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  1. myrasosweet

    Hey, what's up with each of you?

    Not happy with things here. The temps are fluctuating horribly from day to day. Several of my fish just don't look like they're doing well. Asilah, Winslow, and Casha are the major ones struggling. But also several others just seem to be not recovering well from the extreme cold. Note that its still cold, just not ice on top cold. There's nothing I can truly do for them now. I'm not going to just randomly medicate. Makes zero sense. This winter has been too weird and too harsh. Many of them weren't ready. Nobody else has died yet, but I suspect several more losses to disease as spring comes in or warmer weather. They've got no immune system left at all and this is truly the dangerous thing about this weather. The warm weather parasites and bacteria and stuff turn up and begin to take down weakened fish. Patiska is okay and seems to have recovered pretty well. He still can't swim totally right but he gets his food and tries to keep up with the tiny ones. Novae is doing great, little bastard. Have hardly been posting here as again, I'm not even happy with the condition of my fish... So hardly been asking about others. Callisto seems absolutely fine and unaffected. He is my hope fish. As long as he is okay, I tend to worry less. He's the toughest fish by far. He's never been sick and he doesn't react to anything. The day he gets sick, everyone else is probably already dead or dying.
  2. myrasosweet


    I will continue to try and find good homes for them until spring. And then I am out of time. I will have to cull out any extras that I may have. The weather has been terrible for them and there's definitely no guarantee that I will need to rehome any by spring. They are almost certainly weak and warming weather after such harsh and odd winter will probably claim several to disease.
  3. myrasosweet


    I have been checking him. He doesn't swim that much but he swims a bit. He eats just fine and looks totally okay otherwise. He cannot swim upwards at all and has seemed to have given up trying. He can chase his food down okay (I drop in big bits near him and he's the only one who can eat them out there so there's no competition for his food anyway) and seems to have regained much of his balance. He's okay for now and there's no reason to put him down right now.
  4. myrasosweet

    Plants for goldies to eat?

    My Boo Boo fish loved Water Sprite and nano Marimo.
  5. At this point, my worst mistake was getting too many fish and truly not thinking it through. I guess my dumb self expected fish to just disappear or something. Doesn't work that way! Now I've got a mess on my hands that will only get worse if I don't make some quick moves. All my fault and huge mistake.
  6. myrasosweet


    He actually seems a bit better today when I just went to check. Tweedledee was not well though by chance. He had crashed to the bottom and was barely breathing. I initially thought he was dead, same as before. I put him down. He can rest with his brother now. Both over a year old and the size of fry. Really poorly raised fish. I am still over stocked and at this point have to get rid of some more fish one way or the other. I can't go into spring with too many fish. It will destroy water quality (almost instantly) and cost me more fish (probably nearly everyone) in the end. Anybody else who falls ill will also be euthanized. No space or resources for them. Admittedly I got myself in this predicament and so I have to get myself out or I will end up losing more in the end. As far as the single tails go, everyone but Shrimp needs to be be booted. Asteroid, Nitara, Rusty, Rustic, and Thatcher. I have also slated Crescendo and Asilah to be booted. I will have a manageable number if I can boot those fish. I truly don't want to run this porch pond at all next year. It really raises my bills and its a pain in the ass TBH. I only want to keep my favorites and I will not be getting anymore fish for AGES. I ended up with way too many. After I get numbers down, everything will resume as normal. Any sick fish will be treated and so on and so forth. I'm not sure even if this dude recovers, he will be able to manage the depth in the main pond. If he does recover and makes it to spring, we will see. He can't swim against currents and he can barely manage a foot depth without swimming erratically. Perhaps he will recover. Who knows?
  7. myrasosweet


    Okay you're a tad confused. The porch pond overstocked with the 5 ryukins, Shrimp, Rustic, Tweedledee, and now Patiska... is heated. I DID NOT want to chance the Ryukin babies with cold and turns out we had unusually harsh winter. The BACK pond is the cold one, though even it is 50° now. The temps are fluctuating and I'm concerned that the fish come spring will be highly weakened and extremely susceptible to disease. I may lose a few more. But Patiska is not out there anymore. He hasn't been out there for weeks. All my tough fish like Callisto, Asteroid, etc are out there. I agree that being unable to swim is no way for a fish to live, which is why he won't be left in that state very long. A week at max, then I am to assume he will not recover and I will put him down. He is not a floater, he is more of a sinker... And he simply seems to be unable to swim without being sideways. Never seen anything quite like it. In addition I posted the thread of the lady opening the shipping box and her showing the boys I shipped her and everything. It's on this forum lol. First time ever shipping. Went well and all 3 of the boys are fine.
  8. myrasosweet


    I can't see how that can help seeing as how his issues began when he had no food at all and are totally cold related like the other two. I never feed my fish a lot and his issues definitely aren't food related. In addition, he is not floating. He's a sinker. Peas don't tend to help fish that aren't floating. I did check him this morning. He is alive. He can stay upright, but only if he does not swim. Any attempts to swim result in him being totally sideways. I will leave him there for a while and see how he does. If he does not improve within a week, I will put him down and do an exam and see what I find.
  9. myrasosweet


    I can record a video of him tomorrow if he's still okay out there. He is really struggling and I can't see myself allowing it for too long. I tried to help him, but I should have done the kind thing and put him down instead of being a wuss and putting him in a tub. He never truly recovered and he was not happy alone in the tub anyway so it was just sad and bored isolation for him for these last few weeks or whatever. Tangerine and Obsidian, two fish that also reacted to the cold with sudden swim bladder issues, have recovered and are doing just fine. He never truly recovered.
  10. myrasosweet


    The water is near 70 out there. Well over 60. He was mostly a bottom sitter inside. He can't seem to manage even shallow depths now. I believe the cold did permanent damage to his swim bladder. I don't think he will recover. I shipped fish to my friend recently (posted a thread here, guess you missed it). The fish arrived just fine. I don't believe he will be okay in a normal tank. The temperature isn't bothering him now. He just can't swim right anymore. Even a foot depth is too much and he can't seem to stay upright. He won't do okay in your tank. If I thought he would be okay, I would have shipped him to my friend. He's one of the ones she originally wanted anyway, but he begun to not do well and so I didn't ship him. He is one of the first fish I got. He is stunted sizewise and shapewise. He's the only fish I've ever had get the ich. He survived lots of rookie errors. He's the fish I've had the longest now. He's always been sort of weak and reacts to changes more so than others. The cold was too much for him and he flipped over and hasn't been right since. He still eats and he tries to swim around, but truly he cannot and is mostly swimming sideways and seems to have vertigo. Even when he is upright, attempts to swim result in him turning sideways or flipping over. He's a sinker, as well. He can't seem to swim up properly. I don't think it is worth trying to rehome such a fish. Truly he isn't right and he cannot function.
  11. myrasosweet


    I put him out with them but haven't moved anybody else yet. Upon trying to swim down to the bottom, he lost his bearings and ended up sideways. He can't seem to remain upright even though the water isn't colder and its only maybe 6" deeper. He IS NOT floating, he's mostly on the bottom sideways or flipped over. I probably should have put him down when I got the notion before. He won't be able to compete for food in that state and it is unlikely he recovers at this point. He won't last long even if I don't put him down. Seems prolonged exposure to the cold did permanent damage to him. I will leave him for now. I wish to observe him for a while before I do anything. This fish has never been a tough fish and seems the cold was too much for him. There's no point in keeping him alone in a tub like that and the resources to do so long term aren't there anyway. I have no space for long finned, weak, cold intolerant fish unfortunately. He will either starve to death, exhaust himself and die, or I will euthanize him.
  12. myrasosweet


    My little dude has been camping out in the den because he's a weakling and can't deal with the cold. The front pond is not cold. It's even warmer than the tub he's in. He's very bored and not very happy. He eats and he's okay, he's just bored due to lack of companionship and an empty tub. I think I will move Shrimp, Rustic, Whisper, and Tweedledee to the back pond and move Patiska to the front. I had no issues managing water quality out back with the 3 much larger boys and they're gone now so not worried about that. What do you think?
  13. If he used only 40x, he would have seen nothing. This is WAY too low of magnification to see flukes. As Leah said, he would need at least 400x. The spots look like fluke damage to me truly.
  14. What magnification did you use to check for the flukes? Are you absolutely sure there are no flukes? Flukes don't always cause a fish to scratch, though they can. The fish COULD have some sort of virus causing the blotches, but nothing will get rid of them if that's the case. Those medications you used might be effective if you were treating the issues that they're made for, but even the best medication cannot cure a disease that it is not made to treat.
  15. Goldfish don't truly get carp pox. I see the fish. Those blotches are often associated with flukes. The medication you used is harsh and pretty ineffective. I see you're not American. Can you acquire a praziquantel based medication?

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