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  1. Shahbazin

    Dog peeing in the kitchen

    When my husband & I had to work long hours & had a house dog, we put a door door in the bottom of our back door, with a small dog run (about 8'x8') off of it so that Pip ( med. size terrier) could go out & potty when we weren't home. In my experience with an older dog, sometimes they accidentally poop when getting up if they have arthritis & have to really work to stand up.
  2. Shahbazin

    My Single Tails

    Thanks! My substrate is 2:1 sand & small gravel (both Nat'l Geo), the lighting is the basic Marineland LED that came with the tank, so not fancy. Fertilzer - I use Seachem root tabs every few months, plus their Flourish & Excel after the weekly water change. I've got cryptocorynes, swords, Java ferns, hygrophilas & 4 diff. kinds of anubias. Haven't added any new plants in over a year & a half - the fish like to nibble at the hygros & swords a bit, but those are fast growing, so no harm done. I did do some "process of elimination" in the 1st 6 months this tank was set up - the fish did massacre a few plants, but I chalked those ones up as "fish chewy toys" & just didn't get those kinds any more. Here's what the tank looked like in 2015:
  3. Shahbazin

    My Single Tails

    Just an update on my 3 fish - I got a pic of Ghost, Clownie & Rainbow near a ruler recently: and the 3 of them swimming around (75 gal planted): Everyone seems to be doing fine, & still growing!
  4. Shahbazin

    Added New Dogs To Our Family

    We got 2 new dogs this summer - our old dog passed away the beginning of last July, & almost exactly a year later (after a year of being dog-less) we got these 2 boys: Dash & Chase They're Silken Windhounds - a breed made about 30 some years ago by folks who wanted a smaller sighthound that was coated, & blended whippet & borzoi bloodlines to make a 30-40 lb hound with a bit of furriness. Dash is 2 years, & Chase just turned one - I got them from a breeder who was rehoming some of her dogs due to her health issues. Here's Chase being hugged by one of my daughters: And me with Dash
  5. Shahbazin

    Regular goldfish...

    Huh - I'd been seeing a lot of bad photobucket links - I can see my pic, but no one else can? Blah. Your comet critter is certainly a jolly looking fish
  6. Shahbazin

    Regular goldfish...

    She's a cutie! Some of those feeder types get the real long tails, some just have a deeper fork & slightly longer tail than a common.Our feeder comet, Ghost is one of the long tailed ones:
  7. Shahbazin

    Handsome boy

    Gorgeous fellow - love the blue eyes!
  8. Shahbazin


    What an adorable puppy! Oh, yes, the training.. but keep it all fun, be consistent, and it will all pay off in having a great companion We just got 2 dogs on July 1st, one of whom is still technically a puppy, & there's been lots of training going on around here too...
  9. I'm down to 3 fish now, but this should be the permanent group. I had to rehome one of the white commons, since he was randomly indulging in spawning behavior amounting to bullying with one of the other fish. At 4 years old, they're not real big for their age, but are continuing to grow steadily - & the current 25 gal per fish is not looking at all excessive. Our 3 fish, Clownie (white common), Rainbow (shubunkin) & Ghost (orange comet) swimming around in their 75 gallon:
  10. Shahbazin

    So tired of it ...

    Sorry to hear you are having brown algae problems - the stuff is ubiquitous, I don't get it in my betta tanks, but the goldies have loads of it. During water changes, I use a soft toothbrush to scrub it off the anubias & Java fern leaves, sponge it off the walls, & siphon out as much of it as I can. I know I run my lights too long; I'm hoping it either turns into green algae or goes away someday.
  11. Shahbazin

    Water changes if no nitrates?

    When I had a 100 gal pond outside, it had green water, which consumed all of the nitrates. I still did 50% water changes every 10-14 days, because I didn't want to concentrate minerals due to evaporation (& just topping up, it only rains in the winter here), plus I figured that other things were getting used up & depleted by the fish & plants.
  12. Shahbazin

    Movies & TV shows

    Top 5 favorite movies...in no particular order. 1. The Wizard of Oz 2. To Kill A Mockingbird 3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy 4. The Polar Express 5. the Harry Potter movies (ok, I cheated a little by including some sets, but they're all one story, really) Top 5 favorite TV shows..(I haven't watched much TV for a while) 1. the original Star Trek 2. Robin of Sherwood (BBS) 3. All Creatures Great & Small (story of Jame Herriot, Yorkshire veterinarian - BBS) 4. Sherlock Holmes (BBS) 5. the original Twilight Zone
  13. Shahbazin

    New baby

    Myrasosweet, I wonder if you could ask the seller what their pH is, then have a bucket/tank ready to drop the fish in that is their original pH? Then acclimate slowly later. I didn't worry about pH with my fish, since he was coming from about 500 miles north of me, & coastal CA water tends to all be pretty high pH.
  14. Shahbazin

    Time online

    Pacific time here (I'm in CA) - I usually check in randomly, but especially when I'm winding down in the evenings.
  15. Shahbazin

    New baby

    I like Ametrine & Butter cup - also, Sunshine is a possibility. Very pretty fish! FWIW, I recently asked about acclimating shipped fish & got 2 camps of thought - 1. go ahead & adjust to new water slowly (drip acclimate, for instance), like when you get a fish from a local store 2. shipped fish make waste, which over the many hours they are in transit (I may be paraphrasing this awkwardly) causes the pH to drop making ammonia into ammonium, as soon as you open the bag & add new air/water, it goes from fairly inert to poisonous as the pH goes back up, so just float to acclimate temp for 20 min., then pour fish into a net over a bucket, & immediately add to tank. I ended up asking my shipper what they preferred I do, & it was 2. float 20 min, then just add in after pouring all old water out through a net into a bucket. My betta fish was perfectly happy with this & started swimming around & exploring immediately.

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