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  1. GingerFish

    Soon to start up a second 55 gallon

    I love my goldfish of course but they don't play well with other fish. Maybe you'd like to start a community tank? I've been planning my nonexistent next tank and filling it with neon tetras, synodontis lucipinnis (they look like little sharks!) and a betta. With 55 gallons you wouldn't need to have someone do frequent water changes if you keep it lightly stocked and put some plants in there. Even 1 or 2 goldfish would likely need more water changes as they get bigger. Planning a new tank is fun! Hope you're able to regain your mobility and get the new tank up and running!
  2. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    @ShawnInfirmity thanks for asking! She’s doing great. Not eggy or bloated, still eating very well and super active. I don’t know what caused her sudden color change - I think it started before the epsom salt bath. Maybe stress?? anyways I’m so happy they’re all healthy ? thank you to everyone!!! Here’s a quick vid of my happy clan. C30D8C01-3966-42D8-8CF6-CE93AC229ECA.MOV
  3. GingerFish


    That’s terrific! Life finds a way!
  4. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    Kevin today.
  5. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    Kevin In Feb. She’s on the left.
  6. Oh no! So sorry. Poor lil fishies. ?
  7. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    I did the first Epsom salts bath. She jumped out once and I had to scoop her off the counter - yikes! Now I know to put a cover over her. She looks pretty good to me even before the bath. Nemo has been chasing her off and on. She can get away in the mass of anacharis at one end of the tank. I'd call her "eggy" now I guess instead of bloated. The weird thing is her color change. She's lost all her orange except on top of her head and a thin line at the base of her tail. She looks beautiful but it was such a sudden color change I'm worried about it. Work has been crazy lately. I took a scraping in to look under the microscope but it dried out before I got to it. I'll try again next week. I think I'll stop the epsom bath since she looks so good. I guess I'll do the scraping next week and otherwise wait and see. Thanks so much for everyone's help!
  8. Ugh, so sorry Anna. Having sick fish sucks! You really have done everything for her and I'm sure she's had a wonderful life. Don't give up on her yet. Maybe try a different antibiotic? Have you tried swabbing the sores with peroxide? Hoping for the best. ?
  9. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    Thank you @Anna!! I'm worried the Epsom salts will kill my plants so I think I'll treat her separately. How long do I leave her in there and how often should I repeat? I'll cut back on feeding - I'm sure I overfeed . That sounds like a good idea to help her resorb the eggs. Do you recommend massage? I've never done it and I don't want to hurt her.
  10. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    I have 5 single tails in a 55 gallon. They are 4-6”. Only Nemo is 6”. I know, over-populated. ? There is nothing I can do right now. Peter had been eating less and less before clamping. He was hardly eating at all when I brought him back from isolation and fasting. Maybe depression?? But seemed like an illness All the guys are now constantly busy sifting gravel, swimming back & forth and nibbling on the plants. They eat a lot of anacharis - faster than it grows so I keep replenishing it. Peter is completely back to normal now and Kevin is still acting normal but still looking very odd - diluted color except on her head and bloated. I don’t see any pine coning. I might scrape her. It seems internal. It’s a good suggestion. Thx. What would I do for egg bound? It’s hot here and tank is 78. Would raising or lowering temp trigger the boys? thx so much for helping.
  11. GingerFish

    Sick shubunkin :(

    Thx. It feels like I’m failing them somehow! But I’m doing my best and they all seem happy right now. ?
  12. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    @Alyssa thanks! I love them!! water parameters: ph stable at 7.6, nitrates 30 before weekly 50% water change, amm & nitrites zero. Peter was eating then getting lethargic for several weeks. Sitting on the bottom clamped for longer & longer periods after eating. No bloat. I gave 1 dose prazi then isolated him & fasted for 3 days then returned to tank and treated them all with 2 doses general cure (metronidazole & Prazi. Pico has a lump on her side flat & colored and “warts” on her lips. No change in many weeks. She acts fine. She is the only other girl as far as I can tell. 3 boys. I think Pico has carp herpesvirus 2. I’m not doing surgery because it’s multicentric. Kevin looks so weird to me. Huge sudden color change. Do you think she looks bloated?
  13. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    Video I saw Nemo bashing her in the side before I fed them Go Nemo! 4727FFC0-2292-4C31-96A0-B839657CC861.MOV
  14. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    She’s still acting fine. Maybe not as bloated today. Her color is all washed out - I guess because the scales are separated.
  15. GingerFish

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    Thx for the quick replies @jnifer & @ShawnInfirmity. Now I think Kevin might be egg bound. Her belly is swollen and the scales are separated but not actually poking out. The boys have done a little chasing but not much. She’s still acting fine. I’ll try to get pics tomorrow when I get home.

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