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Fish updates and whatnot

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So these are the babies I had left after the disaster. They weren't in the affected pond and have been totally healthy. As Nisai this year, I am hoping the Ryukins do well this grow season. 

This is what I did with my 55. Mary is the orange Blood Parrot I got last June. I got the Tiger Barbs about two months after her. There are also 2 Emerald Cories. There were 3 but one disappeared and my brother said he saw Mary eating it! They are bullied and they don't seem to be thriving. No more Cories. Brown algae like a MUG. 

This is the mud that I'm going to be working on this spring. 6/7 of the babies I put in the pond last October are still alive. One disappeared without a trace. The largest fancy. Netted the pond and no more issues. There's one tiny weak one that may or may not pull through.

There's one I got after the initial group that I HAD to have called Blueberry. Here she is early January when I first got her... Instant love. I ADORE blue fish and for $2, she HAD to come with me. 

They're all seemingly doing okay and eating and everything. Going to be making some moves as the weather warms up. Gotta finish digging out the mud and the gotta work on planting it and whatnot to help sustain the fishy life through the summer and making it a nice place for them to live. Should be interesting. Just another one of my experiments/projects.

I've gotten fairly good with indoor plants on a small scale... Here's my 10 gallon loaded with duck weed that I grew from a $5 tiny amount and have been feeding a lot. And also I have another 10 gallon with many plants and snails. I also got this big net to be able to catch babies in the mud later on. 

And this is a photo of me taken two days ago. I cut my hair and it looks different now... And I will be cutting it again soon. 

I also got 3 babies bred by a friend yesterday. They're Ryukin/Oranda mixes and I ADORE them. I will add a few photos of them tomorrow. 





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