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  1. supporter

    Can we make a badge for one off donations?
  2. Hey, what's up with each of you?

    I still have my 40 Breeder with two Aqueon 75-Small calico fantail goldfish named Eve, a small yellow Angel Ram, a SAE, and a bristlenose pleco. I have added driftwood, and I have a ton of plants (they actually need quite a bit of trimming). I don't know how they got to grow that much! They remain unidentified as to their kind.
  3. supporter

    Walt, have you EVER had the exclusive "donator" goldfish? Because if he had donated, would he not have that badge for at least a month? Maybe I am not fully understanding how the donation system works.
  4. Not placing the input thingie on the filter...sigh...
  5. Hillstream loaches video

    Lol the cat!
  6. New site

    I would love to help set up the site. Just tell me what you want me to do.
  7. New site

    Is there a link to this site?
  8. Why Hippo? Why...

    I want help, often desperately. There are step that can be taken to make the approach smoother and lighter.
  9. Why Hippo? Why...

    I just lost my favorite fish, my very first ranchu, that I wanted to get for ages and paid 80 dollars for on eBay. And you think I wouldn't have helped her as much as I could? I understand you're not trying to insult me Anna, but listing all the fish I lost right after losing my favorite one isn't exactly helping either. "Really like how quiet you got until someone said something you wanted to hear" Huh. Interesting. Guess this isn't saying anything: "I greatly appreciate your guidance, and Hippo wouldn’t have been here without you. Thanks." You're bashing me because I appreciated it when MzWatts said sorry for your loss? I would understand if I had only thanked her for saying nice things and not thanking you...but I did. "You never follow advice, you argue with me, and all your fish as long as I've known you have shortened lifespans and die despite you supposedly being a long time keeper. The importance of decent water quality has somehow evaded you. I don't believe you should be allowed to think your efforts were acceptable at all. This fish suffered for no reason. There was nothing to be gained at all. The fish was amazingly tough to have even lasted this long. Seriously she was. Reality is your fish die one after another because they aren't cared for properly. Until the care changes, the illness and death rates won't change. " "I did not attack" "She puts a lot of effort into helping and it's crushing when someone doesn't listen and multiple fish pay the price. " It's crushing? I should feel sorry for Myra because even though she gave me advice, the fish died? It's crushing for Myra? What about the person who had their favorite fish just die and then people are so insensitive to go on and make him feel like a total failure, and that they're a terrible person who cares little about a fish's life. Is it crushing for them? I want to make clear that I truly appreciate both of your advice. Especially yours Anna, you have always been a great resource of information regarding fish, as has Myra, but you put it in a nicer way and don't diminish a person publicly.
  10. DarthHippo.jpg

    Aww thanks Anna. It looks great.
  11. Ulliri

    Looks like a strong hump, does it not?
  12. Why Hippo? Why...

    She passed away over night... I was going to try to convince them to put the tub there this morning. You were right Myra. I should have used the tub, and I should have put two extra air stones, and I should have done daily 100% water change. I hope you understand, it’s not cause so don’t think you’re advice is valid, or because I don’t care enough. I just couldn’t...
  13. Why Hippo? Why...

    I am fully aware of your advice. You mentioned a medication, but you didn’t mention which one. There’s really nothing I can do about the bucket except add another air stone. It’s not because it’s ugly. Not everything is up to me. If I had my way, I would have two 20 gallon hospital/quarantine tanks. I live in a tiny, tiny apartment. I can’t just do whatever I want. I have a family that I must cooperate with. I’m really sorry if you feel ignored. I know you mentioned antibiotics, may I know which one specifically? I greatly appreciate your guidance, and Hippo wouldn’t have been here without you. Thanks.
  14. Why Hippo? Why...

    Sorry I forgot to post. you mentioned he needs antibiotics. What type of medication could I use? I have Triple Sulfa and Metroplex as far as bacterial medicines. Also, her eyes seem a bit larger than normal...and she stopped eating, she belches out any food I put in her mouth. FB15345E-A0AF-4230-B227-F6CDE9956C0D.MOV

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