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Found 1 result

  1. This was my very first canister, and definitely going to be my go-to brand in the future This model is the 370 gph version, I got it on Amazon for about $60. By contrast, the equivalently powered Fluval 406 with almost the exact same gph is currently sold for $177. It's pretty good quality material too for that price, solid plastic with water tight sealing and a dead silent motor. Like any canister, it's got tons of room for media. It only comes with a few thin sheets of floss, and the extra media options were a little pricy for my taste. But I just filled it up with cheap bulk floss and biomedia and those are doing the job just fine. It has a built in UV sterilizer which, while not mandatory for freshwater tanks, I've liked having as an option. I've definitely noticed a reduction in diatoms since I started using it. I probably won't keep it up long term since replacement bulbs every six months would probably add up in cost. But the filter still functions the exact same with the UV switched off. Two small drawbacks: crummy assembly instructions and no easy way to lift the canister up once it's filled with water. Really could have done with a good handle somewhere on it so cleaning is a bit of an ordeal. The instructions aren't a big deal if you've had a canister before, it's pretty basic and not that different from any other canister, but as my first one I had a lot of trial and error sticking tubes together and figuring out what fit where.

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