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  1. jnifer

    Talking to my fish

    Well......every day when I leave for work I say bye Lucy & Bob. You be good fishes and mamma loves you.......
  2. jnifer


    Yes, may be getting ready to quit if making a loud noise. Sometimes mine gets rattling and I can just move it a little and it stops.
  3. jnifer


    Very quiet......like an aquarium
  4. jnifer

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    Glad to hear. It's been quite quiet on here lately. I check by daily and haven't seen any activity.
  5. In a normal fin tail rot or injury as long as the rot doesn't go completely to the body of the fish, the fish can regrow the fin. My comet used to tear his tail quite a bit. Never was sure how he did it but I assume it was on the filter intake or something because I didn't have any decoration in his tank and he was in the tank alone so I know it wasn't from another fish.
  6. Where did you have the sick fish before you put him back in the pond? I was thinking you said you didn't have a quarantine tank? I have lost a couple fish in my time as a goldfish owner and both times my fish ate up until the day before they died so I'm not sure that is a sure fire way of telling a fish is ok. Ripped fins will take awhile to heal. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  7. jnifer

    Goldfish medication cabinet

    I have some seachem stability that I use when I do a water change and filter sponge clean too. Not sure it helps but figure it doesn't hurt. I just added Prime every coupe of days and did partial water changes twice a week. Best I remember I was back with 0's ammonia etc. in about six weeks.
  8. jnifer

    Goldfish medication cabinet

    No, but could have been some other weird thing going on that caused it. I just remember it totally killed it and I had to start over. Was a pain!
  9. jnifer

    Goldfish medication cabinet

    I used the general cure one time and it killed all my good bacteria or I had some other strange happening that coincided with the medication.
  10. jnifer

    Goldfish medication cabinet

    My Ph usually stays around 7.5-8. I have never checked my GH. I have tried both medications and feel that they do work. Can't say for sure. I used the Kanoplex for fin rot but was using aquarium salt too so hard to say what made the difference. I have used metroplex for what I thought was a bacteria infection. Fish got better but I could have diagnosed him wrong. I do know that neither messes with your good bacteria and that is important!
  11. jnifer

    Goldfish medication cabinet

    Perhaps Kanoplex and metroplex? I keep both of these in my cabinets. Neither will harm your good bacteria and they are made by Seachem.
  12. jnifer


    So sorry to hear. Looks painful but still a pretty lady!
  13. jnifer

    Hello people

    Good to hear from you! I have wondered how you and your goldfish were doing. I have a ranchu that suddenly developed a swim bladder issue about 3 month ago. He lays on his side at the bottom of my tank. I removed all my gravel to help him get to his food better. He gets excited when I come to the tank and eats. Just sad to see him struggle to get turned the correct way to eat. I'm hoping (probably in vain) that he might outgrow it. I still have my oranda in the tank with him too and I swear she looks after him. She will scoot the food closer to him and lets him get first bite before she does. Anyways great to hear from you, your fish look happy.
  14. Understand completely!
  15. I think you said you have some goldfish babies too ? Maybe they could be put in it??

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