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  1. Dog peeing in the kitchen

    When my husband & I had to work long hours & had a house dog, we put a door door in the bottom of our back door, with a small dog run (about 8'x8') off of it so that Pip ( med. size terrier) could go out & potty when we weren't home. In my experience with an older dog, sometimes they accidentally poop when getting up if they have arthritis & have to really work to stand up.
  2. My Single Tails

    Thanks! My substrate is 2:1 sand & small gravel (both Nat'l Geo), the lighting is the basic Marineland LED that came with the tank, so not fancy. Fertilzer - I use Seachem root tabs every few months, plus their Flourish & Excel after the weekly water change. I've got cryptocorynes, swords, Java ferns, hygrophilas & 4 diff. kinds of anubias. Haven't added any new plants in over a year & a half - the fish like to nibble at the hygros & swords a bit, but those are fast growing, so no harm done. I did do some "process of elimination" in the 1st 6 months this tank was set up - the fish did massacre a few plants, but I chalked those ones up as "fish chewy toys" & just didn't get those kinds any more. Here's what the tank looked like in 2015:
  3. My Single Tails

    Just an update on my 3 fish - I got a pic of Ghost, Clownie & Rainbow near a ruler recently: and the 3 of them swimming around (75 gal planted): Everyone seems to be doing fine, & still growing!
  4. Added New Dogs To Our Family

    We got 2 new dogs this summer - our old dog passed away the beginning of last July, & almost exactly a year later (after a year of being dog-less) we got these 2 boys: Dash & Chase They're Silken Windhounds - a breed made about 30 some years ago by folks who wanted a smaller sighthound that was coated, & blended whippet & borzoi bloodlines to make a 30-40 lb hound with a bit of furriness. Dash is 2 years, & Chase just turned one - I got them from a breeder who was rehoming some of her dogs due to her health issues. Here's Chase being hugged by one of my daughters: And me with Dash
  5. Closed Forum - too closed??

    I haven't been able to log in for a while - my old computer claimed this address was unavailable or something. But I'm on a different one today as my old hard drive is making alarming noises, & thought I'd check - the forum's still here! I like forums better then Facebook, but like other folks said, the traffic just isn't there any more. I have the same fish I've always had, so not much going on; I did find a different host (Flickr) to replace Photobucket, so I can post pics again.
  6. Regular goldfish...

    Huh - I'd been seeing a lot of bad photobucket links - I can see my pic, but no one else can? Blah. Your comet critter is certainly a jolly looking fish
  7. Regular goldfish...

    She's a cutie! Some of those feeder types get the real long tails, some just have a deeper fork & slightly longer tail than a common.Our feeder comet, Ghost is one of the long tailed ones:
  8. Handsome boy

    Gorgeous fellow - love the blue eyes!
  9. INTRODUCING........

    What an adorable puppy! Oh, yes, the training.. but keep it all fun, be consistent, and it will all pay off in having a great companion We just got 2 dogs on July 1st, one of whom is still technically a puppy, & there's been lots of training going on around here too...
  10. Hey

    tanki60o, I look forward to seeing your posts when you do have time, & if you get a saltwater tank, it'd be neat to see it! I like forums better myself, but am just as guilty of not posting a lot recently - with fish forums, it seems like a lot of posts are about new fish, & while my fish are cool, amazing fish, they are the same fish I've been posting about for years, I have no space for more tanks (no time to take care of them if I did), & my fish seem generally healthy. I do enjoy seeing other people's fish & enjoy the different types vicariously, but I don't have input on a lot of the breeding or disease questions, so don't always have a lot to say. I did sign on to a number of Facebook groups for animal stuff, since the email lists are pretty moribund now, but the "feel" of the forums is much friendlier & easier to look up various topics. Some other animal groups I know of have both email lists & Facebook pages, & that seems to work for them.
  11. I'm down to 3 fish now, but this should be the permanent group. I had to rehome one of the white commons, since he was randomly indulging in spawning behavior amounting to bullying with one of the other fish. At 4 years old, they're not real big for their age, but are continuing to grow steadily - & the current 25 gal per fish is not looking at all excessive. Our 3 fish, Clownie (white common), Rainbow (shubunkin) & Ghost (orange comet) swimming around in their 75 gallon:
  12. So tired of it ...

    Sorry to hear you are having brown algae problems - the stuff is ubiquitous, I don't get it in my betta tanks, but the goldies have loads of it. During water changes, I use a soft toothbrush to scrub it off the anubias & Java fern leaves, sponge it off the walls, & siphon out as much of it as I can. I know I run my lights too long; I'm hoping it either turns into green algae or goes away someday.
  13. Water changes if no nitrates?

    When I had a 100 gal pond outside, it had green water, which consumed all of the nitrates. I still did 50% water changes every 10-14 days, because I didn't want to concentrate minerals due to evaporation (& just topping up, it only rains in the winter here), plus I figured that other things were getting used up & depleted by the fish & plants.
  14. Movies & TV shows

    Top 5 favorite movies...in no particular order. 1. The Wizard of Oz 2. To Kill A Mockingbird 3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy 4. The Polar Express 5. the Harry Potter movies (ok, I cheated a little by including some sets, but they're all one story, really) Top 5 favorite TV shows..(I haven't watched much TV for a while) 1. the original Star Trek 2. Robin of Sherwood (BBS) 3. All Creatures Great & Small (story of Jame Herriot, Yorkshire veterinarian - BBS) 4. Sherlock Holmes (BBS) 5. the original Twilight Zone
  15. New baby

    Myrasosweet, I wonder if you could ask the seller what their pH is, then have a bucket/tank ready to drop the fish in that is their original pH? Then acclimate slowly later. I didn't worry about pH with my fish, since he was coming from about 500 miles north of me, & coastal CA water tends to all be pretty high pH.

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