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Fishy Update!

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Hey everybody! Just wanted to share how things have been going for me and mah fish.

Almost everybody is still alive. I did lose Budgie to dropsy a few months ago, but he was likely already quite old. Still, sad. I also lost Zuko this week to nitrate poisoning or maybe nitrate shock. The only other fish who got sick in his tank was Jumbo, but he's recovering quite well (I think he got sick with something opportunistic, didn't get nitrate poisoning).

The 8 baby pond goldfish I rescued are now in the lady goldfish tank. They're growing well and 5 of them have started or completed their color change!

I still have one mosquito fish left. The others did not make it somehow. One sole male, he's not even quite an inch long. He's so small I'm keeping him in his own tank, which is a planted 20 gallon.

Mumbo, my Sakura ryukin with a paralyzed swim bladder, is still alive even though he has not been able to get off the ground of his tank for well over 6 months now (excluding when he rockets up to snag food). I do worry about his quality of life, but Rupert, his poor-swimming headstanding ranchu buddy really seems to like Mumbo. They "cuddle" together inside the decorations at night. Mumbo does develop rashes and sores from time to time on his underside, but salt helps clear them up and so far they haven't gotten too bad.

I'm looking to downsize. I don't have the time to dedicate to caring for all the fish as well as I should. Having fewer to watch means a better chance of spotting symptoms earlier. I was able to re-home Lilith and Misty, both to a friend who I know to be scrupulous with animal care. They are both happy in their new home!

It's hard to downsize. I love my fish and I don't want to lose any of them. And the ones I'd be most okay with losing are the ones that likely would be hardest to adopt out (I'm looking at you, Diamond Tiara the plain orange fantail who is a complete BULLY). It was a relief seeing Misty and Lilith go, but also very sad at the same time. And that's when I'm fortunate enough to have a friend take them!

And I need to find homes for the baby pond fish and/or their parents as well. Sigh.

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Yeah I've had this issue before as well when I realized I was just doing too much. I would love to see some photos or video of your babies now. You were the only one who had more than me! I lost them all but am slowly rebuilding and I am still trying my pond project. 

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