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  1. Tanki

    API ammonia failure???

    Actually, aren't emoticons what you would write with characters, like this: :S While emojis are a small picture, like 😀 Perhaps you think that because these fancy pictures didn't exist when emoticons were used? :)
  2. Tanki

    API ammonia failure???

    Lol, "Please don't quote me on this" *Quotes*
  3. Tanki

    API ammonia failure???

    Perhaps the API test is checking for Ammonium or Ammonia and Ammonium combined. I don't know what Ammonium you should be looking for-pure NH4+ I would guess, but then again, the Ammonia you added was not 100% NH3, was it?
  4. Tanki

    The truth...

    My fish chomps down on my fingers XD Omg I actually have to buy gloves. I can't get anywhere near the plants that he has uprooted without him biting my hands.
  5. Tanki

    Oops it happened ...

    O.O I was dethroned of my position as King of the Potato Pictures... T-T
  6. Tanki

    Does temp affect water tests?

    I don't think so. I have no idea what is inside these testing solutions, but if they are using enzymes (highly doubt it), then the color would just change faster? I don't know...
  7. Tanki

    API ammonia failure???

    Hmm... Here's a thought. If you can, if you wish to continue with this experiment, try adding some Ammonium instead. If I remember correctly, pH has something to do with this.
  8. Tanki

    SunSun HW-303B Canister

    I also got a similar model recently, don't remember which one it was though It's been working fine so far.
  9. Tanki


    😭 I miss Pumpkin...
  10. Tanki

    What's in your filter?

    I'm sorry but this title reminds of "What's in your wallet" by some company I don't remember the name of.
  11. Tanki


    Yes,I’m sure it is because he is territorial. His tank mates are different types of algae eaters.
  12. Tanki


    Trump (my parrot cichlid) is aggressive as ever! Before, he used to come up to my hand and gently give it a smooch. Now, he zips to it, like he is chasing prey, and gives it a hard bite. It doesn't really hurt all that much, but it's kinda irritating, as I can't fix the sand, which he digs up (as all cichlids do) and I can't fix the plants, which he has absolutely decimated. I don't think there is a single strand of the plant that he hasn't uprooted! It was getting so bad that I had to build a wall () out of driftwood on one side of the aquarium and shoo him in there so he couldn't get to my hand while I was aquascaping!
  13. Tanki

    Powerhead on timer?

    1. That depends on how coarse your gravel is. If it's pretty fine, then most likely the water will become much clearer. If it's pretty coarse, then the waste would most likely be too far deep inside the gravel to be swept up by the powerhead. 2. I believe the reason fish in general rest near the bottom of the aquarium is because it is calmer there. If they were sleeping, say, near the surface, they would be pushed around by the bubbles from any airstones, the filter, and the powerhead. In contrast, the bottom of the aquarium has much less turbulance.
  14. Tanki

    What's in your filter?

    I've never used this stuff, but it won't kill the motor from trying to work too hard. The motor can't think-it doesn't know how much stuff you've put in there. It will always work at the same amount. Now, what CAN be reduced drastically by adding too much media is your water flow-if water is entering the filter much quicker than it is exiting it, it will get filled and spill out. So make sure your water flow is still significant. I had 4 Aqueon Quietflows just stop working within a matter of a few days, so I'm switching to a canister. I will be using a coarse sponge that was made for that filter, as well as fine pads, as far as mechanical filtration goes. I would not purchase that stuffing. It would definitely clog up your filter-water will be moving through it way too slowly.

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