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  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles
  2. Last posting I found was around May
  3. Sorry to hear she is no longer active, she has a lot of knowledge to share on the subject of goldfish, good advice on health
  4. Thanks for the ideas, the babies seem to be "bastards", some with single tails, some with tri fin tails, none look like calicos at this point. they now look to be 1 to 2 inches in size, mixed in size, but all look healthy. Time will tell as to what they turn out to be. An off subject question, where is Myra?
  5. Thanks the comments are welcome, and a good idea. I still do not know if I will regain much more mobility than I have at present. I was told that the home health nurse and PT lady both thought I might never walk again by any way or form. So at least I can get around with the walker at present. But that translates into having some one else do all the heavy lifting, etc. I will keep the rods in my back forever, so say the Dr and his team
  6. As I improve in mobility, my plan is to clean out and restart my second 55 gallon tank. I am open to suggestions as to what to put in the tank as far as freshwater fish. Shall I go with a few more goldfish, or something entirely different. Ideas please
  7. Walt

    Mourning Fry Found Dead

    Alyssa; Sorry to hear of the loss of the fry. Since this is an older post, I assume your changes were put into effect with success. No follow up hopefully means things improved
  8. Walt

    You mentioned you could not PM me? any idea as to why, do I need to clean out something?

    1. Ian


      Hi Walt, i think your mail box is full? I did try to get you by increasing the limits, but that did not work.

      Would you try by deleting some oldest old messages - try to delete the oldest ones, and see what happens?

      I don't pm too much, so my mailbox never filled up. Is there a warning or something about that? I don't know....

      But I have seen issues like this before, always related to a too full inbox?

      I wanted to mention to you some stuff, privately....

      Hope all you are well.

  9. Walt

    Hey, what's up with each of you?

    After many things here with illness, and daughters cancer, I topped that off with my 30 gallon bursting a seam. I did a rapid change into the 55 I had up and running. Overcrowded but working. I have two large calico,s, odd parents it seems, one telescope, one yellow head, an five offspring mostly orange and white at present, some single tail. That and several bristlenose catfish. Doing weekly water changes due to the amount of fish
  10. Walt

    Plants for goldies to eat?

    your on the right track. If the goldfish like a certain plant it is not likely to grow fast enough to stay ahead of demand. It would need to a fast growing plant in a large tank. There are several fine leaved plants that goldies like, but a bit of research would need to be done to get the best match
  11. Walt

    What is food

    True, glad there are no insects indoors here. All in all, the fish look like they are doing well here
  12. Walt

    What is food

    May not be a point for you dear Dr., but it works for me. The fish can survive for several days without food, one days feeding less is not going to hurt, and their piggish eating needs the extra time to pass the excess gas. The weird part is that they nibble at the surface with no food there. And being indoors, no insects to go for. Yours look great by the way
  13. Walt

    What is food

    By the way your picture needs a stethoscope to make you look like a real Dr.
  14. Walt

    What is food

    Floating food? Is this not a general no no? When my big dummies try to feed at the top they get bloated and tend to lose control of their swim bladder. I feed sinking small pellets, sparingly, and on occasion I skip a days feeding to make sure they pass any gas before eating more. Just my view from the inside tank. Some day I be well enough to get this liner pond installed and enjoy a small pond again, so I hope. Arthritis still giving my joints a tough go of it. Any manual labor is out of the question for now
  15. Walt

    Cloudy eye and white stuff on fin

    Looks like your going in the right direction, don' be too harsh with the percentage of medication. Nice looking fish as to coloration. It is possible that the fish will settle in a bit more and become more accustomed to your conditions in the tank. Other wise continue your good habits and keep your increased heat steady

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