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  1. ShawnInfirmity

    Pulled mud babies

    I picked up a couple blue based shubunkins last year, they are really gorgeous fish and they're some of my favorites!
  2. ShawnInfirmity

    Fatty Fatty Two by Fish

    Now I'm really curious to see what a fat goldfish looks like, please post a picture!
  3. ShawnInfirmity

    Operation De*nitrate

    Any updates on “operation de*nitrate” @Kassousminou?? I’m curious to hear if you’ve noticed a difference since it’s been several months since you’ve started it!
  4. ShawnInfirmity

    Goldfish medication cabinet

    @lonewolf API's General Cure has Praziquantel and Metronidazole, could that be one of the medications?? https://www.apifishcare.com/product.php?id=635#.W6WAFWhKhPY
  5. ShawnInfirmity

    Hello people

    They're all about 6 years old, but they were pretty runted from being in an overstocked aquarium for the first 3 years.
  6. ShawnInfirmity

    Hello people

    Sorry to hear you've had so much trouble with your fish @myrasosweet but it is good to hear from you! I myself have lost a few fish recently, but they've all been the older fish that I've raised since fry and they just seem to be going to fishy heaven one after another. The rest of the fish in the pond are doing great and the water tests are perfect so I don't suspect anything other than they are just reaching the end of their lifespan at about the same time. Best of luck to you and the rest of your fish and please do drop in and say hi from time to time!!
  7. ShawnInfirmity

    Pond Fry!

    He/She's beautiful and I'm sure you'll take excellent care of the little one!
  8. ShawnInfirmity

    Soon to start up a second 55 gallon

    I agree with @jnifer, this would probably be a good tank to put the babies in to let them hopefully grow to their full potential.
  9. ShawnInfirmity

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    @GingerFish How is Kevin/Kevina???
  10. ShawnInfirmity

    Help! Kevin has bloat

    @GingerFish I was looking back through old posts about dropsy and it seemed it was usually recommended to treat it with epsom salts (1 tsp per 10 gallons) and metronidazole. We have the article about treating with metronidazole that might be a good place to start reading. Do you have a picture from the top just to see how bad the pineconing is??
  11. ShawnInfirmity

    My last Post

    Walt, I'm so sorry to hear that you have been dealing with so much recently and I truly hope you are able to recover from this as well. Take care friend!
  12. ShawnInfirmity

    Pond Updates

    It's looking nice @Alyssa, good to see you've been keeping up with the ponding!!
  13. ShawnInfirmity

    Anchor Worms Suck...that is all.

    Don't feel dumb @Alyssa I didn't know anything about anchor worms and now I know more than I'll ever want to know. All goldfish (besides "Quasimodo") seem to be doing great now with no signs of anchor worms for over a week now, but I did end up losing ALL of my adult minnows. I found the last minnow floating in the tub with all the signs of organ failure/dropsy including severely lifted scales. I was not prepared for this at all, but I'm glad it wasn't worse than it ended up being.
  14. ShawnInfirmity

    Anchor Worms Suck...that is all.

    I'm cautiously optimistic at this point, but I haven't seen any anchor worms for the last 4 days that I've been checking the fish. I have continued the KnockOut Plus as directed (bottle says to dose for 3 additional days after infection/infestation is gone) so I'm crossing my fingers that it might finally be over!! I did end up losing one of the goldfish, but he was my crooked back fish that was probably going to go soon and I don't blame the anchor worms for the loss. He seemed to just decline rapidly and developed dropsy, only took a couple days once the signs of organ failure started to kick in.
  15. ShawnInfirmity

    Operation De*nitrate

    Sounds like a plan, keep us posted on how it’s going! I did some reading on the de*nitrate and a lot of people said it can take months to show a noticeable difference in nitrates.

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