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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I'll be asking for about $200 this year from the school site fund to help with the Aquarium Club. I REALLY need to get new HOB filters for my big tank, and if possible, all my tanks. My 40b with the two fancies is getting harder to keep up with maintaining, especially as the little one grows. I currently have 2 large sized Tetra Whisper filters which worked beautifully the first few weeks. After my first big water change I've noticed they've become louder and louder and now they are so loud that they are distracting to my students. I think sand got into them, no matter how careful I was. They still work but the sound is driving me crazy. Can anyone recommend a sturdier filter that tends not to get noisy over time? I do have sand in my tank so does anyone know of a filter that is especially hardy? Either 2 large sized or possibly even one SUPER large HOB that can handle 50 gallons? Thanks in advance! edit: I tried the vaseline trick to no avail! I think the sand really messed them up.

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