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  1. Kmeier2017

    The truth...

    HA!!!!!! Nemo JUST got used to brushing up against my fingers!!!!! i don't always touch mine due to having scales fall off all the time but when i do need to feel them, it's very gentle and the fish LOVE it! he he he..
  2. Kmeier2017


    it's going well!! Haidyn started daycare a few weeks ago, which was nice! Going back to work has been going well too! i actually kind of missed working at my job! he he he
  3. Kmeier2017


    HA HA!!!!!!!!!!! this made me giggle! your fish sounds like Chunky, he/she LOVES to zoom around the tank and nip at ANYTHING he.she can get his/her mouth on...including me!!!!!! he/she is even curious about the tube i use for water changes, Tuesday he/she almost got sucked up...luckily i stopped the suction she none of the scales would fall off....even though i do have PLENTY of aquarium salt i could have added to aide in the healing process!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Kmeier2017

    Another broken aquarium heater...

    ya'll are livin on the edge!!! ok so not really though so i have ZERO experience with water heaters, but i sometimes wonder if maybe you have to let it cool down before plugging it back in after a water change???? hmmmmm i don't use a water heater because i am fearful of electric current killing my "kids" :-) plus, Noah loves to play with EVERYTHING right now...........ahhhh the life of a 2 year old!!!!!!!!!!!! Haidyn just loves to lay on the floor and stare at things so she's easy going, she is starting to roll over a bit, but she can't get from back to front yet...she HATES tummy time for the first 45 seconds cuz she can't really see much except the floor but after those first few shocking seconds she is OK again! ok, so this comment is not turning to "talk about my kids" time, so i'll leave this at this....... Hope ya'll are doing well!!!!
  5. Kmeier2017

    Tetra Whisper air pumps

    i gotta swap out my air pump.... the one i have now is SUPER loud and annoying.... Haidyn doesn't like loud noises and neither does Noah... time to get a new one........ (AFTER we pay our NICU bill of course....insurance is a wonderful thing when you have babies!!!!!!!)
  6. Kmeier2017


    Noah's pediatrician says as long as he doesn't eat a ton of them a day he will be OK, i just gotta watch his poops closely to be sure nothing is going funky in his system! so far he is OK, no signs of yuck yet....
  7. Kmeier2017


    ha ha, yea, but i hate to say it but i use WAY less PB and choco chips then the recipe says, partly because otherwise they are really sticky and gross if they get to warm.....
  8. Kmeier2017

    The Donald

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Kmeier2017


    That is good to hear!
  10. Kmeier2017


    SO.. these are THRIVE BITES, i looked up what THRIVE PREMIUM LIFESTYLE mix was and found out it is just like normal protein powder so instead of paying 75 bucks for THRIVE PREMIUM LIFESTYLE MIX i just bought the 20 dollars thing at the grocery store and made a nice large batch of these bites. plius with this thrive stuff you'd have to pretty much agree to get a monthly shipment, which i didn't want to do since we are already paying quite a bit of $$ to the hospital for baby girl's medical bills and such....so didn't want to pay for something every single month if i didn't need to....but anyway....... I may have also added extra peanut butter :p-) ha ha (i am a huge fan of peanut butter by the way_ Noah LOVES them so at least i'm getting him to eat healthy at a young age!! both Gabe and I like them as well, plus they freeze really well (i froze them individually before putting them in a ziplock in the freezer) the only thing is though i didn't put the coconut in mine cuz i don't like coconut.... but they turned out well!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Kmeier2017

    Stir Crazy

    It’s FINALLY warming up here..... i hope ole you get warm weather soon!!!!!!
  12. Kmeier2017

    Silly man

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Kmeier2017


    New Routines... My dr. told me to keep sending Noah to daycare while i'm home on leave with Haidyn....that's the hardest thing i've ever done, i dropped N off this morning and pretty much cried all the way home... Haidyn won't be starting daycare for another month yet until we can get her on some sort of a "non NICU schedule" should get easier as the days go on! Noah stayed out of daycare yesterday when we brought his sister home since we KNEW we wanted Noah to get used to his new sibling! so far, it's going well! i'll keep ya'll posted on any developments!
  14. Kmeier2017

    Our Dog

    Pictures of our dog Mocha
  15. Kmeier2017

    Mumbo's Swim Bladder

    have you tried NOT feeding him for a while to see if that helps? or do you think his swim bladder got ruptured somehow?? poor lil dude.....

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