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This place is expensive

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Just looking around the back end and I see that to continue to post to face book will require an https website. I can't recall what this costs, but it is a good few levels higher here than we are already paying.Need to login to see those details, and only Anna can do that.

I honestly do not think that this option is "live", even though it is an option. So that is little loss here I think.?

I AM NOT complaining about Anna, but I see that she hasn't been around since July, though perhaps I wasn't around much more!? Likely not much before that! It would seem that most Goldfish keepers are folks with some issue or another, or maybe we are just the normal cohort of life?

Maybe we should? or should not go with "my" website" - it costs very little, it is paid for for a year or more, and really costs nothing to run, unlike here.

I am not trying to usurp anyone here, but with cheap hosting and (A DECENT amount oF HELPERS) - doubt much help would really be necessary We could manage something similar for little cost, at all.

TGT only moved to (invision) here because of spam issues, which could even be an issue for us - I recently deleted about 40 users (who did not make it through "triage") with  mail.ru or cialispharmacy, or something like that addresses. TGT did not want to manage spam, I reckon it could be done, with more restrictive joining and more Efficacious deletions than Adam himself could manage?  Or be bothered to manage? Though I do not know any of that....


I could not pay to host this site indefinitely (and it is not my site to pay for), but "my" site I could, though I would not want it to be mine - I would gladly (already did) add the "admin" reigns to another. Costs about maybe 30 bucks a year, rather than likely more than that per month??

Spitballing here, and only that, but anyone who cares have a look at Buddypress vs BBpress in google and give opinions?

Again sorry for not being around much of late, we all have excuses - it is called life, but I am a Scotsman from Fife, where copper wire was invented - two Scotsman fighting over a penny!

If we can go on and pay less.......

But we would need an @Anna opinion in my humble opinion!

But we could also just send her a message. I mean no disrespect to this site, I really do not, but things are growing way more slowlier that I hoped that they would, so trim costs until necessary??...

It may be "my" domain - I did register it, it may be "my" website", just cos I pay for it, but it is not expensive, and any user with admin privileges would have the same rights as " the owner". For that matter if anyone wants to buy the domain, you can have it with a free transfer.

Just spitballing, as they say. 

I haven't been round much of late, for personal reasons, but if anyone wants to investigate the text above in red, please have a look.

Bbpress would be my initial thought? But BOTH can be used?

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I don't like bbpress or buddypress.  Use real forum software, like XenForo or WoltLab.  I own a domain, it's goldfish.zone, but right now it's just redirected to my site, utahfishkeepers.us.

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