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Dr Tims Bene-fish-al Fish Food

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I got a sample of this in My Aquarium Box and I used it last night. It's really interesting. You get a base powder (0.88oz) to mix with boiling water (1/2 cup) like Repashy but they sell various extras to add - garlic, peas, shrimp, etc. My sample came with a little tray to make small cubes - I'm going to use this for Repashy now! Really handy! You put it in the freezer for 2-4 hours then it's all set up and ready. It's supposed to be stored in the freezer but I'm keeping a few in the fridge for quick feeding. I fed a cube today. A whole cube was too much for my 5 guys - I'll just give them 1/2 next time. It made 22 cubes so 44 feedings. The fishies love it of course. 

I don't know if it's any better than Repashy but it's nice to have another choice. I might use it if I had a sick fish - you can add different flavors to tempt them to eat.

They sell a larger tray with smaller cubes - it makes 90 cubes from the same size packet so they must be 1/2 the size of the free tray - but it's $13. Probably not worth it to me but convenient.

One thing was that they advertise it doesn't mess up the water but mine broke up and made more "dust" than Repashy. The fishies cleaned it up eventually but it didn't stick together quite as well as Repashy FYI.


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I'm a little annoyed they don't have a full ingredient list and guaranteed analysis listed for at least the base food mix. I understand the extra add-ins would probably change it, but they really should have info for the base mixes. Dr. Tim's tends to have pretty good products but it's hard to judge the quality as a staple without knowing stuff like what fillers are used or how much protein is in it. Does the package say anything on it? Besides what the pdf has? 

To keep it together better you could probably just add a little bit of regular gelatin powder when you mix it up

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Ooh cool thanks. Looks good actually, yum. A little high on protein and ash. But a nice option to rotate around with other foods :) 

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