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  1. myrasosweet

    Fish updates and whatnot

    I almost died of cuteness when I saw the first one. He's a short tailed little baby. There are 4 total but these two are my favorites. All girl names as well. Stacee, Tracee, Lacee, and Gaycee... LOL!
  2. myrasosweet

    Fish updates and whatnot

    Look what I found... They're tiny Ryukins if ever I've seen any... Super cute. I lost all my calico babies and couldn't pass them up.
  3. myrasosweet

    Fish updates and whatnot

    Decapsulated brine shrimp are for fish fry. Adults find the bits too tiny and don't bother trying to eat them. I keep duck weed for mine too. Most of them love it and it is good for them. If you are going away for a few days though, it is better to just fast the fish. No need to feed them.
  4. myrasosweet

    Fish updates and whatnot

    Right? My plants didn't die a horrible death this time. Now I want to see if I can grow some bog plants around my mud pond. Probably not. Probably won't get that lucky. I'm actually going to upgrade that planted tank to a 20 gallon soon. It's way overrun. Here are the little mutt girls from Kentucky Orandas. Standard orange short tailed Ryukin crossed with standard orange Oranda. They remind me of the three Ryukin babies I lost that were named Tangerine, Tangelo, and Citrus. These are all suspected girls... Though I am not sure yet. I named them Lila (LEE-LUH) (small one with tail curl), Lola (most orange one), and Layla (larger one with black). Thrilled with them. If they grow tiny wens, I will die from cuteness.
  5. myrasosweet

    Fatty Fatty Two by Fish

    People are so scared to do necropsies on their fish, that I have only been able to confirm ONE case of internal tumor. The fish was somewhat floaty, but it was not severe enough for me to be sure if the fish wasn't just an all too common annoying SBD fish. If I recall correctly... one day it just up and died. This was a while ago. The time it would take depends on the fish and possibly the location of the growth. I truly have no idea about a time frame. It may also be fluid retention, egg retention, or maybe even something else. Unfortunately it is impossible to be sure. But I don't think it's mere obesity. Makes no sense for only one fish to be affected so badly if it were mere obesity. Another thing... What variety is the fish?
  6. myrasosweet

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    On active forums, much like the recent user in the disease thread, forums are still loaded with thin skinned easily offended people who ask for help but don't actually want it etc. I have been trying to help on forums too long to have patience for it at this point, hell I hardly had the patience for it to begin with. So I don't post nearly as much on forums anymore. And for other forums, much like this one... They have been abandoned. Nobody posts much anymore since many have moved on to social media or been run off by poor maintenance of the site. This site has been abandoned by its ADMINS and the members quickly left afterwards. Making a new forum won't do much. Only a few people will even see that you created it unfortunately.
  7. myrasosweet

    Pulled mud babies

    It was an experiment. I did not truly expect most of them to survive. I expected maybe 2 to be left. I hoped but you know how I am. 5/7 so far are still alive. The small fancy boy is by himself in a tub. I believe he will survive. He's got fight in him. He's showing breeding stars and eating like a beast. I won't place him back into the mud until I can feed regularly. Still cannot do that yet. Not warm enough. He and the other tiny fancy both came out of the mud extremely weak and near death. I knew they needed food or they would not last much longer. That's why I pulled them out to a warmer holding to try and slowly feed them, but the little one died anyway. He's a handsome blue based young man. If he survives, he will become a favorite like my sweet Shembje was. His name is Booshka, I used to call Shembje that all the time.
  8. myrasosweet

    Pulled mud babies

    The tiny weak one I was worried about actually did die. I agree that calicos tend to be more frail. I agree also that they are likely not permanently stunted, they will catch up to the orange ones.
  9. myrasosweet

    Fatty Fatty Two by Fish

    If the other fish are all fine and there's no apparent reason he's so unusually round, it could always be a tumor causing the roundness. They can get huge before they affect the fishes quality of life. That's why I wanted to look.
  10. myrasosweet

    Pulled mud babies

    Do you have any photos of them? I would love to see some adults. I also have these 3 new babies bred from a friend who just started up her program called Kentucky Orandas. Aren't they cute? They're Ryukin/Oranda hybrids. Lila (LEE-LUH) small one with curled tail, Lola most orange one, and Layla bigger one with black... are their names. 10 days into quarantine.
  11. myrasosweet

    Pulled mud babies

    I think so too. I love blue and blue based fish. I think they're really pretty. Blueberry I hope gets deeper blue and grows to about the size of Shrimp this summer. She would be SO pretty if she did.
  12. myrasosweet

    Pulled mud babies

    The blue based Shubunkin I would say is rare... I have never seen one. The fantails? Nah they're fairly common. People just think they're ugly next to the ones with more reds and whatnot and rarely get them.
  13. myrasosweet

    Pulled mud babies

    They are quite stunty/small. They spent 5 months as babies outside and had barely any food and the water was cold. There are two boys LOADED with breeding stars and the girls look like they are getting eggy, so I suspect they're maturing at this point even though they are sizewise not there. The tiny one Orita seems weak and she may not make it to the grow season but I hope she does. Names in order: Sasha (suspected girl)- Sarassa Comet Blueberry (girl) - Blue based Shubunkin Elizabeth (girl)- London Shubunkin (VERY fat... Hopefully she is okay) Rangli (boy) - Standard Shubunkin Orita (suspected girl) - Blue based calico fantail Booshka (boy) - Blue based calico fantail Common (suspected boy) - REGULAR GOLDFISH!!
  14. myrasosweet

    Nitrite Poisoning in Goldfish

    Please read the thread. I encourage you to. You'll see that Myra is definitely NOT talking nonsense. The user did not fill out the form properly or fully, then he used medications that nobody recommended without asking anybody (read good reviews? Where? Nobody on the forum gave it a good review!) all while now claiming he DOESN'T want to treat the fish (what? You medicate and then say you DON'T WANT TO?) , got the salt and claimed he would add it but then comes here and says he never added it, and when told to use Prime, mentioned stuff he prefers. And nobody really said NOT to use medication, but they may as well have because your water quality was still showing toxicity, so medication would not help. When users make things difficult like this by not giving exact numbers etc, dose things without asking, post confusing or conflicting information, and then childishly accuse of me having sticks in places, I do not attempt to help. Why would I? It is unlikely my advice would be followed anyway. The salt wouldn't have been a good idea if the fish was brewing dropsy. Any other medications would not have been a good idea because his water was still showing toxicity.
  15. myrasosweet

    Nitrite Poisoning in Goldfish

    I cannot help this user either. This is not the only forum he has posted on. He has received help from other forums as well. He believes his fish has nitrite poisoning when his tank is old which does not make much sense. He never mentioned any numbers to indicate any of this. He mentioned a few numbers after claiming to have done multiple water changes. He does not wish to treat the fish for septicemia despite people saying that the fish does seem to need treatment. Dropsy won't make a fish stop eating all the time. Can't see dropsy from the side and he did not provide top photos. He uses Tetra (not API) Lifeguard when nobody recommended this (almost useless) medication. What help can I offer to someone who is bent on doing things his way and leaves out pertinent information and photos?

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