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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I need some help diagnosing my black moor Igor. He is 1 1/2 years old. Details on his home tank 75g tank with an aquatop cf500 canister filter Two Dojo loaches(one adult, one juvenile), two adult dwarf blue gourami, one butterfly telescope goldfish and Igor the black moor stocked Tenperature is normally at 75 but it has been chilly outside and in my house lately so a heater was added to keep consistant temps at 78 parameters as of now Oct 29, 2018 on the 75g community tank PH- 7.5 AMMONIA- 0 PPM NITRITE- 0 PPM NIRATE- 0 PPM tested with freshwater masterkit Temperature- 78° 30% water change weekly I use API Stress Coat and Stress Zyme as well as Leaf Zone as it's a planted tank at every water change I feed a variety of frozen bloodworms, freeze dried brine shrimp, new spectrum pellets, Sara o nips, and regular tetra min flakes with an occasional treat of raw shrimp thawed and cucumber A little detail on what I have been experiencing with him. On October 12th a hurricane knock our power out for 12 hours. My boyfriend and I were as prepared as we could have been since we have 3 tanks. We had a generator but it died within 4 hours of the power outage and we fought and fought to get it back on but couldnt. We had air stones hooked to it to keep water agitation going for gas exchange but once it died we had to stir the water and use battery operated air pumps to keep water going go prevent oxygen issues. Temperatures remained around 75 at that time. It had been about 2 days after we had got power back and enter goldfish issues- I noticed a few fuzzy white marks(two) on Igor and my immediate thought was ich. I set up a hospital tank to isolate him from his tank mates because I have loaches I cant medicate the whole tank or salt it. I set up a 30g hospital tank and first treated it with aquarium salt, temperature was 80°. I used the recommended dose on the back of salt container and saw no improvement within a week never saw any new ones pop up or had any change as Ich is supposed to fall off. So I did a 75% water change and began Melafix treatment for 7 days as recommended on back of the bottle. His spots completely disappeared within the 7 days so I moved him back home into the 75g. Yesterday we noticed his side was slightly swollen and almost looked like he had beginning signs of dropsy. I kept a close eye on him and today he developed a small red legion with what looked like white discharge around it and it didnt look like dropsy anymore. I set the hospital tank up again, put double dose of stresscoat and put Melafix in it for now but here I am asking for help on what to treat him with. I dont want to over treat him and not fix the problem and I am so worried about him. He is having trouble staying up right and swimming and he will lay on his side on the bottom of the hospital tank but he will eat just fine. He never stopped eating as long as we dropped it in close by him for him easily get. 30g Hospital tank parameters as of Oct 29, 2018 aqueon quiet flow 20 filter PH- 7.2 AMMONIA- 0 PPM NIRITE- 0 PPM NITRATE- 0 PPM TEMP- 78° 30ml of API Stress Coat 15ml Melafix keep in mind this tank is NOT established but I keep testing everyday he is in it incase of spikes. I have it bare for the most part except one decoration to keep my airstone down into the water. I have tried to include the best pictures and small video of him that I can take. Is this a bacterial infection? A parasite? I am so worried about my baby ? Oh quick fact I call Igor "him" but I am unsure of gender. I am sorry if I left anything out I tried my best to be thorough with all my information 20181029_032208.mp4

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