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Handsome boy

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@Alyssa, he ran through an extremely muddy pond (more mud than water in fact)!  He is a bit of a mud magnet, loves splashing about and lying down in muddy puddles 9_9

@GingerFish he is a rescue dog.  He is actually from Spain, it is believed that he was living on the streets for at least a few months, then he was picked up by the pound and then the rescue that I got him from took him out and into a foster home before rehoming him to me.  I'll have had him 3 years in August.  He is absolutely bonkers, such a fun-loving, mad little thing, he's only 6kg and so affectionate, he loves his cuddles :D

This is him in the pound and at his foster home before he had his first haircut:




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He's spoilt rotten now :)  

He also has a few minor health issues, lots of alleriges & food intolerances, and last December he spent a few nights at the vets as he was very poorly with pancreatitis.  We have to be so careful with what we feed him... he'd never have survived on the streets.

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Ha, I was just going to make a post called this exact name!

I took the clippers to my dog yesterday - too poor to get him groomed!

Number 8 mostly all over, with a six on his legs, as the 8 was doing nothing. He looks great!

He is a black and white ?Springer Spaniel? Maybe an English (springer) Spaniel - I can't recall - he was a stray....but it is weird - after clipping him he has lots of black spots he did not before - guess the black (most definitely) grows thicker, but the white (also most definitely) seems to grow longer?

He looks fine to my untrained eye, but Max was shivering after a walk yesterday, so a child gave him a blanket!?

We had enough hair left over for a new dog, I think, but it is summer, and he looks much better (and he had knots behind his ears which were impossible to brush out).

Like the fish - I will need to keep up the maintenance?

My family had a few dogs when I was at school, but as I recall, and my dad commented too, none of them liked to lie still for a brushing. Max will take a brushing for as long as the brusher is willing - on the steel prongs side! The only way we could get him to lie still for the clippers, was having another do a brushing at the same time!

That side is quite sharp, but he seems to love it, or even the softer nylon side. But he is not the smartest dog I suspect?20170605_162244.thumb.jpg.482d6b90490f8fa281a41bc5fbadc203.jpg

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