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  1. Video of surgery for koi broken mouth

    I'm sorry I've been such a lousy admin for you guys. I really wanted to do better, I didn't want to be like Adam I wanted to put my all into this place. My personal world's been really tumultuous too, as have those of a lot of our members I think. Health and family crap. Makes it hard to keep up with things here. I haven't been doing my job for the last few months and I don't really have an excuse for that I can clear up that I haven't abandoned you guys for another forum or anything. I post pics of my fish on my tumblr blog sometimes and when people notice I keep goldfish they'll sometimes message me questions. If it's a quick easy thing I'll just answer it, but a lot of times I do link them to our care guides here or even the disease section on occasion. Unfortunately only one or two of them actually made accounts, but they're at least reading what we have here I hope. I'm not going to leave as long as anyone still wants to stay. Not quite ready to give up on that hope I had to make this place what I imagined. There is more that I can do, I just need to be able to do it, ugh
  2. I was actually chatting with johnlocked on another site and directed them over here for more info. Particularly to ask about the magnification for the flukes. Thought Myra or @Alyssa might know better on that? Flukes were my hunch too with those spots. I'd like to get the answer on that before suggesting a treatment. If we can narrow down what it might or might not be we can suggest the most effective, and hopefully least expensive, option.
  3. Friend's Sick Betta

    Yeah hair algae once it gets going is basically impossible to eradicate without a blackout even with regular cleaning. It might be the difference in water conditions? My heated tank gets tons of it and I leave it since the shrimp like it and it's not harmful but even in good quality water, low nitrates and well planted, if there's even a tiny bit left behind in a cleaning it'll start to grow again. It may be an issue with other nutrient balances like phosphates, or lighting, high lighting will make it grow like no tomorrow. The kind on the heater may not have been cleaned anytime recently but it's definitely not cyanobacteria, or that would be your issue right there. It's the wrong color. Would be a much darker blue-green. I think that's just beard algae which isn't necessarily a water quality issue, just means it hasn't been cleaned in a while. Still does look like a weird sort of protein slime on some stuff though. Maybe excess organics in the water? That could be down to overfeeding, or just in the tap water. I do find it odd that there's algae growing on the heater though? Usually the surface is too hot for it to thrive. I wonder if maybe there are periodic heater failures that he's not catching that might be stressing the fish. It's usually not recommended to use a heater too small for a tank because it puts stress on it and can cause failures. The more dangerous ones are when it fails hot and shorts or melts or catches fire, but periodically failing cold can still be stressful for the fish and weaken their immune system. I'd also try and bring the hardness and pH down. These nonspecific symptoms, sores and stringy poop, his sort of gnarly fins, sound a lot like what sometimes happens to bettas kept in hard high pH water. At the very least try some indian almond leaves in his hospital tank
  4. Nasty winter so far

    Wow, what happened with Tweedledee is fascinating, that's the second time now I've heard of a situation like that where a fish gets very very cold with no gill movement but is able to be brought around. The other was the admin of a goldfish group on facebook who had to euthanize one of her ill fish with clove oil and put him in the freezer till she could bury him. Took him out the next day and as he started to warm up he started thrashing, even though he'd been in the freezer over 12 hours with no signs of life. Obviously messed up with the clove oil, but incredible that being frozen didn't finish the job. She warmed him up slowly and he made a full recovery. Even the infection he'd been fighting cleared up, guess it didn't survive the cold. I'm so curious what it is that allows their metabolisms to slow to basically a stop like that but stay alive. Why some fish can go into that extreme state to weather that intense cold but others just give out. So cool
  5. Pictures

    Pumpkiiiiiiin!!! Yes our favorite girlie!
  6. Decontaminating a Pond

    Honestly I might try calling your water company or even fish and wildlife and ask their take, they may be able to suggest something that will both sterilize your pond but also still be safe to eventually return fish to, and also safe to use outdoors. There may be some more things to take into consideration in terms of runoff and how you'll rinse it all out, for environmental safety.
  7. Pictures

    I can never match that first pic???? This is the absolute best it gets. There is literally nothing that can ever compare to this expression
  8. Pictures

    This is it guys, the epitome of my goldfish keeping career. I hit Peak Goldfish. I can never top this: I also got a new dog? He's a corgi x dachshund mix, very good boy. I added another canister to the 150 last week, as well as a few more of the little orandas. They settled in real fast, no hiding under moss balls for three days like a certain Fat Bub He still dwarfs all of them, hard to believe they're all the same age
  9. Nasty winter so far

    God, thinking of your babies Myra The east coast is supposed to get another cold wave at the end of the week, worse even than the last one. Not a praying person but I'll be sending some for your poor chilly fish, it's gonna be bad, no way around it. Anyone else on this side of the country should bundle up too, prepare to hunker down. A lot of places should expect snow and nasty wind, some of the barometric conditions off the coast I've heard being compared to Sandy.
  10. Nasty winter so far

    I got scared too by the wording, I'm glad he's ok for now <3 It's bitter cold here too, wind chill is down to 6 tonight. I think it's only supposed to get worse over the next week or two, for a good chunk of the country Good luck to you and all your babies, I hope they can all soldier through.
  11. Fatal Disease Outbreak

    @Alyssa This manual has a pretty comprehensive list, if you want to look. You may be able to diagnose more definitively by how the parasites move. http://www.merckvetmanual.com/exotic-and-laboratory-animals/aquarium-fishes/parasitic-diseases-of-fish I'm so sorry I've been gone, family here for holidays and stuff glad there have been no more losses!
  12. Fatal Disease Outbreak

    I would try blacking out one of the tanks you're treating for ich as well. That really does look velvet-y. Velvet needs light to survive, if you black it out completely with trash bags, keep the lights off except for checking on them, and continue the salt and heat treatment, that will kill velvet as well as ich. Keep all your sanitary protocol strict. Scrub your hands with soap between tanks, even between feeding, between touching anything. Might be worth grabbing a box of latex gloves. And I'm so so sorry for your losses Alyssa That sounds like a nightmare... It's also possible it came from an outside animal. Maybe a bird or raccoon or something tracked in some scrap of contaminated fish from elsewhere. Brought it into the pond and infected the minnows, and then it just spread to all your other animals through your normal activities.
  13. Cloudy eye and white stuff on fin

    I asked someone who knows much more than I do about cichlids. Said to bring the temp up to 80 and the pH waayy down, 6.8 or so. Particularly for the rams, they're very sensitive. But it'll maybe help the acara too, getting the parameters in line, although they're not quite as finicky.
  14. Thoughts

    No personality??? My idiots object highly Ludi especially - WHAAAAAAT??? I've found they have oodles of personality when you have just a few, although when you have a whole bunch they do tend to get a bit more skittish and school-y. I'm kinda looking forward to Nyoom and Zoom going home so I get my happy excited kids back.
  15. Why Hippo? Why...

    I didn't really read it as an attack. I think what Myra said was pretty reasonably voicing frustrations. Truth is Tanki hasn't done things differently even after several losses, it's not an insult it's just the truth. He didn't take the appropriate steps to save Hippo, nor did he take the steps to prevent her illness in the first place, nor that of Kosmo or Pericles or any other fish he prematurely lost this year, even after having advice and warning from members here on how critical it was that he take those steps. It doesn't mean he's not sad to lose her or make him a bad person, but he does have to own up to his culpability in her death and build on that if he wants to continue keeping goldfish. If Myra no longer wants to be part of that ongoing pattern, that's well within her right to voice. She puts a lot of effort into helping and it's crushing when someone doesn't listen and multiple fish pay the price. There's no shame in not keeping goldfish. I think the message is important for all of us to hear, posted publicly. That if we can't take care of our fish up to the most basic standards for whatever reason whether it's time, or living situation, or illness, or just losing interest or whatever, there's no shame in rehoming. In fact it's our responsibility as keepers to know our limits and rehome before the fish suffer. Their welfare should always come before our pride or emotions. We have a duty to them as living things to make sure they're getting good care. If we can't provide that it's ok to give them to someone else who can. It doesn't make you a bad person or a failure. In fact I admire people who can do that, admit when they can't do something. On that same plane it's also highly irresponsible to continue bringing animals into a situation where you know you cannot provide basic standards of care. If you don't have the time/money/space/interest, don't get the pet. Again, doesn't make you a bad person, but does make you a neglectful owner to continue buying animals you can't care for. Whether it's fish in a tank you know you won't keep clean enough and have a record of high losses in, or a dog you know you can only walk once a day, or a rabbit you know you won't be able to afford fresh veggies for. We have to put our own impulses and wants for a fun pretty pet aside and think about their quality of life first and foremost. Tanki I really implore you to think hard about where you want to go from here and make a responsible choice. We all just want what's best for the fish involved. I can help you find a good home in the area for your other goldfish if you decide to rehome, you don't have to share any private info or anything I can just help hook you up with a potential home. Or if you decide to keep going you have to really honestly commit to do it right. Hell if you're willing, my buddy at Congressional lives in bethesda and does private tank maintenance if you pay her, I can give you the info.

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