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  1. Thanks Tanki...she has fully recovered so it must have been Lymphocystitis. Also bought her a 20 gallon tank also which is double from the 10 she was in.
  2. History: I didn't change the water for 3 weeks waiting for a new gravel cleaner. The water looked fine so I wasn't worried. Then the goldfish got cloudy eye. I treated her with Fungus Cure and she got better. I changed the water with the new cleaner but it was more of a water remover than a gravel cleaner. I live in the middle of nowhere and have plans to buy her a 20 gallon aquarium on Dec 5th, she's in a 10 gallon atm. All I have are test strips. Today was the day to change her water and I noticed the growth, which seems to be affecting her eye too. So I did a 80% water change. I use a 20gallon Marineland Filter, I feed her Repashy to keep the water clean, and use Seachem Prime. After the water change Ammonia is okay...the test strip really didn't change much from its original color. I have soft water so I added a ph tablet. I thought at first she had Lymphocystis...but hers looks worse than what I saw in google images. So I wanted to get another opinion. You can't see it sticking out from the angle I took it cause she freaks out when I have the ipad in front of her. But it's raised above the tumor looking part and her eyes is funny looking too. Thanks, Cheryl

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