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  1. myrasosweet

    Nitrite Poisoning in Goldfish

    Please read the thread. I encourage you to. You'll see that Myra is definitely NOT talking nonsense. The user did not fill out the form properly or fully, then he used medications that nobody recommended without asking anybody (read good reviews? Where? Nobody on the forum gave it a good review!) all while now claiming he DOESN'T want to treat the fish (what? You medicate and then say you DON'T WANT TO?) , got the salt and claimed he would add it but then comes here and says he never added it, and when told to use Prime, mentioned stuff he prefers. And nobody really said NOT to use medication, but they may as well have because your water quality was still showing toxicity, so medication would not help. When users make things difficult like this by not giving exact numbers etc, dose things without asking, post confusing or conflicting information, and then childishly accuse of me having sticks in places, I do not attempt to help. Why would I? It is unlikely my advice would be followed anyway. The salt wouldn't have been a good idea if the fish was brewing dropsy. Any other medications would not have been a good idea because his water was still showing toxicity.
  2. myrasosweet

    Nitrite Poisoning in Goldfish

    I cannot help this user either. This is not the only forum he has posted on. He has received help from other forums as well. He believes his fish has nitrite poisoning when his tank is old which does not make much sense. He never mentioned any numbers to indicate any of this. He mentioned a few numbers after claiming to have done multiple water changes. He does not wish to treat the fish for septicemia despite people saying that the fish does seem to need treatment. Dropsy won't make a fish stop eating all the time. Can't see dropsy from the side and he did not provide top photos. He uses Tetra (not API) Lifeguard when nobody recommended this (almost useless) medication. What help can I offer to someone who is bent on doing things his way and leaves out pertinent information and photos?
  3. myrasosweet

    Fish updates and whatnot

    So these are the babies I had left after the disaster. They weren't in the affected pond and have been totally healthy. As Nisai this year, I am hoping the Ryukins do well this grow season. This is what I did with my 55. Mary is the orange Blood Parrot I got last June. I got the Tiger Barbs about two months after her. There are also 2 Emerald Cories. There were 3 but one disappeared and my brother said he saw Mary eating it! They are bullied and they don't seem to be thriving. No more Cories. Brown algae like a MUG. This is the mud that I'm going to be working on this spring. 6/7 of the babies I put in the pond last October are still alive. One disappeared without a trace. The largest fancy. Netted the pond and no more issues. There's one tiny weak one that may or may not pull through. There's one I got after the initial group that I HAD to have called Blueberry. Here she is early January when I first got her... Instant love. I ADORE blue fish and for $2, she HAD to come with me. They're all seemingly doing okay and eating and everything. Going to be making some moves as the weather warms up. Gotta finish digging out the mud and the gotta work on planting it and whatnot to help sustain the fishy life through the summer and making it a nice place for them to live. Should be interesting. Just another one of my experiments/projects. I've gotten fairly good with indoor plants on a small scale... Here's my 10 gallon loaded with duck weed that I grew from a $5 tiny amount and have been feeding a lot. And also I have another 10 gallon with many plants and snails. I also got this big net to be able to catch babies in the mud later on. And this is a photo of me taken two days ago. I cut my hair and it looks different now... And I will be cutting it again soon. I also got 3 babies bred by a friend yesterday. They're Ryukin/Oranda mixes and I ADORE them. I will add a few photos of them tomorrow.
  4. myrasosweet

    Fishy Update!

    Yeah I've had this issue before as well when I realized I was just doing too much. I would love to see some photos or video of your babies now. You were the only one who had more than me! I lost them all but am slowly rebuilding and I am still trying my pond project.
  5. myrasosweet

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    I thought it was Ian paying, but I wasn't sure. I went to FishLore. Quickly decided that I didn't like the moderators there and left. Recently left Kokos permanently after she got annoying and bugged me. I now post only on Goldfishkeepers, and the site has a bunch of snobby people so I am careful about what I post. All my fish are okay, as well. Trying some new projects this year of course. Kinda just my own stuff. I don't share much anymore since the people on GoldfishKeepers don't too much care about such and care only about breeding.
  6. myrasosweet


    I can hear them too. I suppose I will post a fishy update as well. I think maybe we all should. Catch up of sorts.
  7. myrasosweet

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    Yeah the site is dead. I check now and then but never see any posts. The ADMIN and her advisor have long since abandoned the site. Last I saw, she was having an outbreak amongst her fish as well. Hopefully it did not run rampant like my issue did. I wonder who is even paying for the site at this point? Glad your fish are well.
  8. myrasosweet

    Fatty Fatty Two by Fish

    I stop by now and then. Nobody posts so I usually don't even bother to log in. Let's have a look at fishy. Hard to be sure what might be the issue without a look. Obesity in fish is a thing, but in fancies, it's hard to tell from the outside until its gotten BAD. From what I recall, your fish were always too thin to me so maybe this one isn't fat, maybe the others are just thin. Anyway, hope all is well with you.
  9. myrasosweet

    This years experiment

    The Oranda showed signs of parasites. After no improvement with prazi or flubendazole, and kept worsening... I put him down. I'm not willing to spend anymore to buy meds to try on import fish that idk what they have. I gave Southwest two proper tries. Got two batches of sick fish. Done with imports for good now. They're a waste of money. I won't risk my other fish again. No way. One of the little Shubies had a broken jaw. I didn't notice it at first but you can even see it in the first video. He could not open his mouth to eat and he was getting weaker and weaker. After this failed attempt to feebly help him, he unfortunately died. WARNING: ANESTHETIZED FISH AND POSSIBLY DISTURBING FOOTAGE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi3u1YrICUQ These were added to the collection to make 5 fish for the experiment. Weather took a turn for the worse and I had to move some heaters for tropicals so I decided to chuck these into the mud early. We had several nights in the 30 degree area. Terrible winds and rains as well. I haven't seen any life in the mud for several days. Today it warmed past 60 and so I went out to try and see if there were any babies left. Lo and behold... All 5 little fish were spotted and were very hungry. The water looks different now. Much more clarity. The net blew off in the storms and I haven't had the fortitude to go out in the weather and find it and put it back on. I wasn't worried about predators initially but the improving clarity now kinda makes it a threat. There are several inches of visibility now. They're all just fine. Needs a bit of cleaning now due to the leaves and whatnot falling in. It is quite large even unfinished. At least 400-420 gallons. In the spring I am planning to finish it. I am going to get some plants for it as well as a waterfall thingy for the middle of it. This helps prevent excess stagnation. For now, there are just a few tiny fish whom I almost never see and so all is well. I am going to be monitoring the entire thing. The water is actually nearly clear when placed in a cup, so I can do some tests... Which I am going to do tomorrow.
  10. myrasosweet

    More than I can Chew!

    One of the little calicos I got for experiment had a broken jaw. She must have broken it when she was removed from the Walmart tank because I didn't notice it at first. She could not eat. After a failed attempt to sedate her and adjust the bones, she sadly died. I went to get 2 more so I could have 4 for the experiment. I PROMISED that I would not get anymore regular goldfish because I don't like them and still have 2 from last year that I am sorta stuck with. I wanted only fantails or Shubunkins ideally. A regular goldfish to me is a plain orange Common or Comet. A "feeder" usually. I did like the cute Sarassa. She was very active and said hi and I have never ever seen one at the local Walmart. And I LOVE the blue base fantail. Reminds me of Shembje. Picked them instantly. But I ended up with an ugly regular goldfish anyway. He was actually ALL by himself with the Koi... And again I felt for him and I took him. Now if he survives, I will once again have a regular goldfish that I don't really want. I saw a really cute Oranda with a nice little wen for his size, but Orandas are weak and not suitable for this experiment and a tiny Oranda with a big wen will just grow up to have issues if it survives anyway. Moral is, I end up with too many fish because I end up feeling sorry for fish that I do not want and then I end up stuck with some of them. It's HARD to get rid of fish here. VERY hard. And the one time I gave away two fish, the guy quickly sickened them and I regretted it. I feel your pain here. I don't have individual bonds with any of my goldfish anymore either. My strongest bond that I have is with my Blood Parrot Mary.
  11. myrasosweet

    hemorrhagic septicemia and dropsy help

    If its a kiddie pool then you could have heated it. Not that hard to do so actually. And you soaked him in Bifuran? Ah, boy. I cannot follow what you're saying and you don't provide water quality numbers or anything and so I cannot help anymore. Good luck with your fish. Hopefully he recovers. Bad fin rot often doesn't heal all the way and the tail or fin can look permanently wonky. And of your pond is that cold, you don't need to be feeding your fish. It will do them harm.
  12. myrasosweet

    hemorrhagic septicemia and dropsy help

    I saw you post on Koiphen. They also advised against treating the entire pond. They also told you that Kanaplex won't help the fish. Seachem makes medicine for aquariums. They don't know much about Koi or pond environments. Their technical supports interests are selling their products, they are not interested in your Koi. Take their advice with salt. Your severely ill fish is likely to die. It was caught too late and you don't have the ideal medications of environment to help him. What you don't want to do here is lose the rest of them. Treating the entire pond will cause every fish in there who doesn't have the bacteria to lose resistance to it. This can result in a catastrophy. With that said, medicate the entire pond at your own risk.
  13. myrasosweet

    hemorrhagic septicemia and dropsy help

    Kanaplex is for aquarium use. That's why it comes in tiny tubes. It isn't meant to be dosed in ponds. Koi are different from most aquarium fish. They aren't resilient and they usually need much stronger medication when they get sick. Their environment is usually too big to dose most medications anyway and normally the individual fish is treated instead. Medicating the healthy fish along with the sick ones will cause the healthy ones to develop resistance to the bacteria the sick ones have. Then your chances of a widespread issue go WAY up and your fish can lose their immunity. Kanaplex is a harsh medication that is bad for their kidneys as well. It really is only meant for last resort use. That is why it claims to be for dropsy. Dropsy means death so last resorts are permitted. Medicating the healthy ones give them all the side effects for no reason. Again, you should never ever do this. You need quarantine tanks to remove the sick ones. And where did you "hear" all this information? It is certainly nonsense if someone told you that its perfectly fine to medicate healthy fish. This is a terrible aquarium practice and should never be done.
  14. myrasosweet

    hemorrhagic septicemia and dropsy help

    We never ever treat healthy fish. This is a terrible idea and can cause much harm. In addition, Kanaplex is not likely to help here. On top of that, it is not truly meant for pond use and you would need a ton for a Koi pond. On top of THAT, it really isn't useful for Koi. This site is for goldfish. May I refer you to koiphen.com for health issues concerning your Koi.
  15. He is in dropsy. Moderate to severe. Very bloated, huge fluid rings under his eyes, clearly raised scales, and he's mostly on the BOTTOM of the tank. He's beginning the "C" shape as well. In my experience, there is no saving a fish once it gets to this point. I would put him down were he my fish. If you insist on trying, may I suggest checking the articles section here and following the metro feeding regimen.

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