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  1. gamingneeds

    Nitrite Poisoning in Goldfish

    I posted the only numbers I had. When I saw the tank, I knew an immediate water change was necessary. I didn't measure before the water change but I'm sure everything was off-the-charts bad. I do wish to treat him for septicemia, where did I say I did not? I read great reviews about Lifeguard which is why I chose it, everyone on the forums has been telling me to NOT use medication, so not sure where you're getting your information. The only other treatment was salt, which I've been using and someone told me to do daily water changes, which I've been doing. How am I bent on doing it my way? Your very quick to attack someone and it sounds like you have a stick somewhere it doesn't belong. I hope you can find a way to get it out. Thanks to the person that offered good advice but Myra is far from sweet. lol I won't be updating this post anymore. *Btw, here's a link to my other post if you want to see Myra is talking nonsense. Read it from start to finish and tell me where I turned down advice? https://goldfishkeepers.com/community/threads/ammonia-nitrate-poisoning-in-goldfish.14888/
  2. gamingneeds

    Nitrite Poisoning in Goldfish

    His scales looked a bit raised to me as well. Not a lot but slightly. I've definitely considered Dropsy, but he's still eating (although we're limiting it during his treamtent), and he's still having bowel movements as well. I started treating him with API Lifeguard last night as I read good reviews on it and wanted to do something. He has a 36-gallon tank and is by himself. We planned to buy him a 55-75 gallon this summer. Energy levels are what you'd expect. He's pretty lethargic but has been eating one meal per day. After eating though he breathes pretty heavily for awhile. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hey all, I have an 11-year-old Goldfish who lives in a 36-gallon tank. I left town for 2 1/2 months and when I came back, his tank was super cloudy and he had a single black sore on his upper body and a small white sore on his tail. He has red veins deep in his fins and he has red discoloration in his head and his lower body (seemingly under the skin). My fiancee for some reason had neglected his tank while I was away (she's been around since we got him back in 2007). I immediately did a full water change and have been doing 50% water changes daily now but I'm not sure if he's getting better. He did not eat a meal one morning which I promptly removed from his tank and didn't feed him that evening either. Since then I've only been feeding him breakfast the last 4 days which he has eaten all of every single time. Ammonia was under 0.25ppm, Nitrite is 0, Nitrate is >5 and pH is above 7.6 (didn't run a high test) which I assumed considering I've changed the water so frequently. I've attached pictures, you can see the black spot which is also elevated (pretty much the entire orange area is elevated and you can also see the redness in his lower body as well as in his head and some veining in his gills and behind his eye (only one so far). I'm reluctant to do any treatment with salt or for possible Septicemia because while I feel it's Nitrite Poisoning, if its Septicemia, I'm hesitant to use salt because that will limit the oxygen in the tank and could make Nitrite Poisoning worse. I bought some API PIMAFIX but not sure it will actually help any so haven't used it yet either. Not sure what to do next besides maintaining daily 50% water changes and hoping for the best. Hoping someone can help me out here and maybe shed some light on next steps. Thanks for your help!

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