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  1. Two more cases, or well, one and a half. Another one of the little mutt babies gave me a scare by popping up a clear case and then refusing to eat when I moved him to QT. I had the clove oil out and a container ready and everything but gave him a pellet one last time and he went for it, phew. Must have just been stressed by the move. He doesn't look physically dire yet so I'm treating him. Lilac I believe is in the early stages. No lesions yet but her color is faded and I think her eyes are a little buggy. I can't put my finger on it for sure but I isolated her anyway. This is what the little oranda looked like for the last week or so before he dropped the lumps finally and this time I figure better too early than too late. Poor girly haaaaates it, she keeps bouncing off the walls every time I walk past. I had to clutter the tank up with plants just to get her to stop that but she still spends all day hiding. I might move one of the other sick ones in with her just to chill her out a little; it's a 20 gal so I can fit one of the tiny guys with her. Chicken man is a mess. He broke out over the last few days with purple spots all over him, under the skin like bruises. Medication side effects is my only guess. I can't find anything about any blood issues with erythromycin but oxytetracycline mentioned a few rare ones so I took him off that. I'm too nervous to pull him off everything cause he nearly died last time I did that. He's peppy enough still, happy to see me (well not see but y'know ), happy to EAT. I just need him to hang on. I heard from the vet again as well, mixed news. Good news is they grew two cultures off the sample we sent. Bad news is it still has to be isolated and sent for sensitivity and identification testing, and could potentially be several more weeks. Weeks. Seriously running on fumes. Everything is a madhouse. I was up past 5 am twice this week. I'm supposed to have family for thanksgiving but I don't think I can do it honestly I think I'm gonna have to cancel. Ugh. Also set up a good size UV sterilizer on the main tank to hopefully nuke out some of the free floating bacteria. It won't help the ones that are already infected but hopefully will prevent it being passed around any more. Managed to get that as a very belated b-day present from my dad to help with the price tag, yowch. God between supplies and meds and vet visits I don't even wanna think about how much this has been... Thank god for $ per gallon sales and friends with free spare stuff is all I can say
  2. And thank you Alyssa ❤️ I've been all caught up in it and really I probably would've felt better if I talked about it here sooner, I guess this is the first time I stopped to like, breathe, for a while and remembered I could come here. I already feel a little better not being all by myself with it. (I guess I'll take suggestions and stuff too but I figure there's not much any of us can do till the tests get back. But if anybody wants to bounce ideas I'm open to anything! )
  3. Updated pics of the little man, those were from when he first got sick and then last week, these are last night. Gloves because scrubbing my hands between 4 tanks at feeding times is a huge pain. That missing scale is where he got the needle poke for the cultures, gosh he was such a good little fish at the doctor That lump's mostly gone away but you can see another one building up a little bit behind it. I changed my mind on the neoplex, I think I misread when I picked it out, just homed in on "gram positive". When I went to double check I noticed it's potentially toxic to the kidneys orally and is better for GI infections anyway. Given that all three of the others had some sort of kidney issues I don't think it's a good idea (Ludi's was obvious, the other two had little pockets of infection all over their kidneys and liver according to the necropsy report). So... I'm not really sure what to do now. Going to see what the next few days hold. I don't know if he'll crash now that he's off the erythromycin? Or maybe stay stable? Or maybe the heat will even help. For a little break in the sad, silly vet pictures "MOOOOOOOOOOOOM TAKE ME HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME" He got a degree!
  4. Whatever this is, it's still haunting my tanks, I'm so exhausted. Ludi appeared to recover from the external infection but died from suspected early onset kidney disease just a few weeks later, which was absolutely devastating for me. I did find a wonderful vet who I've been working with, she believed the kidney problems may have been due to a parasite he picked up in his breeding pond before I ever got him called hoferellus carassii, which can cause polycystic kidney disease later in life. Other possibilities included a tumor or congenital disease, but regardless, none of it was treatable. It progressed incredibly quickly and two weeks to the day after his diagnosis he was gone. Things were quiet for about 6 weeks, and then another case popped up in one of the yearling fry. Same pustules behind the gills and rapid decline, and 3-4 days later I lost her as well. I have a fourth case right now, little blind bug, who is holding his own better than the others. It's been over 2.5 weeks since I first noticed some mild dropsy on him and over 1 week since the first pustules appeared and he's still swimming and eating and hanging in there. I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do anymore. I had both the little oranda fry necropsied by the vet, and cultures and histopathology sent off to aquatic specialists at Cornell. They came up empty, the samples were too degraded. They were full of granulomas but all the bacteria inside was unidentifiable. I have a feeling now that Ludi wasn't ever really cured either and there were still internal granulomas and infection on his kidneys that led to his death. It would be consistent with Rainbow and Kamikaze's necropsy results. Last week I brought my little blind man in to try and get a fresh culture but I don't know what the odds are we'll find anything and it'll be at least another week or two before I get any results back. I've been in to the vet four or five times for sampling and x-rays and exams, spent so much money at this point and I still have nothing to show for it. She's never seen it before, the only thing we've been able to narrow down is it's most likely bacterial, maybe gram positive, and it's definitely not mycobacteria (fish TB, which I guess is one nasty crossed off). I don't know where it came from or how to get rid of it. It's taking seemingly healthy, well cared for fish. No treatments seem to cure it, the best I've been able to do so far is prolong it. I've tried kanamycin, oxytetracycline food, nothing but salt/epsom, methylene blue, and now erythromycin. The erythromycin is the only one that's had a noticeable effect but even after two full courses he's still getting new pustules. I've also kicked the heater up last night, on a hunch that that may help. Today I'm going to start trying out neomycin. After that I'm... out of ideas honestly. I could do regular tetracycline but I figured I've already done one in that family, and besides it works better in lower pH. There are one or two prescription medications I've read about that I could ask for but my vet left on a two week honeymoon last weekend so I'm on my own for now. Really though I'm just running on fumes. I'm not sure I have the energy to keep trying things. I've been living in constant anxiety since all this started, just waiting for the next one to fall ill, waiting for the next one to die. I feel like nothing I do matters, I can't protect them, I can't save them, it's horrible. I work so hard and pour in so much of myself and it just feels so futile, they still die. These fish are my family, they're the anchor in my life. I always thought as long as I did everything right by them, and I learned all I could, and I put in the effort, that things would work out. I'm realizing that's not true. It's really shaking me up in more ways than just my confidence in my fishkeeping abilities, it feels like a really fundamental constant of my life has come loose, especially since Ludi died. I always felt that even if I lost other fish as long as I had Remy, Lilac, and Ludi, I'd be okay. But now I don't, and it doesn't feel okay anymore. I'm not sure what's going to happen from here. I'm going to keep trying to save blind bug, for now. But I've been wondering if I need to step away from fish for a while, once this is over. I'm trying to figure out if/when it might be kinder to both me and them to just give up. Here's some pics of the sick ones, they're not very nice. Ludi was so blown up at the end he looked like a fancy, I could barely recognize him.
  5. Anna

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    I wouldn't do the hand stripping, it's really easy to hurt them and even though she's bloated she doesn't seem obviously very sick yet. Even if it's uncomfortable it's not really dire unless the eggs start rotting inside. For a bath you could probably do like 30 minutes once or twice a day? If it's still bad in a few days you can do it with a double dose.
  6. She was gone when I got up yesterday morning ? I kinda knew it was coming. Poor baby. Put up a good fight. Here she was last month before she got sick ❤️ Can't see it well here but she had cute little white lipstick on Ludi has it too for sure. I found lifted scales behind his gills last night. Moved him to a tub with an air stone and dosed some kanaplex since I think his kidneys are still in good enough shape for that. I ordered some furan 2 that I'm going to add also when it gets here. Trying to keep from panicking but he's one of my very first fishies and the thought of losing him is freaking me out. Especially since I still don't know what this is. I called a couple vets but didn't have much luck, one was booked up the next two weeks, one used to see fish but doesn't anymore, I'm waiting on a call back from a third. I caught it early this time and I hope this treatment works but my anxious brain is running through all the worst case scenarios too >.< Blah I gotta keep myself busy with other stuff I guess, waiting is the worst.
  7. I just went on vacation to New Mexico for a week which was wonderful! I had my mom watching my critters while I was gone and oof.... I feel like this happens to every fish keeper eventually, I came home to a very sick fish. I'm pretty sure she overfed even though I left strict strict instructions on exactly how and when and how much to feed and what the consequences could be. But nitrates were sky high so something was off for sure. Here's the lil patient, one of the fry from last summer, call this one "rainbow". Was just getting ready to send this little cutie to a new home in the next few weeks (Sorry for the awful photo quality, the better ones just look kinda gross, the lump was oozing by this point) I found her like this saturday night when we got home, dropsy, popeye, white lump under the skin, whole shebang. She was still swimming with her friends which I guess was why my mom maybe didn't notice how sick she was? Popped her in QT, 10 gallons with a filter with a little cycled media. Not totally sure what it is or what to do. Decided to try going minimal on treatment, just epsom and clean water. She wouldn't eat reliably enough for an oral medication and I didn't want to try like kanaplex with her bloated up like that. I gave her a methylene blue bath also, after the lump opened up and started oozing. That lump got better but another one came up a little while later. She hasn't dramatically changed for the worse but she's not getting better either and that worries me. She still swims, still reacts to me, no blood spots. Her breathing is really fast and labored though, added an airstone this afternoon when I noticed that. She hasn't eaten that I've seen in the last two days, but her poop has a little brown in it so she might be taking in something. The swelling is just as bad as it was on saturday which has to be taking a toll on her organs. I feel like it's just a matter of time at this point... I don't like giving up but I have a bad feeling and I don't think she's going to get better. She was never my favorite baby but I still did raise her since she was just a little blip with fins and I hate seeing her so weak and sick. She's just about a year old, I don't know their exact hatch date but it was early-mid July of last year. Poor thing. I think I made her happy here. But it sucks anyway. I'm going to call a couple of the vets in the area tomorrow, see if they'll see her or at least take a few scrapings and help me try to ID what pathogen this is. I found another lump on Ludi tonight. I can't tell if it's the same thing, or maybe just a small tumor, but if I have something infectious on my hands I need to figure this out. He's a big tough boy so if it's going after him that's not a good sign. Anyway this thread is mostly to keep track for myself of what I'm doing and what I'm trying and the results?
  8. Anna

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    That does sound eggy to me, the bloating without pineconing. Warm is better for clearing eggs and the epsom will help too. You can try giving her a bath in a container with them if you don't want to dose the whole tank? As for the boys, some people say having them there to encourage her to lay will help, some people say they'll stress her out, I don't see a lot of clear consensus on it ? One thing you can try, I've never done it with goldfish but it's helped with my eggy schooling fish, is cut back feeding? The lack of food encourages her body to reabsorb the eggs for energy.
  9. Anna

    Does temp affect water tests?

    I'd actually just shoot API an email maybe? I think they usually are good with answering questions about their test kits and would probably have a more rigorously studied answer than we could get with just a couple tries fiddling around. Unless you really wanna fiddle in which case go for it
  10. Anna

    Tumors on common goldfish, I think

    I've also heard good things about Vitachem as a supplement. I believe that one can also be added directly to the water, not just in food. As long as they're not causing her trouble eating and she doesn't seem to be in pain hopefully she'll be alright <3
  11. Anna

    SunSun HW-303B Canister

    Updating this about a year later now that I've actually had some significant time with the thing, and also its larger cousin the HW-304B which I picked up a few months ago. First off is some secondhand info that I've heard from 2 separate people now, that these canisters apparently have an issue with the plastic casing getting hairline cracks and leaking. This usually happens about a year into use. I'm not sure what models this affects, or if it's all of them, or if it's just off brand ones or what? My 303 has made it well past the 1 year mark with no issues and my tank stand is full of moisture alarms anyway so I'm not terribly worried. I also haven't found any better alternatives as of yet, at least in my book, taking into account pricing, power, and suitability for goldfish bioloads. Things I've noticed over the last year: It's worth keeping up with the UV sterilizer! I noticed a dramatic improvement in algae with the light running. With my tank being in semi-direct sunlight I can't really escape the diatoms and it really made a difference when I had the light from the new 304 start back up. I think I'll be splurging for the bulbs this time around, it's worth it not to have to bleach/scrub all the decor in a 150 gallon tank so often There's occasionally an issue with the filter emptying faster than it fills, I'm not sure what triggers it exactly. But it'll sound like it's constantly priming, sort of a whoosh whoosh every few minutes, really annoying. Sometimes unplugging and pumping it manually before restarting it will fix it, otherwise taking the top off and opening the impeller housing up and putting it all back together will also fix it. Both filters have done it, I figure it's just a weird quirk in the valves. It's also very important to talk to them sternly while you do this, maybe give them a good kick, let them know you're watching them and aren't gonna stand for any shenanigans in this house. I can attest this is a crucial part of the troubleshooting process. I'm not sure if the 303 has lost some strength over the last year, or if it just clogs faster now that there's many more fish in there. I probably should clean it more often to see if that helps it but cleaning them really is such a pain, they're hard to drain so I always spill all over the floor It's still running an ok pace though. The two models are basically the same except the 304 is a good bit bigger and has another media tray. And the intake on the 304 is NOT adjustable, which actually I don't like so much. It's fixed in position so you can vise-clip it to the side of the tank, but that doesn't really work if it's acrylic with a lip like mine. Or if you want it to sit at a different angle or height than the default. The output is also fixed but the spray bar axis pivots a little bit so you can adjust that up and down at least. Tl;dr, I'm still satisfied with them. Keeping an eye out for leaks and occasionally give em a whack if they misbehave. But they're still dead quiet 99% of the time and doing a good job of filtering so I'm happy.
  12. Anna

    Oops it happened ...

    What a sweet thing
  13. Anna

    What's in your filter?

    I've never tried a prefilter in my goldfish tanks but in my tropical tank and QTs and yeah it clogged something awful. Not so much the sponge gunking up but the sponge itself getting partially sucked in with the strength of the intake and way slowing down the flow. With just a mesh wrap (to keep baby shrimp from getting sucked in) that one got gunky and I ended up having to clean it every two days or so to keep the water flowing so I took it off. Turns out the shrimp do fine without it anyway.
  14. Anna

    What's in your filter?

    I've got a looottt of this stuff in all my filters. Not super fine or anything but cheap and easy to shape and does the job well. I've got, uh, 4 filters running right now not including a couple sponges. Actually, one sponge isn't even a sponge it's just a few sheets of that poly padding wrapped around a plastic sponge filter base That stuff's good for when you need a cycled "sponge" quickly, just tie some cycled padding around a base with some fishing line or thread and poof instant QT sponge. My little dumb tetra whisper has some padding, a bit of old carbon (which no longer works as chemical media but still does mechanical and bio filtration fine) and a pack of purigen. The purigen is mostly to deal with the tannins put off by a piece of driftwood in my rabbit tank and wow it does a good job! But it's expensive and smelly and not worth it for the goldfish IMO. For more sensitive animals? Definitely. The AC70 has the default sponge, a layer of padding, a small bag of aquaclear biomax, and a bag of mixed bio balls and fluval biomax. And the two Sunsuns are packed full of poly padding, a bit of the padding they came with, the second aquaclear sponge, another bag or two of defunct carbon, and a LOT of biomedia. Including the fluval biomax, seachem matrix, bio balls, and some porous ceramic noodles. Oh and my fish are often kind enough to provide a prefilter made of marimo shreds around the intake which while thoughtful, usually slows up the water flow to a crawl If I were to re-engineer things a bit I'd probably vary the coarseness of the padding I use to hopefully get a little more polish on my water. But that'd probably also mean more cleaning of the filters lol and I'm not particularly interested in that

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