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  1. Kassousminou

    Operation De*nitrate

    Much like normal BB's they could probably be shared ... the transport between place would probably have to e a bit more careful. I don't know if it will be enough ... but if I can at least get some reduction I'll be happy ahahah. I mean ... nature found a way,so it is totally possible to achieve that is captivity. Not surprising they did it
  2. Kassousminou

    My last Post

    Recover well Walt! Take care of yourself above all.
  3. Kassousminou

    Operation De*nitrate

    Well yes, it means that you can get the last part of the cycle. But no, I have no progress so far. It's only been running for so long so I didn't expect anything yet. Plus my nitrates are sky high because I'm fostering another Goldie for one of my friend
  4. Kassousminou

    Anchor Worms Suck...that is all.

    Dont ahah
  5. Kassousminou

    Operation De*nitrate

    I sure hope you didn't find stuff while looking for hitomi Hitomi is my latest fish ahahahah The media is actually Seachem De*nitrate. It's simply a media designed to promote the growth of those anaerobic bacteria in normal filter conditions. I pushed it a step further by using the reactor, which remove direct air contact and allow for more space to be used exclusively for this media. It can take a while to work fully as stated by Shawn, but I know that it works. So I'll see to what extent I can get it to work for me.
  6. Kassousminou

    Operation De*nitrate

    Its very simple actually. You simply have a pump on one end that circulates the water inside the reactor and back in the tank. The reactor itself is just a sealed tank. The key point is the use of denitrate media to cultivate anaerobic bacteria that eat the nitrate and convert it in nitrogen. And the media requires low flow to work at full potential.
  7. Kassousminou

    Operation De*nitrate

    Hey guys! So I'm starting a little experiment in the hope that it will work ... Before adding Hitomi to the tank, I was easily tapping 40ppm of nitrates each week. Now with Hitomi, it's even worst. I know that those are not dramatic numbers but for long term exposure they are. Specially with Kokai and her floating issues. So I started looking into ways I could get rid of those nitrates without increasing the wc frequencies. And Ian's post on the "full cycle" got me thinking ... how could I achieve this last bit of BB without changing my filter to get a canister ... Well the answer lies within my new toy: an aquarium reactor! Typically used in salt water tanks, they are basically a closed recipient with a pump hooked to it. I chose to fill mine with Seachem De*nitrate. So if everything goes according to plans, the new media should be able to keep in my nitrate at 5ppm (according to the product's package). here's the reactor : https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B00GYG54O6/ref=oh_aui_i_d_old_o0_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Kassousminou

    Sick shubunkin :(

    This is definitely weird. I personally don't think it's just his way ... why just start now? To me it feels like he has some pain or discomfort after ingesting something. Maybe his digestive track got hurt because of some constipation (the big poop) ? I would try fasting completely for a few days. Like a good 4 days. Maybe that'll give him time to heal. And afterward, continue with soft food and dip it in garlic.
  9. Kassousminou

    Anchor Worms Suck...that is all.

    @Alyssa I don't know we have it at work ... but a quick look online told me I could get it on Amazon...
  10. Kassousminou

    Anchor Worms Suck...that is all.

    @ShawnInfirmity we use potassium permanganate. It seriously works wonders. Makes the water purple though lol and you need to be extra careful with the dosage.
  11. Kassousminou

    Anchor Worms Suck...that is all.

    Yup ... they suck. We are lucky at work as we only had 2 cases found and we immediately treated so no complication ... but yeah. What did you treat the pond with?
  12. Kassousminou

    Oops it happened ...

    Yeah he is really hard to photograph compared to the others
  13. Nope. Looking across or from top doesn't change anything. The color is part of a chemical reaction. The more a certain product is produced by binding to what we are testing, the more color you'll have. If you have half of everything, you cannot guarantee that you will have the right concentration of neither reagents to produce the colors that were printed on the card. Maybe its gonna work perfectly for some, or for all ... or for none ... past that I dunno
  14. Using half would not work, or at least would not be as precise. The test are color calibrated to be used with 5ml. Changing the amount could cause the color to differ from the chart they come with. That's what I think ...
  15. Kassousminou

    Tumors on common goldfish, I think

    @GingerFish I'd try a mix of GarlicGuard and Nourish by seachem. Never tried the second one myself but I trust in seachem's products.

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