo sometimes. There's Budgey Bear, this beefcake black oranda who has a tendency to swallow air all the time and gets stuck floating at the top of his tank. If housed with others, they nip at his fins while he's emulating a balloon. Until I can find a way to keep this little idiot from slurping air, he has to stay by himself. Potentially he could be housed with Mumbo and Rupert in a single invalid tank, but I'm anxious about putting Mumbo in with a fish that is so large. Along with all my other goldfish, I have the pond fry that I brought in for the winter. 8 commons/comets that are growing rapidly. They're large enough now that I could probably put them in safely with the fancies, but there's a single mosquito fish male that has survived all the other mosquito fish I purchased. He's less than an inch long and would definitely not be safe to place with the fancies. He seems to be enjoying the company of the fry, though. I just don't have the obsessive zeal that I used to have for expanding and caring for all these tanks! I miss feeling like I could develop individual bonds with each fish because I had few enough to do so. But giving fish away is incredibly hard to do.
  9. You're working so hard for your babies, Anna! You're an amazing fish keeper! *Hugs* Hope things get better soon!
  10. That's an interesting question. Ammonia poisoning doesn't cause ripped fins exactly as a symptom, but it can do a couple of things that can lead to ripped fins. Firstly, if the fish is lethargic other fish in the tank may nip at it and the find. Additionally, the fish will be susceptible to many other illnesses due to its weakened immune system, such as fin rot and other lovely things.
  11. Can ammonia poisoning cause fins to get ripped?
  12. myrasosweet

    hemorrhagic septicemia and dropsy help

    If its a kiddie pool then you could have heated it. Not that hard to do so actually. And you soaked him in Bifuran? Ah, boy. I cannot follow what you're saying and you don't provide water quality numbers or anything and so I cannot help anymore. Good luck with your fish. Hopefully he recovers. Bad fin rot often doesn't heal all the way and the tail or fin can look permanently wonky. And of your pond is that cold, you don't need to be feeding your fish. It will do them harm.
  13. In a normal fin tail rot or injury as long as the rot doesn't go completely to the body of the fish, the fish can regrow the fin. My comet used to tear his tail quite a bit. Never was sure how he did it but I assume it was on the filter intake or something because I didn't have any decoration in his tank and he was in the tank alone so I know it wasn't from another fish.
  14. If so, will he heal himself the rest of the way? I think the stress coat I added yesterday may be helping his damaged fins. I also did a huge water change yesterday and added pond salt today with more stress coat.
  15. I had him in a kiddie pool soaking in bifuran but I know I can’t leave him in there because the water was getting so cold. I just put in back in the pond yesterday. He seems to be swimming around a lot more than when he was in the pond before. Also, his tail is becoming more clear and his fins are less pink. Does this mean regrowth?
  16. Where did you have the sick fish before you put him back in the pond? I was thinking you said you didn't have a quarantine tank? I have lost a couple fish in my time as a goldfish owner and both times my fish ate up until the day before they died so I'm not sure that is a sure fire way of telling a fish is ok. Ripped fins will take awhile to heal. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  17. I put my big white koi that was looking really bad back in the pond with the rest of the fish to stress him out less. Today I looked at the pond and he was swimming and I put in food and he ate the food. I don’t know if he’s getting better on his own now. What do you think? Should I just let the cycle take it’s course? My other fish seem to be all right. As of now. My other big fish still has ripped fins but it still acting normal. Do you think it will resolve on its own?
  18. myrasosweet

    hemorrhagic septicemia and dropsy help

    I saw you post on Koiphen. They also advised against treating the entire pond. They also told you that Kanaplex won't help the fish. Seachem makes medicine for aquariums. They don't know much about Koi or pond environments. Their technical supports interests are selling their products, they are not interested in your Koi. Take their advice with salt. Your severely ill fish is likely to die. It was caught too late and you don't have the ideal medications of environment to help him. What you don't want to do here is lose the rest of them. Treating the entire pond will cause every fish in there who doesn't have the bacteria to lose resistance to it. This can result in a catastrophy. With that said, medicate the entire pond at your own risk.
  19. i got my information from the Seachem technical support, which makes the kanaplex. They said adding the meds to the whole pond will certainly stress my healthy fish, but it will not kill them. I explained that I can not take out the sick ones because winter is approaching and the water will be too cold. So they said it would be fine to medicate the entire pond. My severely ill fish is developing dropsy and I don’t have the option to quarantine him.
  20. myrasosweet

    hemorrhagic septicemia and dropsy help

    Kanaplex is for aquarium use. That's why it comes in tiny tubes. It isn't meant to be dosed in ponds. Koi are different from most aquarium fish. They aren't resilient and they usually need much stronger medication when they get sick. Their environment is usually too big to dose most medications anyway and normally the individual fish is treated instead. Medicating the healthy fish along with the sick ones will cause the healthy ones to develop resistance to the bacteria the sick ones have. Then your chances of a widespread issue go WAY up and your fish can lose their immunity. Kanaplex is a harsh medication that is bad for their kidneys as well. It really is only meant for last resort use. That is why it claims to be for dropsy. Dropsy means death so last resorts are permitted. Medicating the healthy ones give them all the side effects for no reason. Again, you should never ever do this. You need quarantine tanks to remove the sick ones. And where did you "hear" all this information? It is certainly nonsense if someone told you that its perfectly fine to medicate healthy fish. This is a terrible aquarium practice and should never be done.
  21. Thank you for your quick response. I thought kanaplex was for all fish. It doesn’t say it’s not for koi use. If you believe kanaplex won’t help, what do you think will? I also have heard that yes it may stress my healthy fish but using the proper dosage will not extremely harm them. I heard that they would be okay. What would this medication do to them that is so harmful? Thank you!
  22. myrasosweet

    hemorrhagic septicemia and dropsy help

    We never ever treat healthy fish. This is a terrible idea and can cause much harm. In addition, Kanaplex is not likely to help here. On top of that, it is not truly meant for pond use and you would need a ton for a Koi pond. On top of THAT, it really isn't useful for Koi. This site is for goldfish. May I refer you to koiphen.com for health issues concerning your Koi.
  23. I have a koi that I believe has severe septicemia. He is pineconing, red sores, tail rot, bleeding in his scales, and it basically being eaten away as I see nothing but red around his anus. I do not have a suit oval quarantine tank with winter approaching, so I was wondering if I can treat him in my large pond with my other fish. A few others are showing signs but not as bad. But most of my fish are healthy as of now. Will the kanaplex treatment kill or harm my healthy fish? Please this is urgent.
  24. Two more cases, or well, one and a half. Another one of the little mutt babies gave me a scare by popping up a clear case and then refusing to eat when I moved him to QT. I had the clove oil out and a container ready and everything but gave him a pellet one last time and he went for it, phew. Must have just been stressed by the move. He doesn't look physically dire yet so I'm treating him. Lilac I believe is in the early stages. No lesions yet but her color is faded and I think her eyes are a little buggy. I can't put my finger on it for sure but I isolated her anyway. This is what the little oranda looked like for the last week or so before he dropped the lumps finally and this time I figure better too early than too late. Poor girly haaaaates it, she keeps bouncing off the walls every time I walk past. I had to clutter the tank up with plants just to get her to stop that but she still spends all day hiding. I might move one of the other sick ones in with her just to chill her out a little; it's a 20 gal so I can fit one of the tiny guys with her. Chicken man is a mess. He broke out over the last few days with purple spots all over him, under the skin like bruises. Medication side effects is my only guess. I can't find anything about any blood issues with erythromycin but oxytetracycline mentioned a few rare ones so I took him off that. I'm too nervous to pull him off everything cause he nearly died last time I did that. He's peppy enough still, happy to see me (well not see but y'know ), happy to EAT. I just need him to hang on. I heard from the vet again as well, mixed news. Good news is they grew two cultures off the sample we sent. Bad news is it still has to be isolated and sent for sensitivity and identification testing, and could potentially be several more weeks. Weeks. Seriously running on fumes. Everything is a madhouse. I was up past 5 am twice this week. I'm supposed to have family for thanksgiving but I don't think I can do it honestly I think I'm gonna have to cancel. Ugh. Also set up a good size UV sterilizer on the main tank to hopefully nuke out some of the free floating bacteria. It won't help the ones that are already infected but hopefully will prevent it being passed around any more. Managed to get that as a very belated b-day present from my dad to help with the price tag, yowch. God between supplies and meds and vet visits I don't even wanna think about how much this has been... Thank god for $ per gallon sales and friends with free spare stuff is all I can say
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