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Found 1 result

  1. Well I'm officially Not Happy It seemed like a pretty good place to order a tank? It was expensive yeah, but that's kind of the nature of acrylic. And for something I would have for the lifetime of my goldfish that would have less risk of leaking, look brighter, and put less stress on the floor than glass I figured it was worth it. And since it wasn't a fancy custom model the prices were waaaay lower than most of the commercial companies offer. Not sketchy-low, but low enough that I felt it was a reasonable use of the money I'd been saving up, plus combined 21st birthday money from family. I placed the order for my 150 gallon tank, plain rectangle, perfect height:width ratio, no overflows, simple wood stand, nothing special, on March 19th. On March 21st I got an email confirming that I agreed to the delivery contract: shipping in 8-10 weeks, they would bring it curbside and I'm responsible for getting it inside, yada yada. I'm begrudgingly patient for those 8-10 weeks, which ran out May 30th. That week I sent a polite email asking about the status of my order. Then a couple days later, a message through the contact form on their site in case that runs through a different email. Then at the beginning of the next week a slightly more annoyed email. Then a phone call where I was passed around a couple times (through several very nice people, I'll admit.) and told they would check up on things and call right back, which they didn't. On Tuesday I got an email from the head of the manufacturing facility with this mock-up drawing asking me if it looked okay. And I was kind of dumbfounded. It's JUNE? And you're still in the drawing phase??? He clarified that he was making sure I didn't have any special requests as far as gaps for filtration, which they do last. He said they were running "10-14 days behind schedule," my tank was started last week, and will take about 3 weeks to complete. It should ship out by the end of next week. Since their facility is in Florida, it presumably will take at least another week to get here. That will put it at about a month past the final shipping date by the time it actually arrives Honestly that's ridiculous. What if I were a professional who needed this for a display? Or to hold stock? If Queenie had pulled through, I would have been planning her quarantine around the May 30th date and would have been stuck with a 10 inch fish in a 25 gallon tub for an entire extra month. What if I'd had half a dozen fish like that? I replied asking for some kind of compensation for the delay, because for the price and the amount of time in their shipping window this kind of delay with this poor communication is just absurd. So far it's been two days since that email and now they're not even replying Big surprise, huh? I don't want to cancel the order because at this point I just want the damn tank for my babies, and I know it'll be yet another hassle and adventure finding another tank this size somewhere else. Although you can bet I'll be going over it with a fine tooth comb for any defects. But to be honest even if the tank is absolute perfection, I can't in good conscience recommend buying from them or their affiliate company, Fish Tanks Direct.

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