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Keeping a saltwater aquarium

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6 hours ago, Anna said:

Actually saltwater fish are almost always wild caught, there's only a couple of species that are reliably bred in captivity (clownfish, a few gobies, some seahorses?). There was a huge celebration a couple months back that an aquarium had finally managed to successfully breed a blue tang, before that it'd never been done. 

True, most species of saltwater fish are wild caught, what I meant is that more tank bred fish are bought than wild caught ones. For example, a couple hundreds of tangs may be sold a year, but thousands of clownfish are sold per year. 

There are much more factors in saltwater aquariums than freshwater ones. For one thing, there is much greater variety of saltwater ecosystems, considering its, what, 90% of the volume of the Earth? Freshwater ecosystems are much less varied in comparison. Trillions upon trillions of substances can be found in tre ocean, while only millions in freshwater. Most importantly, millions of minerals that make up a tiny tiny tiny part of the ocean that still make  difference but are not introduced in the aquarium. I only had clownfish and a few other species, I actually never purchased a wild caught fish because I, as a marine biologist, am obviously against it.

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@Ian wow that's a dramatic picture! Never realized the differences before.

How amazing water can be detected light years away when it makes up such a small percentage of the total planetary volume. I wonder if they can tell if it's fresh or saltwater?

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In other words raising the fry is an enormous task. Some species lay eggs that are swept away with the tides and are not really known as to all the changes before becoming young adults. We as fish keepers are in fact adding to the depletion of many types of salt water fish because the demand exceeds the numbers born in the wild. Several coral reef areas are now excluding fish caching for the fish hobby. It may be best for the home owner to not have any wild caught saltwater fish. As time progresses, we might be able to have more and more captive born fish if we desire to have salt water

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I decided NOT to keep a saltwater aquarium

to much work and much more equipment is needed...

not to mention i'd most likely forget to re-add salt each time i do a water change....

id be a TERRIBLE saltwater aquarium keeper....

in fact, i'd be SO BAD at it that i should be arrested for neglect of my saltwater fish

so i'm gonna stick to goldfish!!!!!!!!!!!

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