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  1. Kmeier2017

    Fish updates and whatnot

    AWESOME! I'm gonna be purchasing some duck weed soon again cuz i'm leaving home for a few days and the last time we used duckweed to feed the fish they loved it and they LOVED it! I also have discovered that my fish DO NOT like dried baby brine shrimp :-) i even tried mixing it in with their normal fish pellets i give them, but they did not seem to like it...at least i tried to feed them a new food...but now i have a whole container of baby brine shrimp that i'm not gonna use.. OH WELL...maybe i'll try again in a few days with the baby brine shrimp :-)
  2. Kmeier2017

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    understandable!!!!! i do plan at some point to post it on my social media for exposure if people have pet goldfish!
  3. Kmeier2017

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    OK, i couldn't help it i quick created a new forum! I would LOVE to see you all join :-) https://goldfishresource.createaforum.com/index.php
  4. Kmeier2017

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    i'd set up a new forum for us... probably on a free site because i just do not have the funding to pay for a site... that way we could keep the fish chat going....
  5. Kmeier2017


    My aquarium is LOUD...well, my filter is...i think it's time to replace the impeller...... grrrrrrr..... i've cleaned it out every 2 weeks for the past 3 months......it's getting old, i think i'll just replace it!
  6. Kmeier2017

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    in my mind, no news is good news! everyone has their fish care under control and i guess we all know the best way to knock out disease! we are all doing wonderfully!
  7. Kmeier2017

    Fatty Fatty Two by Fish

    doing great! Fish are good, humans are good! it's a reason to celebrate!
  8. Kmeier2017

    UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

    Quick update.. The humans are all great Noah is 3, Haidyn is one Mom and dad are both 30 The fish did have a bit of a bout with illness, but i got that knocked out in about a week Chunky had some septocimia goin on, but i cured that JJ had cotton mouth and eye but i got that cleared up, his took 2 rounds of treatment, but it finally went away Nemo was overall healthy but i also just QT'd him for a few days just to be sure he/she wasn't gonna get ill on me... I did however learn that i needed to buy 2 extra QT tanks, so i did and that works well to have some spares on hand! when i don't use one i can put some unused fake plants in it :-) it's quite handy! other then that, everything is good i'm doing water changes by hand because my trusty little thing that i was using the motor crapped out on me and to get a replacememt is 200 bucks...and i do not have that at the moment because having 2 children is expensive, esp. when one of them is eating TONS of foods :-) ha ha, Just thought I would provide a quick update! Hope you all are well!
  9. Kmeier2017

    Fatty Fatty Two by Fish

    Obese fish eh?? kind of cool!!
  10. Kmeier2017


    HA!!!!! I'm glad your daughter didn't suffer to much damage to her head when you weren't careful! LUCKILY little kids bounce back quicker then adults with bumps on the head and other things.... and hes, Haidyn won this round of "who can get to sleep faster"...it's fun though because after i woke up a few minutes later, H was sound asleep...luckily she sleeps like a rock so bringing her to her crib and putting her in it was no problem at all!...Noah was NEVER a good sleeper at 5 months old...Haidyn on the other hand.....i'm sure if she wanted to she could sleep through a tornado siren....
  11. Kmeier2017


    I might be biased but my daughter sure is cute!!! props to my husband for taking this pic while I fell asleep while trying to get Haidyn to sleep
  12. Kmeier2017

    Soon to start up a second 55 gallon

    You could do betta fish??????? do the same gender of betta fish not kill each other?? but then again, can a betta or 2 betta live in a 55 gallon??? my first fish was a betta and he lived in a 10 gallon aquarium with just a couple plants (fake) and some aquarium gravel,.. so i have no idea if you can do betta in a bigger size aquarium and since betta fish are low maintenance, it wouldn't require you to walk a lot so you save your energy for when you actually need it!
  13. Kmeier2017

    The truth...

    HA!!!!!! Nemo JUST got used to brushing up against my fingers!!!!! i don't always touch mine due to having scales fall off all the time but when i do need to feel them, it's very gentle and the fish LOVE it! he he he..
  14. Kmeier2017


    it's going well!! Haidyn started daycare a few weeks ago, which was nice! Going back to work has been going well too! i actually kind of missed working at my job! he he he
  15. Kmeier2017


    HA HA!!!!!!!!!!! this made me giggle! your fish sounds like Chunky, he/she LOVES to zoom around the tank and nip at ANYTHING he.she can get his/her mouth on...including me!!!!!! he/she is even curious about the tube i use for water changes, Tuesday he/she almost got sucked up...luckily i stopped the suction she none of the scales would fall off....even though i do have PLENTY of aquarium salt i could have added to aide in the healing process!!!!!!!!!!

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