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UPDATE--Feb 27, 2019

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Quick update..

The humans are all great

Noah is 3, Haidyn is one Mom and dad are both 30

The fish did have a bit of a bout with illness, but i got that knocked out in about a week

Chunky had some septocimia goin on, but i cured that

JJ had cotton mouth and eye but i got that cleared up, his took 2 rounds of treatment, but it finally went away

Nemo was overall healthy but i also just QT'd him for a few days just to be sure he/she wasn't gonna get ill on me...

I did however learn that i needed to buy 2 extra QT tanks, so i did and that works well to have some spares on hand! when i don't use one i can put some unused fake plants in it :-) it's quite handy!

other then that, everything is good

i'm doing water changes by hand because my trusty little thing that i was using the motor crapped out on me and to get a replacememt is 200 bucks...and i do not have that at the moment because having 2 children is expensive, esp. when one of them is eating TONS of foods :-) ha ha, 

Just thought  I would provide a quick update!

Hope you all are well!

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On 2/28/2019 at 6:30 AM, jnifer said:

Glad to hear.  It's been quite quiet on here lately.  I check by daily and haven't seen any activity.

in my mind, no news is good news! everyone has their fish care under control and i guess we all know the best way to knock out disease!

we are all doing wonderfully!

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Yeah the site is dead. I check now and then but never see any posts. The ADMIN and her advisor have long since abandoned the site. Last I saw, she was having an outbreak amongst her fish as well. Hopefully it did not run rampant like my issue did. I wonder who is even paying for the site at this point? Glad your fish are well. 

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I believe either Ian or Anna or paying. I don't want this site to go down, just in case, but I completely understand if they wish to stop spending money on virtually nothing. 

Donald (my parrot cichlid) has been fine. 

Maybe we should just transfer over to another forum?

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I thought it was Ian paying, but I wasn't sure. I went to FishLore. Quickly decided that I didn't like the moderators there and left. Recently left Kokos permanently after she got annoying and bugged me. I now post only on Goldfishkeepers, and the site has a bunch of snobby people so I am careful about what I post. 

All my fish are okay, as well. Trying some new projects this year of course. Kinda just my own stuff. I don't share much anymore since the people on GoldfishKeepers don't too much care about such and care only about breeding. 

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