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FORUM RULES - please read

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#1 Be courteous. If you don't agree with someone, do not attack them or harshly dismiss their post but calmly state what you believe instead, with resources if possible. We can disagree respectfully.

#2 Respect others. Attacks of a personal nature will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to: personal insults, negative comments on one's financial status, the appearance of their home etc.

#3 Do not post anything that depicts racism, gore, profanity, cruelty to animals, or anything that isn't appropriate for a pre teen to view. If in doubt, don't post. Violators will be warned and the content deleted. Examples include: Videos showing goldfish or other animal cruelty, other fish feeding on goldfish, very upsetting videos such as dead or dying fish, etc. THESE VIDEOS MAY BE ON RARE OCCASIONS ALLOWED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, WILL REQUIRE PERMISSION, AND MAY NOT BE EMBEDDED, BUT MERELY LINKED WITH A DISCLAIMER!

#4 Multiple accounts require permission and a good reason. You may not use multiple accounts without permission from @Anna. Under no circumstances are multiple accounts to be used to circumvent a ban. 

#5 Speaking on the public forum ON THE BEHALF OF a banned or restricted member is not allowed. Banned or restricted members must communicate directly with @Anna via the contact form on the site.

#6 Do not talk negatively about other forums here. We don't want to offend other forums. 

#7 Do not call trolls out on the public forum, please report trolls to moderators/admins in private. We don't want to accuse before we're sure. 

#8 If a moderator/admin deems something to be a gross violation of the rules, they can, at their discretion, immediately take whatever action they deem necessary.This includes deletion without warning, a restriction of posting without warning, an immediate ban, or an obligatory report to authorities. Examples of this include but are not limited to: posting other member's personal information, slandering another member in an illegal way, posting illegal activity or nudity, making terrorist threats etc.

#9 Attempts to circumvent forum rules via the PM system will not be tolerated. Don't use the PM system to post things that are not allowed on the public forum. Harassment over PM should be reported, with screenshots of the conversation, directly to a mod or admin. Divulging personal information to another member is discouraged and done so at your own discretion. The forum takes no responsibility for interactions with members outside of this site. MAKE SURE YOU TRUST SOMEONE BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM PERSONAL INFO!

#10 The discussion of religion and political views are discouraged and will be carefully moderated. These subjects incite excessive debate and arguments and are personal views and really should not be discussed on these forums. Remain civil if you wish to speak on these matters.

#11 Posting threads with misleading or inaccurate information for the sake of views or attention is against the rules. Please don't say you got information from a source when that's not where the information came from. Clickbait titles or other types of nonsensical posts constitute spamming or trolling. NEITHER will be tolerated.

#12 Use content fairly. Posting links to articles is allowed, posting the article with the reference is allowed. Copying/pasting the written format of articles with no credit constitutes plagiarism and we can't allow that. Any of these posts will be deleted or modified to contain the appropriate references.

#13 These rules are subject to change, without warning, at any time. Major changes will be announced publicly, but it is each member's own responsibility to stay up to date on the basic rules and use common sense. The forums take no responsibility for comments made by members, comments made by members do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the forum, and we encourage you to research subjects before coming to decisions. Anybody offering advice here is a volunteer.

You agree that by using this site, you have read and understand these rules. If you have any questions, please message an active moderator, @Kassousminou or @Buzzcargo or the ADMIN who is @Anna and they will be happy to explain things for you.

Any members that break any of the rules will get two warnings before being punished. After having two warnings, the user will be flagged, meaning he cannot post and his threads and comments are hidden, for a certain period of time depending on the rule he/she broke. Continuing violations or circumventions of a flagging will result in a permanent IP ban if necessary. 


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