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  1. mzwatts

    Hello again! and UPDATES from Cali

    Hi @jnifer and @myrasosweet !!! Glad to see a few people still check in. It sounds like keeping fish outdoors takes some really thick skin because of all these events that are out of your control. I would have such a hard time with that. Even here in California where the weather is usually mild, I see hawks, egrets and herons ALL the time (they're so beautiful) even in neighborhoods where they shouldn't be. I live near the Guadalupe watershed which runs through San Jose, so even if I didn't get huge storms like you do, I'd still be too afraid of predators...but I don't know maybe some day if I ever own my own house and can build some kind of protected pond area. Malone is so frikken' cute! Wish our landlord would let us own pets...I grew up around dogs and I miss coming home to one. Why was Malone going to die? Was he at a shelter? Thanks for the update, sorry to hear about all the illness (fish and human) but glad you bounced back.
  2. mzwatts

    Fishy Update!

    @Alyssa Sorry to hear you lost some of your fishies, but glad you are still keeping it up. I'd love to see some pics too, if you have time.
  3. mzwatts

    Possible fungus?

    Hi @Michelle it looks like this is your first post on the forum. Welcome! First of all you should know that this site doesn't get much activity any longer so you should probably post your question on other forums asl well, to get a speedier response, if you haven't already. Also, there is a mandatory form you have to fill out so that we can help you diagnose any problems. Since we can't see your fish in person, you need to give as much detail as possible. I'm not skilled enough to know how to link to a previous post so I just copy/pasted it here. P.S. Your picture is really blurry but from what I can see, it looks like it is under the skin? Is it? If it is a raised bump it might be a cyst or tumor. If it its a cottony growth on TOP of the scales, it may be a fungus. We can assess more after you fill out the info below: This info is now mandatory, particularly parameters, tank setup, and stocking. We want to give the best advice we can, and we really can't work off of symptoms alone. Putting these in your original post will save time and give you the best chance of getting a quick and accurate diagnosis. If you don't provide them we'll just have to direct you back here anyway to get the rest and we might lose out on time that your fish doesn't have General Info Hello everyone, this is a list of some good info you should include in your post should you have a sick fish you want help with. Providing as many of these as possible will make it easier and more likely for you to get a good answer and be back to healthy happy fish as soon as you can. There are lots of factors that can go into making a fish ill and it's impossible to figure out what the issue is with just "my fish is sick!" The most important things are bolded but the more you can give us the better Water parameters: these are best taken with a liquid drop test kit. Strips are usually very inaccurate. Please include exact numbers not just say "they're fine" Ammonia Nitrites Nitrates pH Temperature GH/KH (optional) Tank setup: Tank size How many fish in the tank and what type Type of filter What you feed your fish How much and how often you change water Any new fish, plants, ornaments, or medications recently added to the tank Fish: Pictures of the sick fish if possible, especially for injuries/infections. See section below for tips on photo quality If you cannot take or upload pics for whatever reason, we need a very very detailed description of the issue If the fish are new, how long you've had them Symptoms, the more detail the better Physical signs to look out for can include torn fins, red streaks, unusual spots, raised or missing scales, swelling, fuzzy growths, visible parasites and wounds, etc Behavioral signs to look out for can include floating or sitting on the bottom, odd swimming, clamped fins, gasping at the surface or rapid breathing, darting or rubbing on things in the tank, etc Photo/video info - by myrasosweet Image and video file upload sizes may be restricted to save server space so if you can't get it to post please upload it to a third party site (like Youtube, imgur, photobucket...) and paste a link to them in your post Okay so I've had so many problems trying to diagnose due to terrible quality photos and videos. If we are to assist you, we need CLEAR, well lit photos or video of the fish and their issues. If it is behavioral such as floating, erratic swimming, bottom sitting etc. we need a clear video. Please get a small light such as the one I have pictured, using a 60-80 watt bulb, aim it DIRECTLY down into your tank and take a close up video with preferably an HD device. Move the camera smoothly left and right if needed. Please also try to vocally explain what is abnormal, it will help. For photos, which are more often needed than video... Here are some tips. The BEST WAY to get a clear photo of what you see on your fish is to hold him under a light where the issue is. If your fish aren't used to being handled, this is easily remedied by handling them gently every now and then and hand feeding them. Using a macro setting if available, take the photo under a bright light once the fish is calm. If the light is dimmer, use the flash. If the fish is moving, it will come out blurry so its important that the fish is calm. This is assuming you don't have a $1,000 camera! Callisto in normal indoor light with flash: If pulling your fish from the water for a few seconds bothers you, you can try to hold them partially under the water, but they are likely to thrash and try to swim away more. Also, the water can distort the image if the water is moving. Alternatively, if you don't have a good light source indoors or a flash, bowling your fish and taking him outside into the sunlight works, too. Rhonda in bowl outside on concrete in natural light: If you are ABSOLUTELY uncomfortable with holding your fish, a bowl is better than trying to take a photo while still in the tank freely swimming. Scoop the fish into a clear glass bowl and try and take a photo of the spot you're trying to show. It will be harder but can be done: To check for Popeye and dropsy, photos need to be taken from above like this. If you aren't SURE your fish doesn't have these issues, I suggest submitting a photo so we can rule it out. These are serious diseases and can often only be noticed up close. I held my fish so you can see the position to angle the camera, but don't hold your fish, just take the photo from the top like this. White sacs around the eyes or prickly looking scales can mean popeye the precursor to dropsy, or dropsy. If you need additional assistance with photograph taking, let me know and I will assist all I can.
  4. Hi all, Not sure if anyone saw my reply to Ian's post in 'Off Topic' but I mentioned that I came back to see how things were here and to my surprise there were some very recent posts! Not daily posts, but at least within the last month or so! I was really happy to see that so I thought I'd jump back on the bandwagon and post some updates, in case anyone was curious. First, let me start by saying that for the most part things have been smooth sailing for all my fishies! The weird little runt babies are still weird little runt babies.. I still have 12. They are done growing but man are the feisty as ever! I have spent more of my time on the two fancies. If anyone recalls, I have a 7-8 year old Fantail named Big Guy, and a 2 year old bronze Oranda named Chai. You may also recall that a hand full of you here on the forum helped me bring Big Guy back from an extreme DROPSY case over a year ago. Basically you all helped me save his life, and I am still so grateful for that. My gratitude was reaffirmed when the student who GAVE me Big Guy happened to be walking past my classroom the other week (the high schoolers cut through the middle school to get to wherever they want to go in the neighborhood) and I immediately recognized her and remembered her name (I NEVER remember former student's names) and told her I had something to show her. When she saw Big Guy, her jaw just about dropped to the floor, and she didn't really believe that A) he was still alive and B) how big he'd gotten. She thanked me for taking such good care of him. She admitted to me that she was actually VERY sad to give him up and she had quite a bond with him before she donated him. It was her parents that didn't want the tank any more. When I showed her his 'offspring' she actually teared up, and her friends started giving her a hard time and calling her 'fish grandma!🤣 Anyway, that interaction just about made the rest of my year and it would not have happened at all if I had given up and let Big Guy die. I am by no means an expert fish keeper and don't have many strong opinions but ever since then, when I see people on youtube or in comments/articles say that 'dropsy means it's time to euthanize', I HAVE to disagree. It's worth a shot. A long shot, but a shot nonetheless. I've gone on a tangent now, but in case any of the original members are reading this, I just wanted to share that story and let you know how much I learned form you all. This student is now going off to college next year (my god I'm getting old) and I told her to come back and pick out 2 babies for her dorm if she wants to! I had fish in college and they helped me in the absence of my dog. She said she was interested! Okay UPDATE TIME: Big Guy has been pretty healthy, with minor bouts of those darn bacterial cysts that keep popping up on his fins. I'm actually still not sure if they are fungal or bacterial, so I keep them at bay with clean water, extra prime, and whenever they stick around I do a 7 day treatment of Melafix AND Pimafix. This never makes them go away completely but I just make sure I stay on top of my water. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. He still eats, swims fine, is active and explores the tank, so until he starts behaving oddly I'm just going to monitor I suppose. Plus he did have a large bacterial cyst on his dorsal that POPPED earlier this year, and healed in a weird sort of way. It looks funky. He loses scales from time to time. They take forever to grow back. I don't know why he loses scales so easily. Has anyone had a 7+ year old fish? Do they lose scales more easily? He's a little rough a round the edges in the last year or so but he is still ruggedly handsome. I don't have many good pics of him at the moment. As for Chai...I made the mistake of never weighing any of my fish but I wish I had. I think she's done well! I have attached some photos of my little chunky girl. I remember thinking she may be a sickly girl, she was from Petsmart, but she has turned out to be the friendliest, happiest, hungriest little trooper! I love her so much! She makes Big Guy look like Oscar the Grouch. The last couple photos I attached are from 2017 when I just got her, for comparison. She used to be so shy and weak and hide in the fake plants, poor thing. You guys also helped me a lot with her. Okay I know this post is way too long but there is one more thing I have to tell you about...the scariest incident since Big Guy's dropsy... My first really BIG mistake as a fish mom....I let them get sucked up by the gravel vacuum! I felt like a freaking MONSTER! The last pic is what it did to Chai's poor little side belly it was at lunch time and I hooked the Python siphon to the side near the bottom corner, and the fish have ALWAYS stayed away from it for YEARS.... well this time Chai got a little curious... went over, and got her self sucked up! I don't know what happened next but I think Big Guy either came to help her or see what was up, or was also just over near the hose being nosey...and one of his gill plates must've gotten sucked up too because when I ran over he was in shock and bleeding from the gills, poor thing! He bottom sat the rest of the day. I'm lucky he didn't go into extreme shock or something. Meanwhile Chai is just swimming arounf begging for food as if she didn't just get HALF HER SCALES RIPPED OFF... my babes. I felt too terrible and I got teary eyed and then the bell rang and I had to teach my lesson like I wasn't completely distracted! Guys the worst part is how I discovered something was wrong... ugh. I was eating lunch at my desk about 10 feet away and heard the siphon make a strange noise. I look over from my desk and see BLOOD in the hose going to the sink..... I didn't know I could run so fast! I've literally had nightmares about this. I thought I turned my fish into a smoothie I don't even like thinking or writing about it but I just have to tell my story because literally no one else in my life understands how traumatic that was, lol. Has anyone ever done this with their vacuum? I don't know WHAT got in to their little fishie brains to all of a sudden be curious about the hose after YEARS of not giving a crap, but I'm so lucky I didn't kill both of them. Big Guy stopped bleeding after a few minutes and was fine the next morning. Chai took a few weeks to heal but is pretty much back to normal. The scales are growing back and the tissue healed. I did small daily water changes and extra dosed with prime and I also did a little salt for a few days, but other than that, they healed on their own. Clean water really is the best remedy. So how's that for an update? lol. If you've read this far.... WHY? lol. also thank you. I've been meaning to update for a while. I'll check in more often from now on and try to contribute more to see if we can get some more activity on the site. I will also post about moving my fancies home... it would be much less stressful to maintain their tanks on my own time, instead of during 30 minute lunch blocks. Hope everyone else is well. I've been catching up on other's posts... @myrasosweet, your hair looks cute, and love the fuschia lipstick color as always. Anyone else who still checks, HI!!! Let me know how you're all doing. Take care, Leah Big Guy 2019.HEIC
  5. mzwatts


    Hi Ian, It's nice to see you and others on here keeping the forum alive! I honestly thought after all the bad vibes last year (mine included) that everyone just ditched it. I was definitely sad to no longer have the resource and the online friendships, but I really didn't think anyone was visiting anymore. I know you were working the hardest to keep it going, and I'm sorry I never jumped over to your facebook page, I just rarely find myself on facebook anymore. Thank you for all your efforts and continual updates. I have missed your posts, despite what you may think. (That doesn't mean I always understand your posts, but in general you've always carried a positive vibe about you which comes through even in text, and I always have appreciated that. I am so terribly sorry to hear about your wife. I know this has been a long, hard, battle for both of you, and I cannot imagine being in your situation. I hope you have some support from friends and family over there, because that must be extremely stressful. I know it's not the same relationship but I lost my grandfather last June and that was the first person who I was very close with to pass away. I'd never known life without him and it was extremely difficult to adjust--still is. I know this might not mean much from some lady across the world you chatted with a few times on a fish forum, but for what it's worth, you have deepest sympathies. You seem like a strong person but if you ever want someone to talk/vent to you can email me watts.leahk@gmail.com. I came back to check on Goldfish Resource for 2 reasons, really. Mainly curiosity to see if it was truly dead or not (to my surprise, no!) and the other because a couple of months ago I had a fishy injury/accident (fish are fine now) but I thought maybe someone would still be here to lend some advice. I ended up solving the problem on my own (my fish are very strong and good healers luckily) but in large part I think I knew what to do from things I learned here on the forum. Anyway, Ian if you get this, or anyone else, hello! Nice to 'see' everyone again! I am off soon for the summer so I'm thinking of starting a little fish project with my spare time, in which case I will update and maybe create an article. MAYBE. I'll update at the very least. I'd like to move my fancies back home with me, so we'll see how that goes... I will post on the general chat some updates and the scary story of my fishy incident...spoiler alert...I call it the 'Gravel Vacuum Disaster of 2019'...😱😫 But like I said...there is a happy ending. No tears here -Leah
  6. mzwatts

    Hey, what's up with each of you?

    Thanks! They seem to be doing just fine. Luckily I have out-sourced some of my water changes to 12 and 13 year olds who are getting pretty dang good at it. So usually both tanks get their water changed every Thursday. It's true that there are way too many, but some of them are just so small that it's hard to imagine their bio-load adding too much. And that filter does a great job too. So for now, this is where they stay unless I find some homes
  7. mzwatts

    Hey, what's up with each of you?

    Yes, I really am trying the best I can...i have re-homed some already, and I'm hoping to get two or three students to take 2 each by the end of the year. Honestly they haven't grown much in the last 6 months. They are runts and stunted...My question is, if you put a runt in a bigger place, can they de-runt themselves? Or is grow-time over... I'm thinking they are done growing.
  8. mzwatts

    Fishy Pictures

    I love it! It's magical
  9. mzwatts

    Hey, what's up with each of you?

    I bought another 40b so now all the babies are in one big tank. Still probably overstocked but their so small so I don't know... I actually made a video of it a few weeks ago with an update, so I suppose this is a good place to post it! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eFXDWM7OhPGi3QoK0BMERrQAuXJtozl5/view?usp=sharing
  10. mzwatts

    Fishy Pictures

    I love the coloring, especially the deep red on the ones in the middle...I also love how there are a few scales sprinkled in that are expecially shiny and glistening...is this a shubunkin thing?
  11. mzwatts


    He's so cute @Buzzcargo! I love the orange blue combo. Thanks for posting pics I'm happy you got another fish. Hes a nice shape too, not too scrawny. Great job picking! Looks like he's got a cool little bachelor pad too, I like the stone hide.
  12. mzwatts


    @Buzzcargo glad to see you back! And glad you got a Betta! Can we see pics once he's all settled in?
  13. mzwatts


    good news! I'm sorry about Tweedle Dee though. What do you plan to do with all those fish you mentioned you have to 'boot'?
  14. Aww thanks @GingerFish, it was really more of a shock than anything and then I had to teach a full day pretending I wasn't sad. It was at a time when I was finally starting to do things the right way too, it was so weird...I just really wish I knew the cause. The sort of nice thing though is that I have some of her babies
  15. Hmm let's see... Well in late high school/early college I used to scrub the hell out of everything in my tank and replace the filters WAY too much instead of just rinsing and putting back... I knew nothing about cycling and just thought if I replaced the filter enough it should be healthy water, right??? Somehow those 2 goldfish I got from the county fair graduated college with me...4 years of this nonsense, I don't know how they did it... And in fact water quality isn't even what killed them, which leads to my NEXT biggest mistake... I thought since I was SOOO good at taking care of fish, I could add a cute little double tail into my tank, the more the merrier, right? Well that tiny little red blotch I noticed near the tail at the store...wasn't a marking....3 weeks later all three of them were gonners..... Poor Fish and Chips... all because I stuck some sickly stranger in with them.... After they died I felt so bad that I decided not to have fish anymore because obviously I was cursed. Until later on when my students started asking me if I wanted class pets (read: if they could pawn their unwanted fish on me)...one of those unwanteds was Big Guy! I knew he was special so I finally started researching and doing things the right way...and I've come a long way since then. Oh and I have an unsolved fish death that I still haven't quite gotten over... it wasn't blatantly my fault, but I'm assuming somehow it was haha.... Big Guy had a female comet as a partner (all white with big reddish spot on her head, my students named her Japan because she looked like the Japanese flag... biggest, healthiest fish I've ever had.... fighting with Big Guy over food one evening and the next morning is belly up near the filter.... No gill movement...but no evidence of illness...her eyes weren't even sunken in or anything they were still clear... I put her in a tub and moved her back and forth, hoping maybe she was shocked...but nothing. I opened her mouth and there was a small blue piece of gravel inside... not enough to block but perhaps evidence of what may have happened....I got rid of my gravel after that...only other thing I can think of is some kind of shock from the filter? Sudden heart failure? Kidney failure? Whatever it was, it was sudden. This was before I found the forum so I just burried her, didn't even think of necropsy...I was SO sad. To this day I wonder what happened...has this happened to anyone before? Anyone think they know? Sorry this turned in to such a long post... if you've read this far you must be bored

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