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  1. Buzzcargo


    Yes I am doing a lot better! I hope you are too @ShawnInfirmity!
  2. Buzzcargo


    Hi everyone, long time no post! I just wanted to share something I made because I love it so much lol I was making little sculptures out of polymer clay and I decided to try to make a keychain. I think it turned out great. As you can see I already put her in my bag Sorry for the weird lighting my phone camera isn’t that good. It’s actually my new favourite thing I think I captured Pumpkin’s spirit and grumpy face, I even included her little lopsided, partically collapsed dorsal fin
  3. Buzzcargo


    He made some bubbles!
  4. Buzzcargo

    Bird in the shop

    Imagine if you check up on it and they’ve made a nest in there lol. “Get in guys there is free bread in here!” We’ve gotten a squirrel in our house before. No idea how it got in but we eventually chased it out!
  5. Buzzcargo


    I love the little stone, my previous betta used to sleep in there every night. I haven’t seen him use it but I hope he does
  6. Buzzcargo


    That name fits then lol. She’s been asking and talking about him all day, it’s nice to see her as excited as I am lol!
  7. Buzzcargo


    I kinda picked him cause he reminded me of Pumpkin lol. He was also the most energetic there, so I decided to get him instead. His colour is a bit different today and I’m assuming it’s because he isn’t in thay nasty, cold 0.50ppm ammonia water anymore. My phone doesn’t pick up the orange that well but he’s like a tangarine yellow-orange now. Very pretty Since my sister has been so excited over the fact that we finally got another fish (and it’s her favourite colour), I’ve decided to let her choose his name. She wants to either name him Spaghetti (because of his colour and my usual food themed pet named), or Friend, because she’s been calling him that all day. She hasn’t decided yet though
  8. Buzzcargo

    Fishy Pictures

    I love the shubinkuns! So cute
  9. Buzzcargo


    I can’t get goldfish right now, so I decided to get a betta instead to fill the void in my heart from the lack of fish lol. He’s in my old 5G tank right now, in the kitchen. I just got him home and he saw his reflection in the glass and got a bit angry so the photos are blurry cause he was flaring at his reflection. Since @mzwatts wanted to see photos of him, here he is! I turned the light on for a few minutes to get a good shot of him. Didn’t want to stress him out too much so I turned it off after a few photos. He has an orange body and blueish-white fins, very pretty for a standard $3.99 veiltail in my opinion. He’s in the kitchen as “decor” or whatever, but I love him already and I will take good care of him I took an ammonia test from the little cup he was in. 0.50ppm of ammonia in that thing. The poor dude has a little bit of fin damage, it’s a bit shredded at the tips and the thin bones/veins (I can’t tell he is so small and won’t stop wiggling) in his tail is kind of poking out... I’ve added 2 tsps of salt in his tank to hopefully fight off any bacteria that may cause finrot, I don’t want that happening to him, his fins are so pretty. I’ll get better pics once he is settled in. My petstore also sells mysis now, which they never did before. When I saw it I was so excited and literally yelled “OH MY GOD YES!” I got a bunch of weird looks. Excited over shrimp and worms. I’m so happy I can have fish again, even though he isn’t a goldfish, from my experience bettas have quite a lot of personaility too. I am so happy lol. I’ve missed having fish! His tank currently isn’t final. I’ve ordered a piece of wood that’ll be coming in soon. His tank is also cloudy because of the sand I added That reflection What a mess. I was taking the silk plants out of their packaging
  10. Buzzcargo


    I tested it again. First pic is tank, second is tap: I realize that it’s sideways. I tested the water from the pet store with my API test kit, it’s 6.4 there. I thought our area would have similar water hardness and pH. I bought a betta for the tank today. I’ll do a fish-in cycle since they don’t produce much waste. My betta tanks cycle pretty quick, my old one named Maelstrom only produced 0.25ppm in 2-3 weeks. I wish goldfish were like that lol
  11. Buzzcargo


    I have no idea. Technically it is a different complex. My current house is older than the last, the other house was refurblished a few years back so it is quite new. I’m assuming water comes from the same place since we’re so close. I thought that maybe it’s the pipes? I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people have been having trouble with illnesses that share symptoms that Pumpkin had. Not sure if they’ve added anything to the water though, or maybe I am unlucky. I also tested the water at our community centre, it’s a few blocks down the street. I didn’t have my API test kit so I used the one we had in the science “lab”. The pH is basic, I’m assuming also around 8. I’m not quite sure why the pH at this house is so much lower than my old house and the other buildings around me. I think the pH is around 6.8, which is great since my water is soft and it may drop in pH if the water is basic. It’s more acidic now so I don’t think the pH will drop too bad. I wonder why my water is so different Edit: the high range pH whether it is correct or not stayed at 7.8 for both days. So my water should be a lot more stable at this house.
  12. Buzzcargo


    My pH is kinda stable then! It was around 6.8 yesterday when I tested the regular pH. Mine used to be 8 and dropped to like 6.8 overnight
  13. Buzzcargo


    Hmm okay, so the hardness is the same as my old house. Here is the test today. I usually do both tests with new water.
  14. Buzzcargo


    Okay so some of you may know I recently moved across the street in August. Well, since I haven’t had fish since then, I never bothered to test our water. Well my mother wants a small fish tank in the kitchen, so I was given permission to set up my 5G for a betta. I tested the pH today, and... Odd? The pH is so different here, I’m literally across the street. I’ll be testing the GH and KH in a sec. I can’t tell what the pH is though. High range looks to be 7.8, the regular pH test looks like a 7. If I view it from above though it is a lot darker than the colors given so I’m assuming 7.8 is correct. My old house had a pH of 8 that fluctuated to 6 overnight. I’ll be tesing GH and KH now
  15. Buzzcargo


    This one is a good one But this one omg God I miss her so much

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