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  1. Ian


    Folks, sorry I have not been around lately - I have still been checking in occasionally, but I have no issues with my fish and nothing to suggest on any sickness forum. Time is "running out" here, if you know what I mean. So- busy caring and minding! So pleased you folks are still dropping by! I'll be around more when I have more free time, which I expect soon enough, or a fish problem, which I hope not. I know that sounds the wrong way around maybe, but some things are unavoidable, such as most fish issues, but other things are going to happen! I realise that likely few folks have missed me anyhoo, but again I am happy you folks are still around. Wife was given 2 to 5 months, 5 months ago, and callous though this may sound, I awake every morning, and she is still breathing. C**p. (Like a poo if you are not familiar over there) What a BAS***** I must be!!!! But we can easily assess the quality of life of our dog, cat, goldfish, whatever and decide to euthanize, but not a loved one. That is a bit perplexing. But no quality of life for a human is not relevant apparently???? Barely ambulant -no balance, little ability to communicate and declining comprehension. Add onto that little or no memory, and you may understand "CR**" every morning.? It would be better all round at this point. Hope you are all well! Thanks for stopping by!
  2. Ian

    This place is expensive

    Me neither!
  3. Ian

    This place is expensive

    Just looking around the back end and I see that to continue to post to face book will require an https website. I can't recall what this costs, but it is a good few levels higher here than we are already paying.Need to login to see those details, and only Anna can do that. I honestly do not think that this option is "live", even though it is an option. So that is little loss here I think.? I AM NOT complaining about Anna, but I see that she hasn't been around since July, though perhaps I wasn't around much more!? Likely not much before that! It would seem that most Goldfish keepers are folks with some issue or another, or maybe we are just the normal cohort of life? Maybe we should? or should not go with "my" website" - it costs very little, it is paid for for a year or more, and really costs nothing to run, unlike here. I am not trying to usurp anyone here, but with cheap hosting and (A DECENT amount oF HELPERS) - doubt much help would really be necessary We could manage something similar for little cost, at all. TGT only moved to (invision) here because of spam issues, which could even be an issue for us - I recently deleted about 40 users (who did not make it through "triage") with mail.ru or cialispharmacy, or something like that addresses. TGT did not want to manage spam, I reckon it could be done, with more restrictive joining and more Efficacious deletions than Adam himself could manage? Or be bothered to manage? Though I do not know any of that.... I could not pay to host this site indefinitely (and it is not my site to pay for), but "my" site I could, though I would not want it to be mine - I would gladly (already did) add the "admin" reigns to another. Costs about maybe 30 bucks a year, rather than likely more than that per month?? Spitballing here, and only that, but anyone who cares have a look at Buddypress vs BBpress in google and give opinions? Again sorry for not being around much of late, we all have excuses - it is called life, but I am a Scotsman from Fife, where copper wire was invented - two Scotsman fighting over a penny! If we can go on and pay less....... But we would need an @Anna opinion in my humble opinion! But we could also just send her a message. I mean no disrespect to this site, I really do not, but things are growing way more slowlier that I hoped that they would, so trim costs until necessary??... It may be "my" domain - I did register it, it may be "my" website", just cos I pay for it, but it is not expensive, and any user with admin privileges would have the same rights as " the owner". For that matter if anyone wants to buy the domain, you can have it with a free transfer. Just spitballing, as they say. I haven't been round much of late, for personal reasons, but if anyone wants to investigate the text above in red, please have a look. Bbpress would be my initial thought? But BOTH can be used?
  4. Ian


    Hope Myra stays "back!"
  5. Ian


    Cheers Friends. I was not looking for sympathy - this has been a long time ( fortunately ) coming, just explaining my overly long absence. It isn't me who needs the sympathy after all, but thanks.? Life's a B**ch and the you die, after all. The only thing we are all guaranteed to to for sure! No-one knows when they will do it, until they do, asteroid? Truck? Sinkhole? Single Vehicle accident? We all have to "go" after all, as long as it is pain free, that is the best we can aspire to? B Tumors are usually pain free at least... Thanks!
  6. Ian


    Folks, sorry I have not been around very much of late. Been busy at work, which is good I suppose! But busier at home which is not so good. Things are deteriorating there. She fell the other day and one eye was swollen shut. That eye opened, but the bruising moved to both eyes, so she still looks like she did a stand in for Rocky against Apollo Creed. Everything is getting worse, and there can be no more treatment, so it is just a matter of time now. My five fish - I did post i lost one, are all doing well. Though I would admit maintenance is slipping a tad at the moment. Planned to do a water change tonight, but I am still at work, as there is no power at home - we had a storm, though nothing like you east coast folks had. Dog is well, Me and kiddies are well, so as good as can be, but just too busy at this time to be here much at all. Was pleased to see Myra checked back in! Even if only temporarily, much like me! IanActually it does look a lot better when that photo was taken. Feel so sorry for her. She is just trooping along as best she can.
  7. Myra doesn't think forums of any kind will survive. She might be correct on that point, but if I had a crystal ball, I'd have bought Apple shares with my pocket money - who knows the future!?? Wish I did. I would personally like to apologise for my absence - wife is not well and is not getting any better, nor going to get any better. Been really busy. Hospital appointments and visits. Wish Myra would return - I completely understand that she was making a huge effort, with posts and new photos when others were not making the same effort (in the beginning) - when we were brand new, We have unfortunately lost more than we have gained along the way, as far as I can see, me included, due to issues.... If we are still around, we still have a chance, but unfortunately life and life issues surpass membership on the forum, as I, Walt, Ginger and others have discovered. Come back when you can is the best any of us can do? But... We ARE still here, but (my old drum) content, and fresh content is the best thing "we" could have. I am so sorry that I have not been around so much.....
  8. Ian


    Maybe you are a bit biased, but that is a mother's right! My mum and dad left after a week's visit this morning. I grew up with dogs and they loved their dogs, the ones I grew up with. But they would talk to MY dog, but rarely interact. Truth is, only we love our children and dogs the way we do, everyone else just tolerates our "friends"? From the photo though, I reckon the child won - Mum fell asleep sooner! But well done - I got into big trouble once, when my first daughter was handed to me, to mind in the morning, when the wife went for a shower. In my defense, I was not fully awake (at all), but i have never lived down the fact that Grace landed on the floor, and I was still unaware that she was with me! I was asleep in the bed, the baby on the floor asleep (or perhaps unconscious) when she came out of the en-suite. Fortunately Grace seems to have no significant after effects ( 1st year finished at University), but if only she could learn to switch off lights and turn off taps........ Perhaps that is my failure to prevent her drop onto a (very padded) carpet?
  9. Ash, would you please start a new topic on this issue - I think folks will see and find it quicker.
  10. Ian

    Operation De*nitrate

    Ohhhhh, well then. Sorry I misread the post! And you now know that it works, which is great! Does that mean that we can get the last part of the cycle - Nitrates to Nitrogen? Either way, we are still gonna need the water changes to keep the minerals and GH KH up, but I did think that this part of the cycle must be at least in theory possible?? Is that your finding? I have no findings at all, so far!
  11. Ian

    Operation De*nitrate

    My experiment isn't going well, but it is the same claim with different media. We all understand that anaerobic bugs need low oxygen, a situation which not be found in a normal filter, but equally a filter driven by any pump would also be not a low oxygen environment. My experiment failed because of neglect - too many days in hospitals, but I am still adding ammonia, but not measuring results. Must get back to that. Good luck with your tests - is that Hitomi stuff claiming to be a bug growth media, or is it in any way chemically fixing nitrate? Sorry, I couldn't find any google tings about it - only Japanese folks. It makes sense to me that somewhere there must be bugs or something converting Nitrates back to Nitrogen, else the seas and lakes would be full of nitrates? Why wouldn't this be possible in a tank? The other bits are possible......
  12. Ian

    Sick shubunkin :(

    As everyone knows, I know little about diseases in fish, but often after a large meal, I like to have a wee snooze. I know that the clamping might not be normal, but maybe that is just the way he does things? I cannot add anything to this or the previous query, except that if he seems happy the rest of the time, maybe he is a greedy eater? (?like me) As for having a larger than comfortable, or strange poop, well I am not going to comment... except to say that I am happy to have some privacy! How long has the "real Peter" been doing this at this stage? Again I know little about what the problem might be, but if he does seem happy the rest of the time, and he has not gone in any way downhill, maybe that is just the way he "rolls"?? I reckon, (and this is just my opinion) that if he seems happy for the most time, maybe that is just "Peter"????? But again, I don't honestly know!
  13. Ian

    API ammonia failure???

    Probably - if you were born last millenium, you are old! I'm a child of the 60's so a complete "free love" one, me! ; ) 30+years BEFORE the millenium bug didn't destroy the world, and yet 18 years after the bug didn't bite, all forms now have to have a 4 digit year. Even a piece of government paper - here I need to / can certify drivers vision. But each date I need to fill, which is 3 of the same date on the same side of a piece of paper! They all need a 4 digit year. The form I certify is valid for 30 days, so obviously it wasn't 1918. Equally I can't certify a form 100 years in the future, when I and the certified driver will both be dead. So why must the form have a 4 digit year.? 4 digit years annoy me a lot! Peace and love man! 1960s
  14. Ian

    API ammonia failure???

    Just that old folks remember when an emoticon would stay as it was rather than being automatically converted to an emoji ( )
  15. Ian

    Anchor Worms Suck...that is all.

    Yup, That does suck. At least they are easy enough to spot, and well done you for keeping up with the females! Any update? Parasites are such horrible things in general, but those that kill their host are just plain dumb...... But maybe in a huge amount of water, there would be more "food" to keep all the parasites happy?

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