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  1. Closed Forum - too closed??

    P.S. the movie "A Quiet Place" looks to be a really good horror premise? Just looking at my opened tabs on the screenshot.... Only reason I found out about that movie was Google told me that Emily Blunt shared my DOB. Well, the same day, unfortunately a different year..... (thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday!) Ian the 50 year old "F**t
  2. Closed Forum - too closed??

    Just had a look at the back end, and there seem to be a lot of guests - a LOT. Either they are not finding what they want and move on, or something else.. Some of these guests may be search engine crawlers, which still could be good ish, as we might be being found. But if they are not robots, why do so few of them register, and what should we to to encourage them to do that? Carrot or Stick? Encourage them, maybe with an Amazon gift token (even though they may just register for the chance to win), or force them by gradually reducing guests' permissions? I have no idea what should be done, but, if these stats are half correct..... That thin green line at the bottom is members.... But what to do - I have no idea! That was the longest date range the back end would let me make, but it seemed confused by my DD/MM/YYYY settings, compared to your MM/DD/yyyy It kept throwing an error if I selected a start date before 08/28/2017, which I wasn't doing - I tried 29/08/2017, but that also threw an error. What to do? Seems we have lots of viewers, and few guest posters anyway - maybe there is nothing we can do about that? Except for the Amazon gift voucher option? Which may be a waste of time??
  3. life the past MANY months

    Congratulation to you and Gabe.
  4. supporter

    I'm not in charge, wouldn't want to be - I just made that change for you. I originally said that it could be done with Anna's agreement, but later I thought that I would do it on her absence, and Anna could change it back if she disagreed. I'm fairly sure I messaged her both times, to say I could, and also to say that I did. I'm not 100% certain about that right now... I only did what i thought folks seemed to agree to. I am not an admin here, though my "title" does allow me to do things "back there". I thought that everyone (@Walt included) wanted that. But it could be undone with a couple of mouse clicks.... If it should be undone, please let me know, and I will. Where is the group headed... Your guess is as good as ours. We are trying to be the best, friendliest goldfish forum in the world, and I am trying stuff to try to help get there, well to get traffic. The best and friendliest is not my part - I don't know so much about fish, so I often cannot post sense on a topic. But efforts are being made to get members, on the more the merrier assumption. ? I don't know where we will be in a year, the main reason I wanted to PM @Walt.My crystal ball works no better than anyone else;s - otherwise I would have bought bitcoin in the past.... and already sold it, and be posting from my private Caribbean Island. Nope still here.
  5. You mentioned you could not PM me? any idea as to why, do I need to clean out something?

    1. Ian


      Hi Walt, i think your mail box is full? I did try to get you by increasing the limits, but that did not work.

      Would you try by deleting some oldest old messages - try to delete the oldest ones, and see what happens?

      I don't pm too much, so my mailbox never filled up. Is there a warning or something about that? I don't know....

      But I have seen issues like this before, always related to a too full inbox?

      I wanted to mention to you some stuff, privately....

      Hope all you are well.

  6. Aquarank

    That is now twice I spent an hour or more adding a message, and I lost it. All 2 hours or more of typing - I am slow. Reached over for the coffee cup, and lost it all. Going to start my 2 hr posts in word and paste them here.... Short version, please write something about Goldfish. Post it her or in articles to review. We need visitors, or everyone will get bored.. The 2 hour one was better, but reaching for my coffee erased all of it. Short messages are best...... Maybe if you are up to writing something, write it locally, word, apple equivalent, even in Windows notepad? I have lost two very long articles in 2 days by accidentally brushing the keyboard. I don't know how. Both happened here.... Please write me something, but I would suggest write it offline, upload later? Please write something.? My last 2 hours was a better post, but it is gone.... Bummer.
  7. Aquarank

    No way to add a new tag, which was my hope, but we are now #9 on Aquarank.com, for the .com site. Sooooo, A couple of more decent articles, and a couple of any inputs..... There was a post in the past where Princess Kate was so proud that TGT was number 2. Well it still is, but "we" have risen a good few ranks in a day. Point is that with a few good, simple articles, and a few more contributors, we could be #1 #1 on Aquarank is not necessarily the best we could do, but as far as fish go, I do think it is a start??
  8. pH

    Not quite sure what went wrong, but Seneye told me to check the ethernet connections and reset the router - I changed the cable, and reset the router. That didn't help, so they pushed /forced a new firmware update to the Seneye SWS (Web server), and everything is now working. It wasn't not working, just it should update twice per hour, not 5 times a minute.... Good tech support! Last time I had an issue I had to return everything to them. They were unable to find a problem, so it seemed that my shockingly poor internet connection was causing the issue. Still, they offered to send me a new server, to see if that helped - I took them up on that, but it didn't help, but Three.ie tech support did manage to improve my connection. But better since then, as the internet connection improved... 3G is not broadband, not even close, but where I live there is little else, and 4G, well one bar.... 3G is faster. I live in the back of beyond in a small island west of northern Europe. This country has had a national broadband plan in place for 5 or more years - anyone who is not commercially viable for "broadband" will get fibre to their house, which is good future proofing. But all companies except one dropped out of the tendering process, and more than 5 years down the line, Ireland is no further forward. No-one here is at all surprised by this, which infuriates me. Earliest time to get "spades on ground" is now 2020, if I am lucky. It will likely just be forgotten. The Irish seem to have a phrase - "Ah sure", which covers everything, crashed cars, failed marriages and the national broadband plan. But my wife is from here, though she is no more Irish than me, she did grow up here, thus my address.... But my main point is that nothing I returned was in warranty at that time, and yet they replaced the server FOC. (Razorblades)? Anyway, confirmation bias warning, I do like the thing, and I do like the company. They easily could have said that I was out of warranty, but they didn't. But I wouldn't have likely bought another. (Razorblades????) But maybe I might have stumped up?? I did have unused slides..... blades? Still, not to have to do 2 API tests for pH and guess the result on the closest vial, and to get an immediate warning on Nh3 and temperature, I reckon it is worth it. Though now I leave the critters at the temperature instead of trying to "fix it" - they have larger temperature swings in the wild, but I do wish my kiddies, and the dog might learn to close a door now and again... But the dog I can forgive..... Kiddies not so much. It doesn't measure Nitrite nor Nitrate, but if Ammonia NH3 is ok, why worry about the rest? As long as frequent PWCs are done.....
  9. Proof read anyone?

    GoldfishResource.com Folks who love Goldfish and their carers. Skip to content Home HELP! Forum Caring for Fish Planning for your Aquarium Goldfish Care Goldfish Food Cycling the Tank Problems Sick Fish How to tell if your Goldfish is sick Water Quality Cloudy water due to bacterial blooms. Posts Contact Us Search for: Goldfish filtration and Media Goldfish are very messy fish – they seem to make more waste, both from their gut and also from their gills than another fish of an equivalent size – this means that they definitely require a filter to detoxify the water, but there are various types of filter and media to consider… It is important that your goldfish tank is big enough for the number of goldfish you have – most people here recommend a minimum of 20 US Gallons for the first fish, and 15 to 20 more Gallons for each extra fish. Remember that although goldfish might have been bred for life indoors, they did evolve as fish which lived in massive bodies of water, where there were bugs to deal with the tiny amounts of dangerous toxins….. And actually they were originally bred for life in ponds – still a much larger water volume than a tank, of any description – unless you are NASA, with their neutral buoyancy training lab? Biggest pool in the world? Most people start with a tank which is too small for their fish – I did – I started with a tiny tank which the pet shop advised would be suitable for two fish, but was way too small for even one! But just as important is a filter – the filter (the thing that pumps water and) contains media which is the stuff where the bugs will eventually colonise and live, when the tank is cycled. There are many types of filter and many types of media to put in them. Basic rules for a filter for a goldfish tank are that it should be able to turn over the water in the tank ten times per hour – so if you have a 50 Gallon tank, you will need a 500 Gallon per hour filter. Likewise a 200 litre tank will require a 2000 LPH filter. These “rules”, suggestions, will not allow you to safely exceed suggested stocking levels – having a 2000 LPH filter on a 50 litre tank will not allow you more fish than should fit it a 50 Litre tank. The Goldfish do also need room to grow…. They would also perhaps be blown about by such a huge water flow in such a small tank? Perhaps not, but no way four times as many fish will work… For very long. “But they are just Tiddlers”! How can these tiny fish need that much space!!!!? Perhaps right now they may not, but not for long – if they are to survive and thrive. There are many types of filters which can be used in a goldfish tank, but most keepers use either an internal filter, a Hang On Back (HOB) filter or an external canister filter. Each type of filter has its advantages and disadvantages. Internal filters are probably the type that most fish keepers would least recommend, mainly because they take up space inside the tank – they reduce the water volume, whereas a filter outside the tank will increase the total water volume, perhaps not by a huge amount, but also internal filters tend to be too small to adequately filter the tank for goldfish. They also don’t look as good as a filter which could be hidden a bit. With any type of filter, be aware that if it says it is suitable for a tank of up to XX Gallons, that might be true in certain circumstances, but unlikely for messy goldfish – it is important to find the actual flow rate – do your research before purchasing! HOB filters seem to be the most commonly used type of filter, in North America at least – I live in Europe and have never seen one for sale anywhere! They are available in various sizes, suitable even for larger tanks. If the tank is too big for one large one, you can use two of them to double the capacity. HOBS often have a larger internal volume for media than internal filters, but many are still supplied with replaceable cartridge filters – a plastic blade which fits into the filter and contains mesh, some biomedia and often some activated carbon. It is recommended by the manufacturers that these be replaced regularly – activated carbon has a limited lifespan. If your HOB has two cartridges, you could stagger the change schedule, perhaps one every couple of weeks, but if it only has one, most likely you will be throwing most of your bacteria away with that cartridge, possibly causing a “mini cycle” in the tank, or worse. HOBs can be populated with other types of filter media which can be better than the manufacturer supplied one and can last longer, perhaps indefinitely, saving money and avoiding cycle bumps. External canister filters generally work out to be the most expensive type of filter, being much larger than HOBs. But being larger they have a greater volume than HOBs and often come with baskets which can be populated with your choice of media. Because of the increased volume of media contained, it is possible that an external canister filter with a turnover as low as 5 times may be suitable, even for goldfish. Canister filters take up more space than HOB filters, but HOB filters prevent your tank going as close to the wall behind it if there is one – they sit behind the tank. External filters need to be sited below the tank, but can often be placed in an aquarium stand, and hidden away from sight. As there are hoses connecting the outflow to the canister filter and a return hose pumping the water back to the tank, any leak could cause a significant flood issue. Leaks on the outflow side will unlikely cause a flood as the leak will suck air rather than leak water, unless there is a power cut, but a leak on the return pumped side could empty most of the tank water onto the floor. That is a risk, but hose checks during filter maintenance should minimize that risk. A blocked HOB filter could also flood, but perhaps at a slower rate than an external filter. One disadvantage I have recently read about with HOB filters is that they seem to be more prone to impeller block ups, than an external. An external canister filter is gravity fed – dirty water is filtered before then cleaner water is pumped back up to the tank. Conversely, a HOB pumps dirty water up to the chamber where filtering happens, and then gravity trickles the water back in. There are many other types of filter available – such as a sump – an extra tank under the tank, which could even house plants and a huge amount of media. Undergravel filters use air pumps to flow water through the gravel in the tank – effectively making the gravel your filter media. These seem to have fallen out of fashion, because although they are simple, many here would not recommend gravel, as your Goldfish could swallow it, causing a blockage. Also I have read that in a power cut, an undergravel filter could quickly release a significant amount of toxins back into the tank water. They are cheap and simple, but probably not suitable for messy goldfish. Some aquariums come with filters built into the hood of the tank, and DIY fishkeepers sometimes make wet/dry or trickle tower filters. Most commercially available filters will be either internal, HOB or external canister. Members here all have their personal favorite brands and types of filter – here are some comments; Aqueon – less expensive, room for some additional media but then there’s no mechanical filter before the added media, changing the cartridge removes a substantial amount of beneficial bacteria. I saw on YouTube a way to “Turbocharge” this filter, by adding a foam over the intake strainer. Intake strainer foams seem to easily clog, which can reduce flow rates, even to the point that there is no water reaching the impeller, which will likely cause overheating and serious issues. Another member mentioned a burned out motor – they are water cooled! Some members claim that the impeller can be clogged by small particles, others claim that they have never has such an issue… AquaClear HOB – maintenance is easier, more space for more media, never jams, maybe noisier. They seem to be more expensive. MarineLand – there are just better options for better prices. They aren’t always as well made and don’t last as well as the Aqueon or Aquaclears. The biowheels don’t really hold enough Good Bacteria to keep up with gross messy goldfish. Tetra/Top Fin – Poor quality materials, not very powerful, break down or become very noisy. Tiny Whisper HOB’s are good as are their air pumps. Seachem – a respected manufacturer has recently released a HOB which seems to get good reviews, but no one I know has used one yet, but they are a reputable company – it might be worth looking into their product? Sun Sun canister – absolutely silent, good power, very inexpensive, but doesn’t come with much media so it’s up to you to fill it, and assembly instructions are terribly translated. In the UK, the Sun Sun brand is available branded as an All Pond Solutions filter – it is supplied with media – carbon, ceramic hoops and foam. I would personally rather own an Eheim or a Fluval canister filter – some of their models can self regulate flow rate and advise when it is too low – that it requires maintenance, but really an external canister is just a pump and a space for media, so the most important aspect is volume and flow rate, and maintenance! Before deciding what to purchase, you will have to do some research, and maybe ask some questions here. One more thing – an external canister filter dumps the water to the bottom of the external filter – the water is filtered as it rises back up through the media. Many people think that the biological protecting foams should go at the top, or in the top basket, but for most filters, this is the wrong way round. Foams are there to prevent the biological media from clogging, so the water must hit them first. Foams first (in the bottom tray), as much biological media as you can fit or afford next, and perhaps leave a space in the upper tray, should you need to add some specific items? Filter media. There are three categories of filter media – Mechanical, Biological and Chemical, though there can be significant crossover between the types, and not all are necessary at all times. Mechanical Filtration is often accomplished by sponges – a course, medium and fine foam or any other combination, will strain debris from the water. This is necessary to protect the biological media to try to prevent it getting clogged up, but foam itself can also act as the biological media, as the pockets in the sponges can house the bacteria we need to convert ammonia and nitrites. Biological media is an inert substance solely there to allow colonization by the benefical bacteria. Lava rock, ceramic “noodles”, bioballs and even pot scrubbers can be used to house the bugs. The general rule of thumb is that the greater the surface area of the media, the more bacteria it will be able to accommodate. But therefore porous substances with microscopic holes need to be protected from getting gummed up and clogged by dirty water – they will last longer if adequately protected by a mechanical filtration first. Chemical filtration may often not be necessary in an established tank – I have personally never used any, but activated carbon can be useful to remove medication from the water, and zeolite can be used to help remove ammonia in an emergency – it absorbs the ammonia. Zeolite could be used in the filter, but also just placed into the tank in a filter sock (mesh bag). It can be removed and recharged by leaving it soaking in 5 percent aquarium safe salt water. It can then be dried and reused, but not indefinitely. Obviously Activated Carbon and Zeolite should not be essential in a healthy stable tank, but can be useful in certain circumstances, but a water change would accomplish much the same, with less expense. Many thanks to – in no particular order – Tanki, Shawn, Myra, Ginger, Kass, and Blue, for their help and input. Share this: Print Facebook Twitter Google Like this: Loading... Edit True or False? Goldfish are small and do not require much space. NOT TRUE Goldfish grow fast and become large, and they grow in relation to their environment. As healthy adults, goldfish are not small fish, and in fact, many can grow to be a foot or longer when fully mature. Even the smallest of varieties reach a size of six inches at maturity. Juvenile goldfish are 1-2 inches in length; if they remain that size as adults, it means the fish is stunted, or is genetically small. They still need a lot of space for a happy life, and because of their waster production. © GoldfishResource.org Skip to toolbar About WordPress GoldfishResource.com Customize 00 comments awaiting moderation New Edit Page Search Howdy, Ian Log Out OK or not? This is not my site, it is one I am trying to do for us, But I KNOW TOO LITTLE ABOUT FISH....
  10. Colonize, Colonise?

    Y'all. I have been typing colonize, as colonise used to give me spelling error red underlines. Now the opposite is true. How does one USA citizen spell that? Colonize has the red underscore here, right now. But it didn't used to. I understand that is a British /American English Thang, so I guess I should stick with the "zee" But I just learned to use the Zee, and now it is telling me to use an Ess. We need to learn to speaka the same lingo, D'Yay Onerstan Mey? Heah? You have to try to say that last phrase in a Mel Gibson Braveheart accent.... Do you understand me? Eh? Aluminum, actually I'll give you that one - we call it Aluminium (Al you minium), but that isn't you folks fault. There was a bit of a war on when the rest of the world changed the name, and transit to France, to go to the science meeting was a bit dangerous.... But still, life moves on, and the rest of the world agreed to change the name of Aluminum - it sat in the same period as Boron, but everything underneath was ending in "ium", so they altered the name. You guys were not invited, well you were, but due to hazardous shipping conditions..... https://www.thoughtco.com/aluminum-or-aluminium-3980635
  11. pH

    Quite why my "Digital Doodah" is apparently uploading 3 pH readings per minute, sometimes more, will require some investigation on my part.It is supposed to do one every 20 minutes or so, with immediate temp and low water level warnings, but that many ph readings....I just changed the top right ammonia graph to details, and it seems to be doing the same. Off to compose a support request......
  12. pH

    I do like it - my Seneye says the pH is around 7.4, so that is bang on needing to do both tests and trying to work out which is closer. Too hard for me. Though my eyesight is failing, well my arms are getting too short to read, I do have good colour vision, but it is too difficult. My thing doesn't need to be manually calibrated, it just works (according to the sellers), but as you will see my Ammonia is giving a warning at the moment. Unsure why, I did do a large water change this morning as well. The filter is definitely on, this time. But as you will see the amber warning is about a level of 0.022ppm. Which wouldn't register on an API, so all is good. But the slides I bought - that is the thing, a slide lasts either 30 days or a month. I bought a years worth in November - 108 Euro. Probably get that for 50bucks stateside?? But the slides are expensive. Having let a slide go out of date in the past the results didn't change or go "off", which Seneye said they could. In the past it would continue to read (accurately enough), just it wouldn't send alerts. New software means "No Slide, No Reading". The device is relatively inexpensive, but it is the razor blade principle - and the inkjet printer. This razor is cheap, but we'll get you on the blades/ cartridges.... But I am "invested in it", so take my liking with a healthy dose of confirmation bias - I HAVE to like it, cos I bought it.....
  13. Aquarank

    I set our new goldfish site up on Aquarank late last week. #56 out of 83. Not number one or anything, but only been there under a week. Not gloating or anything, but check out #57... http://www.aquarank.com/rank/51/pv/ I am sure that this is not the most important rank system in the world, but a ranking anywhere is a ranking. And google likes stuff like that... I am sure Google crawls aquarank as much as any other site....... Have a look at our new site if you haven't already, that will get hits, but look because you want to, not just to cheat!
  14. Bird in the shop

    In this morning early, back upstairs. Thought I heard a noise, and started moving furniture around. I did hear something, but I couldn't find the bird, so I guess he got out. Will have to have another look. Took a photo of the bread, so I'll know if any changes or moves.

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