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  1. Tanki

    Fatty Fatty Two by Fish

    I looked up fat goldfish. All that comes up are pearlscales, fish with dropsy, or fancy goldfish in general
  2. Tanki

    Nitrite Poisoning in Goldfish

    I can't really help you, so I'll just mention @myrasosweet
  3. Tanki

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    I believe either Ian or Anna or paying. I don't want this site to go down, just in case, but I completely understand if they wish to stop spending money on virtually nothing. Donald (my parrot cichlid) has been fine. Maybe we should just transfer over to another forum?
  4. Tanki


  5. @myrasosweet @Anna @GingerFish Just tagging a couple of people that probably have more disease experience than me. I'm not an expert by any means. He definitely looks swollen, his scales do seem a little raised but I'm not 100% sure it's dropsy. I don't remember dropsy including floating issues, so there might be a problem with his swim bladder as well. For now, I would recommend an Epsom salt bath. I don't remember the exact measurements so I suggest looking it up. Try also raising the regular temperature of the hospital tank to the low to mid-80s. If you can, feed it live foods or specialized foods for treating dropsy. I don't want to recommend a medication you might need, so maybe wait for one of the people I tagged or someone else I'm forgetting to reply as well. If you're really desperate to treat the poor fellow though, you could try Kanaplex (bacterial) or Praziquantel (parasitical).
  6. Tanki

    2018 Atlanta Koi and Goldfish show

    Aww, those Ryukins are awesome, but those Ranchus! So cute!
  7. Tanki

    Tank Update

    Hey guys, I wanted to quickly post an update of how things are going with my aquarium. As a lot of you probably know, I have given up goldfish (miss them though ?), and the primary reason for that is that my schedule could not handle the extensive care and attention that goldfish required to thrive, resulting in insufficiently infrequent water changes, leading to inadequate water quality and fish deaths. Another reason was my wish to transition to saltwater. With goldfish, I wanted to have multiple and so I almost always had multiple. This meant that after one passed away, it was replaced after a few weeks. This is why I changed to my King Kong/Blood Parrot (not sure yet), which my aquarium cannot handle multiple of. Therefore, I only have one fish which soon after it dies (may that day be delayed for years) I can transition to saltwater. No, I am not reducing water changes or in any other way trying to kill off this fish. Anyways, Donald is such a cutie pie. You all know how Parrot fish are, with their messed up little mouths ? so adorable. He acts very much like a puppy. Every time I come home, he rushes from one side of the aquarium (which is all the way across the room from the door) and bumps into the glass. Whenever I'm near the aquarium, he's swimming around all delighted, as if he's a dog wagging his tail. He will take food from out of my hands, but I never do it because his bite does hurt. I bought a GIANT fish net that barely fits into my 40 gallon aquarium, so I can keep him away from my hands (which he loves to nibble on) while I'm trying to rearrange decorations, heaters, etc. I feed him New Life Spectrum cichlid pellets. Sometimes I throw an algae disc which he will eventually nibble on, or freeze-dried blood worms, which don't seem to peak his interest. I did have a Siamese Algae Eater in there for almost an entire year with him, until he finally has gone missing during the last two weeks. I think Trump ate him Well. What can you do. That beast must have swallowed him whole, absolutely no remains of him anywhere. I still have a Bristlenose pleco WHICH JUST WON'T GROW AAA! Makes me crazy! I don't weigh my fish, but I have noticed no difference in him, and I have had him for at least two years now. There is still some algae on the glass (I do it purposely so he has food). I did remove all the plants. Being a typical cichlid, Trump digs holes all around the sand. This led to the plants being constantly uprooted. After I came back from vacation, ALL of the plants were floating on the surface of the tank, pretty much blocking out all the light. Yeah...I just gave up at that point. They certainly must not have been doing well, being uprooted all the time and stuff. I just took them all out. I am thinking of maybe getting some floating plants? Just to keep that NO3- down. I think I've previously said this, but I am running a SunSun canister filter now. In my opinion the filtration it provides for its price is the best deal I've found so far. I have a tray of mechanical filtration, followed by a tray of activated carbon bags, followed by two trays of biological filtration (ceramic rings and bio balls). Anyways, it's going pretty well overall. I love my orange fellow so much right now! ?
  8. Tanki

    Hello people

    ? "Mayra" Glad you're back. Those Ryukins are so cute...I miss Cosmo ?
  9. Tanki

    The Donald

    Aww she's a cutie. Is there any fighting between her and the barbs? By the way, @myrasosweet I just assumed he was a king kong because that's what it said on his aquarium. Yeah, I know those are very often wrong, but this was from a LFS. I guess they have been wrong on a lot of this stuff before ? I would love to know what their differences are, could you share them please?
  10. Tanki

    This place is expensive

    I think it's a decent idea, but starting over again means even less visitors than what we already have...I'm not sure...
  11. I believe she abandoned the forum around February.
  12. My advice would be to stock it lightly, so you need not do maintenance often. Either the goldfish babies or some new goldfish, preferably single-tails so they are hardier.
  13. Tanki


    Glad to hear it
  14. Tanki

    My last Post

    Very sorry to hear that Walt. I truly hope everything works out fine for you.

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